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Purina All-Age Award Winners

May 26, 2020

SOME newcomers and some familiar names on the roster of Purina Award  winners for the 2019-2020 season.

Jay McKenzie, a newcomer to the Awards, of Eureka, Kan., is the proud owner of the Purina Top Dog Award winner, Valiant, handled by  Randy Anderson who is making a reprise in the Award winner’s circle, having been at the helm when Ric Peterson’s Touch’s Adams County won the Purina Award for the 2013-2014 season.

The seven-year-old white and liver pointer Valiant was bred by Patricia Kammerlocher of Norman, Okla., in a litter whelped January 11, 2013, sired by Miller’s Happy Jack out of  Ms. Kammerlocher’s Tina’ s Tear Drop.

Valiant started the season by winning the Manitoba Championship in Broomhill, and followed with three additional titular  wins last fall — the Oklahoma, Southland and the Quail Championship Invitational — and added a third in Kentucky Quail Classic.

He then won a pair of firsts at the Prairie and Pelican Open All-Age and placements in the Cajun Classic and  a third in Missouri Open All-Age for  a season total of 1895 points and a goodly margin over the second place dog in the standings, Touch’s Malcolm Story.

Handler Randy Anderson was partially sidelined with a health issue in the early part of 2019, but recovered and joins owner Jay McKenzie as the twosome responsible for Valiant’s  successful 2019-2020 season.

Dog/ Owner(s)/ Handler/ Points

Valiant, Pointer male Jay McKenzie Randy Anderson 1895

Touch’s Malcolm Story, Pointer male Alex Rickert Mark McLean 1591

Miller’s Speed Dial, Pointer male Gary Lester Gary Lester 1190

Lester’s Shockwave, Pointer male Gary Lester Mark Haynes 1024

Lester’s Storm Surge, Pointer male Gary Lester Mark Haynes 995

Miller’s Blindsider, Pointer male Nick Berrong Jamie Daniels 860

Touch’s Red Rider, Pointer male S. Tucker Johnson Luke Eisenhart 822

Dunn’s Tried’n True, Pointer male Will & Rita Dunn Luke Eisenhart 815

Titanium’s Hammer, Pointer male Robert Leet Bruce Minard 780

Touch’s Mega Mike, Pointer male Eddie Sholar & Ted Dennard

Mark McLean 720

Game Wardon, Pointer male Dr. Fred Corder Luke Eisenhart 716

Chinquapin Legacy, Pointer male Edward L. (Ted) Baker Slade Sikes 660

Coldwater Thunder, Pointer female Rachel Blackwell & Doug Arthur

Steve Hurdle 655

Lowrider Frank, Pointer male Dr. Jim Mills & Steve Lightle Allen Vincent 603

Dogwood Bill, Pointer male Dogwood Kennels Jamie Daniels 590

Touch’s Blue Moon, Pointer male Frank Foley Cody McLean 560

Westfall’s True Grit, Pointer male Ryan Westfall Andy Daugherty 493

Erin’s Redrum, Pointer male Sean Derrig Sean Derrig 460

Nosam’s Sweet Water, Pointer male Jeff Busby Larry Huffman 440

True Confidence, Pointer male Frank & Jean LaNasa Luke Eisenhart 430

Hendrix’s Touch Up, Pointer male Burke & Guy Hendrix Burke Hendrix 420

Touch’s Gallatin Fire, Pointer male Alex Rickert Mark McLean 420

Panola Bacon, Pointer male Mac Stidham John Stolgitis 390

Touch’s Blue Knight, Pointer male Woody Watson Tommy Davis 390

Dominator’s Rebel Patch, Pointer male Nick Berrong Jamie Daniels 380

Lester’s Georgia Time, Pointer male Jim Clark & Baker Hubbard

Mark McLean 380

Marques Armed Robber, Pointer male John Ivester Lefty Henry 370

Ace’s R Wild, Pointer male Tony Gibson & Dr. Reuben Richardson

Mark McLean 365

Westfall’s River Ice, Pointer male Brad Calkins Andy Daugherty 360

Mercer Mill Grand, Pointer male Remy Trafelet Billy Wayne Morton 340

Miller’s Justifiable, Pointer male Jay McKenzie Randy Anderson 340

Touch’s Spaceman, Pointer male Matt Griffith Randy Anderson 330

Lester’s Jazz Man, Pointer male Dan Hensley Randy Anderson 300

Lester’s Private Charter, Pointer male Bruce & Karen Norton & Dr. Reuben Richardson Mark McLean 300

Touch’s Grey Street, Pointer male Keith Wright Keith Wright 290

Touch’s Fire Away, Pointer male Greg & Carmen Adams Randy Anderson 274

Whippoorwill Forever Wild, Pointer male Ric Peterson Matt Cochran 270

Wild Hawk, Pointer male Mike Moses Judd Carlton 270

Whippoorwill Vette, Pointer male Earl Connolly Larry Huffman 250

Miss Stylin Sue, Pointer female Dr. Jim Mills & Steve Lightle

Allen Vincent 241

Erin’s Lone Star Law, Pointer male Sean Derrig Sean Derrig 240

Touch’s Folsom Blues, Pointer male Eddie & Carole Sholar & Bruce & Karen Norton Mark McLean 230

Whippoorwill Mayhem, Pointer male Ric Peterson Larry Huffman 212

Erin’s Full Throttle, Pointer male John & Sue Ivester Lefty Henry 205

Dream Chaser, Pointer male Brad H. Calkins Andy Daugherty 200

Shadow’s Next Exit, Pointer male N. G. (Butch) Houston Tony Reynolds 200

Woodville’s Yukon Cornelius, Setter male Carl Owens Mark McLean 190

Las Animas Fancy, Pointer female Dale Bush Larry Huffman 180

Lone Tree’s Showbiz, Pointer male Mitch Solt Travis Gellhaus 180

S F Mapleleaf, Pointer female Dr. Robert Rankin Allen Vincent 172

Terry’s Third Chance, Pointer male Ddr. Chris Cornman Randy Anderson 170

Idaho’s Lucky Duramax, Pointer male Rich McReynolds Rich Heaton 160

Kelly’s I B Butler, Pointer male Sean Kelly Sean Kelly 160

Ransom’s Jack Flash, Pointer male Billy Blackwell, Rachel Blackwell & Doug Arthur Steve Hurdle 150

Whippoorwill Jutified, Pointer male Ronnie Spears Larry Huffman 150

Superstition’s Final Touch, Pointer male Ric Peterson Ric Peterson 145

Kelly’s Rebel Louie, Pointer male Sean Kelly Sean Kelly 140

Touch’s White Knight, Pointer male Eddie Sholar Mark McLean 135

Dominator's Rebel Heir, Pointer male James Hamilton Jamie Daniels 130

Stash The Cash, Pointer male David Thompson & Tommy Loid

Gary Lester 130

Westfall’s Black Thunder, Pointer male Bill Westfall Andy Daugherty 120

Crouse’s White Dragon, Pointer male M. D. Crouse Mary Sue Schalk 115

Erin’s Longmire, Pointer male Brad H. Calkins Tony Reynolds 110

Westfall’s Black Ace, Pointer male Bill Westfall Andy Daugherty 110

Whippoorwill Wild Assault, Pointer male Jim & Stephanie Bickers

Larry Huffman 110

Stardust Chaz, Setter male Bob Craig Steve Hurdle 108

Misty Morn Masked Man, Pointer male Joey McAlexander

Joey McAlexander 105

Touch’s Wild Desire, Pointer male Ginger Bippus Rick Furney 102

Born On Fourth July, Pointer male Jeff Gilbertson Travis Gellhaus 90

Dakota Nation, Pointer male Julie S. Roach Tommy Davis 80

Erin’s Wild Justice, Pointer male Allen Linder Luke Eisenhart 80

Seahawk’s Percy, Pointer male Philip Spencer Talmage Smedley 80

Sleepless In Sacramento, Pointer female Jim Wolthuis Sheldon Twer 80

Erin’s Battle Cry, Pointer male Dennis & Hope Beauford Jamie Daniels 78

B M B’s Free Ride, GSHM Brandon Blum Brandon Blum 70

Hendrix’s Copperline, Pointer male Burke & Guy Hendrix Burke Hendrix 66

Hale’s Main Event, PM Bruce Hale Bruce Hale 60

Touch’s Blackout, Pointer male Ric Peterson Randy Anderson 60

Swift Justice, Setter male Brad Kennedy Steve Hurdle 54

B M B’s Freeloader, GSHM Brandon Blum Brandon Blum 30

[Purina Points are awarded based on the number of dogs entered x 10 for first, 5 for second, and 3 for third.]


ANOTHER familiar name on the Purina Awards roster is that of Georgia handler Mark McLean, back again as the Purina All-Age Handler of the Year.

Mark won these honors for the 2017-2018 season and that same season was the handler of the Purina Top Dog Award winner, Touch’s Mega Mike, which appears on the list of dogs that Mark won with in 2019-2020.

Mark earned a total of 2351 points   handling ten (10) different dogs to seventeen (17)  points-earning placements.

His winners include: Ace’s R Wild, Lester’s Georgia  Time, Lester’s Private Charter, Touch’s Folsom Blues, Touch’s Gallatin Fire, Touch’s Malcolm Story, Touch’s Mega Mike, Touch’s White Knight, Touch’s Whitewater, and Woodville’s Yukon Cornelius.

Wins by these dogs span a wide geographic swath — from Saskatchewan and North Dakota, to Florida and Georgia, Tennessee and North  Carolina.


McLean, Mark 2351

Anderson, Randy 1696

Eisenhart, Luke 1499

Daniels, Jamie 1111

Lester, Gary 1059

Daugherty, Andy 966

Huffman, Larry 771

Vincent, Allen 677

Haynes, Mark 470

Derrig, Sean 350

Sikes, Slade 330

Henry, Lefty 313

McLean, Cody 307

Hurdle, Steve 288

Hendrix, Burke 269

Todd, Ike 255

Blackwell, Billy 251

Davis, Tommy 243

Carlton, Judd 230

Morton, Billy Wayne 170

Reynolds, Tony 166

Kelly, Sean 150

Wright, Keith J. 145

Gellhaus, Travis 144

Cochran, Matt 135

Carlton, Judd 117

Peterson, Richard 87

Heaton, Rich 80

Schalk, Mary Sue 69

Furney, Rick 68

McAlexander, Joey 68

Blum, Brandon 60

Smedley, Talmage 48

Twer, Sheldon 48

Hale, Bruce 30


BACK again in the Amateur All-Age Award category is Larron Copeland of Bronwood, Ga., this time teaming with his wife Laura as the owner of the 2019-2020 winner, Showtime Mocking Jay.

Larron won this Award for the 2014-2015 season with Saddle Up Sally.

The white and black pointer female Mocking Jay turned four years of age May 15. She was bred by Kirk Swanson of Red Oak, Ia.,  sired by Just Irresistible ex Thin Ice.

Her big win was the 2020 National Amateur Quail Championship at Dixie Plantation in Greenville, Fla.,  a stake that  drew an entry of 56 dogs and also awarded bonus points.

When Larron won the Award with Saddle Up Sally, the National Amateur Quail Championship also played role in her achieving that honor — she won runner-up in that stake in 2015.

Mocking Jay also won a second in the Continental Amateur All-Age, Dr. Kent Cantrell handling her in that stake for Laura and Larron Copeland.

Dog/ Owner(s)/ Points

Showtime Mockingjay, PF Larron & Laura Copeland 920

Touch’s Grey Street, PM Keith A. Wright 869

Dialed In, PF Jim Pendergest 650

Marques Armed Robber, PM John Ivester, Jr. 580

Erin’s Full Throttle, PM John  & Susan Ivester 550

Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior, PM Gary S. Winall 455

Miller’s Creative Cause, PM Tommy Liesfeld 420

Touch’s Malcolm Story, PM Alex Rickert 410

Touch’s Indiana Joan, PF Keith Wright 340

Small’s White Stryker. PM Mike Small 309

Mohawk Mill Image, PM Gary S. Winall 308

Phillips Off Line, PM Nathan Phillips 305

Hendrix’s Touch Up, PM Burke Hendrix 285

Misty Morn Asked Man, PM Joe McAlexander 280

Westfall’s Black Thunder, PM William P. Westfall 280

Touch’s Blue Knight, PM Woody Watson 259

Nosam’s Rock Creek, PM Ray Wheeler 250

Worsham’s Silver Comet, PM Joe Worsham 250

Stoney Run’s Spector, PM Dennis Snyder &  P. F. Rose 238

Barshoe La Traviata, PF John M. Harmon 230

Rebel Survivor, PM David Williams 230

Master’s Touch, PM T. J. Liesfeld 185

Erin’s Hidden Shamrock, ESM Sean Derrig 180

Superstition’s Final Touch, PM Richard Peterson 180

Rebel Pirate, PM David Williams 174

Bonner’s Excalibur, PM Derek Bonner 160

Chief’s Rising Sun, ESM John Mathys 160

Intensive Chain Breaker, PF Steve Auxier 160

Painted Molly, PF Jim

& Bridget Ledington 160

Showtime Sam Houston, PM Larron  & Laura Copeland 160

B K Damascus Sureshot, PF Sergio Velez 150

Cavenaugh’s River Shadow, ESF Ken Cavenaugh 140

IMA Redneck Flirt, PF T. C. Babbel 140

Touch’s Fire Dancer, PF Keith Wright 140

Greypointe Islamorada, PM Doug Meyer 125

Set Up Man, PM Jim Rose 120

Barshoe Tchaikovsky, PM John Harmon 115

Crouse's Equalizer, PM M. D. Grouse 95

Cocklebur X Files, PM Bubba, Amy &  Colt Spencer 90

Erin’s Redrum, PM Sean Derrig 90

Swampfox Davey Crockett, PM John Atkinson 90

Home Suits Me, PM Paul Gadd 84

Boumeester’s Duramax, PM Rich Boumeester 80

Working Class, PM Steve Auxier 80

Rester’s Amazing Grace, PF Cecil Rester 63

Sleepless In Sacramento, PF Jim Wolthuis 60

Bonafide Bocephus, ESM Darrell Miller 57

Pendy’s Good Grace, PF Matt Pendergest 57

Coldwater Thunder, PF B. K. & Rachel  Blackwell,  Doug Arthur &

David Russell 54

Mac’s Hi Oh Silver, PM Tim McClurg 54

Thin Ice, PF Kirk Swanson 48

Wild Hawk, PM Mike Moses 48


DERBIES are the future stars recognized in the winners’ circle in subsequent seasons. But in 2019-2020 Touch’s Breakaway Fred made a name for himself with four Purina points-earning placements that accumulated  some 636 points.

The white and orange pointer male is owned by Eddie Sholar of Leesburg, Ga., and Ted Dennard of Haddock, Ga.

Fred was bred by Keith A. Wright  of Covington, Ind., sired by former Purina Award winner Touch’s Mega Mike. Keith Wright has stood in the Purina Award winner’s circle when his Touch’s White Out won the Top Dog Award and his Touch’s Fire Dancer won the Amateur Award for 2017-2018.

Fred made headlines in early January when he won the Georgia Derby Championship at Di-Lane Plantation under the whistle of handler Ike Todd. Ike handled Touch’s Whiteout to the National Championship crown in 2011 and that season’s Purina Top Dog Award.

Ike then won two firsts with Fred, the Hobart Ames Derby in January, and the Carroll County Derby in February. Fred wrapped up the season with a second in the Missouri Don Fox Memorial Derby in Grovespring, Mo.

The spring 2020 portion of the field trial season was cut short by the Covid-19 virus that prompted the cancellation of scores of trials — open and amateur — and also the formal Purina Awards presentation weekend scheduled in June in Montgomery, Ala. Fortunately, the 2019-2020 Awards winners were able to compete successfully before the season came to an abrupt halt.

All are deserving of their accolades.


Touch’s Breakaway Fred, PM 636

Touch’s Whitewater, PM 547

Superstition’s Jake, PM 434

Westfall’s Mandalay, PM 401

Knight Moon, PM 396

Miller’s Heat Advisory, PM 378

Rebel Cause, PM 332

Rester’s Cajun Charlie, PM 314

S S S Stormy, PF 282

Lester’s Stem Winder, PM 240

Bonner’s Bullettproof, PM 239

Westfall’s Wheels Up, PM 237

Nilo’s Feathered Indian Dot, PF 227

Just Say When, PM 167

Dunn’s Hell’n Highwater, PM 164

Touch’s Joy Ride, PM 142

Redeemed, PM 139

Touch’s Dancing Nancies, PF 137

Chickasaw Hurricane, PM 135

Carlton’s True Grit, PM 110

Dominator’s Bull Market Bud, PM 110

House’s County Line Pat, PF 106

Dominator’s Rogue Rebel, PM 101

Double D Betty, PF 101

Lester’s High Dollar, PM 87

Confident Nation, PM 85

Whippoorwill Lone Justice, PM 84

Westfall’s Tulsa Time, PM 78

Tripp Nation, PM 74

Texas Wild Rex, PM 70

Dixon’s Rolling Stone, PM 58

Erin’s Outlawed, PM 50

Erin’s Red Rose, ESF 50

Wild’N E Z, PF 50

Raw Law Sugar Trouble, PF 48

Miller’s Direct Dial, PM 47

Tom’s Justified, PM 45

Quicksilver Big Easy, PM 42

Dogwood Jake, PM 40

Crouse’s Double Oak, ESM 39

Papa Joe, PM 36

Live Oak Game Point, PM 35

True Center, PM 34

Tee’s Southern Gentleman, PM 34

Raymond’s Double Rebel Jess, PM 30

S T’s Locked N Loaded, VIZF 30

Twice The Dream, ESF 30

Westfall’s River Ice, PM 26

Coldwater Paradise, PF 24

H B V’s Lambeau Leap, GSHF 20

Southwind Dessert Elinger ESF 20

Wild Credence, PM 16












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