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Purina All-Age Brittany of the Year Winner

By Steve Ralph | Feb 07, 2018
Glade Run Irish is posed by handler Tom Tracy, Jr., joined by (from left) David Webb, Carla and Raus Tracy and Dr. Robert Rankin.

The 2017 Purina Award winner is eight-year-old Glade Run Irish, by of Ch. Ortho Acres Booker T ex Flying Feather Cocobean. The white and orange Brittany male is owned by David Webb of Valencia, Pa., and handled by Tom Tracy, Jr.

The  Purina Brittany Award, which is presented to the top All-Age Brittany in the country, was based on 33 hour all-age stakes of which Irish placed in 12 one-hour stakes which included the ABC National Amateur Championship, ABC Chicken Classic, ABC Pheasant Classic, ABC Quail Classic, International Open All-Age Championship, Mid-South Brittany Championship, Lee Holman Classic, Illinois Brittany Open All-Age Championship, Prairie State Open Championship, Region 5 Prairie State Amateur All-Age Championship, Region 19 Amateur All-Age Championship, Greater St. Louis Open All-Age (hour).

The Award ceremony is held at the Blue Mountain Wildlife Area clubhouse on Saturday evening between the ABC National Amateur Championship and ABC National Championship. The clubhouse was packed with people who came to celebrate the accomplishments of this year’s winner and the unveiling of last year’s winner portrait.

Thank you to Purina for sponsoring this Award and to artist Ross Young for painting the beautiful portrait of last year’s winner.

Pts. Dog Owner Handler

2334 Glade Run Irish, D. Webb, T. Tracy/Thomas

1474 JJ’s Levi The Lionheart,  Williams , Williams

1216 Driving Miss Daisy,  B. Wice, T. Tracy

1180 Ru Jem’s Last Penny,  J. McGee,  J. McGee/Ralph/Thomas

734 Georgias Texas Two Step,  T. Tangen,  T. Tracy/Tangen

592 Kinwashkly Fat Bastard, B. Ackerman & L. Andreas, T. Tracy

496 Piney Run Jake,  K. Patterson,  B. Lorenson/K. Patterson

408 Black Creek Deacon,  R. Harling, Jr. & Harling, Sr., C. Holman/R. Harling, Jr.

436 Touch of Bourbon Little Chug, T. Wonderling, S. Johnson

400 Roustabout’s Eustace, D. Capstick, T. Tracy

392 Black Creek Blaze,  R. Harling, Jr., C. Holman/R. Harling, Jr.

382 Roustabout’s Flat Out,  J. McGee,  T. Tracy/Thomas

360 Brendi Brooks Cowboy Up,  R. Trimble,  R. Trimble

360 S S Rig’s Colorado Gun Runner,  T. Milam, T. Milam

336 C V K’s Spartan King, J. Alexander, T. Tracy

272 Alar’s Dirty Dancer, J. Carlson, K. Patterson

272 Campbell’s Razz Ma Tazz, F. Campbell, F. Campbell

264 Crossed The Line,  A. Christensen & V. Rankin, E. Tillson/Rankin

260 Piney Run Hank, R. Donahue, R. Donahue

228 McChesney I Got My Mojo Workin,  J. Chejne & C. McCaffrey,  S. Johnson

224 Piney Run Rex, A. & J. Cohen, B. Lorenson/K. Patterson

224 Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper, F. Campbell, F. Campbell

204 Sniksoh Windtuck Willy,  C. & M. Schaeffer,  E. Tillson

204 Hope’s Chief of Crosscreek, B. & W. Pepin & B. & P. West, B. Burchett

200 Tequila Scorche,r C. Crain,  Beaver

192 Jagoub’s Buzz’N Bayou,  T. Jagielski,  T. Jagielski

192 A Trace of Bourbon With Diamonds, R. Hastings, S. Johnson

184 Arrow’s Tequila Rustler, S. Becker, Beaver

168 Spanish Corrals Sundance Kid, J. Gower, P. Doiron

168 Rusty Ridge Where U Been, C. Kilpatrick, P. Doiron

160 Crosscreek Argus Early Christmas, D. Markiewicz, C. Holman

148 A N J’s Ohio Hellion, M. Poehler, B. Burchett/Poehler

144 Ocaje, T. Gowin, T. Gowin

128 Staley Orange Outlaw Mr. Coop, Campbell, J. Staley

128 M T B’s Scipios Hotshot of Whizki, M. Horstmeyer/T. White, T. White

126 Captain Finn, Gray, B. Burchett

120 High Hopes Jac’s Original Spice, R. Gulembo/Cropek, C. Holman

104 Bammer Jammer Jax, Baer, B. Kuykendall

92 J N J Fearless Sam, J. Jung, C. Holman

92 J J’s Tasmanian Devil,  J. Williams,  J. Williams

84 Whizki’s Sting, E. Graves,  C. Holman

84 Hehi’s Slim Chipley, M. Healey, B. Burchett

80 Maxwell’s Legal Tender, K. Rogers, K. Rogers

78 Highpoint Southern Spike, B. Kuykendall, B. Kuykendall

78 Maxwell’s Prickly Pete, P. Emery, P. Emery

68 Shady’s Desert Knight, R. Conner, S. Johnson

64 Crescent City Girl, P. & B. Steinmetz, B. Burchett

64 Magic Carpet Ride, W. Hale, W. Hale

60 Tim Tall Tale, Teutsch/T. Milam, T. Tracy

56 I’m  Your Man, F. Gorman, B. Lorenson

54 Scipio’s Hot Shot of Whizki, T. White/M. Horstmeyer, T. White

52 Highpoint High Noon, B. Kuykendall, B. Kuykendall

52 M T B Zipnson Veni Vidi Vici, H. Glick/J. Rountree, T. White

48 K J’s Darlin Darcy, K. Windom, K. Windom

48 Chancey’s Frozen Asset,  J. & C. Alexander,  J. Alexander

48 Sr’s Blew By Typhoon, P. Doiron, J. Gower

46 Gun Creek Gangster, E. & D. Janulis, C. Holman

42 Starlight’s Mercury Out Ryder, Richmond, B. Burchett

40 J J’s Alabaster Angel,  J. Williams,  J. Williams

36 Spanish Corral’s Sonny Patch,  J. Gower,  P. Doiron

36 Kinwashkly Tempo,  J. Miley & L. Andreas,  R. Rankin

32 MK’s My Lil Ammo, N. Blasi, Campbell

32 Janee’s I’ll Make You Famous, L. Peterson, J. Staley

28 Triumphant’s Country Girl

Shake It For Me, Bryfogle/McCartney, Merrill

26 T L M Pete Nocona,  T. Milam,  T. Milam

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