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Purina All-Age Brittany of the Year

By Steve Ralph [Purina Award Statistician] | Jun 08, 2018

The Purina All-Age Brittany Award is presented annually to the top All-Age Brittany in the country. Points are awarded to dogs placing in one-hour all-age stakes recognized by the American Field/Field Dog Stud Book and the AKC and/or the American Field.

Award points are calculated starting with the National Amateur Championship to the beginning of the same event the following year.

Purina dog food sponsors the Award and an oil painting by artist Ross Young ( is presented to the winner during the ABC National All- Age Championship in the fall each year.

Herewith is a list of the mid-season points-earners for the Purina All-Age Brittany of the Year Award.

Pts Dog Owner Handler

1044 Piney Run Jake, K. Patterson, K. Patterson

870 Glade Run Irish,  D. Webb, Tracy/Thomas

808 Ru Jem’s Last Penny,  J. & R. McGee, Tracy/Ralph/ Thomas

680 Jagoub’s Buzz’n Bayou, T. Jagielski, T. Tracy

576 Tequila Scorcher,  C. Crain, E. Tillson/R. Rankin

408 Whiskey’s Little Tip, G. Jowett, B. Burchett

372 Hehi’s Slim Chipley, M. Healey, B. Burchett

344 Firestarter’s Crossed The Line, J. Christensen & R. Rankin, E. Tillson

340 Sparky’s Prairie Wind Gypsy, B. Koepke & K. Fujikawa, Johnson

338 M K’s My Lil Ammo, N. Blasi, Johnson

336 A N J’s Ohio Hellion, A. Poehler, A. Poehler

332 S S Rig’s Colorado Gun Runner, T. Milam, T. Milam

316 Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid,  J. Gower, P. Doiron/J. Gower

302 J J’s Diablo With Rusty Tears, J. Williams, J. Williams

278 Hope’s Chief Of Crosscreek, B. Peppin & B. & P. West, B. Burchett

240 Crosscreek Argus Early Christmas, D. Markiewicz, C. Holman

228 Castaway Wilson, T. Huglen, T. Tracy

224 C V K’s Spartan King, J. Alexander, T. Tracy

216 Sniksoh Little Diamond, T. Wonderling, Johnson

184 M T B Scipio’s Hot Shot Of Whizki, T. White & M. Horstmeyer, T. White

168 Driving Miss Daisy,  B. Wice, T. Tracy

160 Kinwashkly Tempo, L. Andreas, R. Rankin

160 Black Creek Blaze, R. Harling, Jr., C. Holman

160 Highpoint Spike’s Southern Gal, T. Baer, T. Baer

160 Rammer Jammer Jax, T. Baer, B. Kuykendall

152 Starlight’s Mercury Out Ryder, T. Richmond, B. Burchett

144 T N T’s Raise’n A Leprechaun, T. Thomas, T. Thomas

132 K J’s Irish Whizki, K. Windom, B. Burchett

128 Kinwashkly Fat Bastard, B. Ackerman & L. Andreas,  T. Tracy/ T. Milam

120 Alar’s Dirty Dancer, J. Carlson, T. Milam

120 Chief’s Cross Plains Copper Breeze, C. Rucker, C. Rucker

120 Blew Me Away, N. Ah,l P. Doiron

120 Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper, F. Campbell, F. Campbell

112 Turning Points Shenanigans, J. Nelson, B. Burchett

104 Shailorville’s Gunner, T. Maule, B. Lorenson

100 Gun Creek Gangster, E. Janulis, C. Holman

84 J W B Artic Cat, J. Alexander, J. Alexander

84 J J’s Alabaster Angel, J. Williams, J. Williams

80 Maxwell’s Legal Tender, K. Rogers, K. Rogers

78 Piney Run It’s A Smooth Ride,, M. Greenlee M. Greenlee

78 S R’s Blew By Typhoon, P. Doiron, P. Doiron

76 Maxwell’s Prickly Pete, B. Ackerman, T. Tracy

66 Lambach’s Blew By You, K. Rogers, T. Tracy

60 High Hopes Jac’s Original Spice, K. Gulembo & C. Cropek, C. Holman

52 Waypoint Chancy Big White Cooper, Williams & Roberts, Williams

52 I’m Your Man, F. Gorman, B. Lorenson

52 Maxwell’s Quick Silver, Rogers, Rogers

40 T L M Pete Nocona, T. Milam, T. Milam

40 Touch Of Bourbon Little Chug, T. Wonderling, Johnson

40 Arrow’s Tequila Rustler, S. Becker, T. Milam

40 Rusty Ridge Where U Been, C. Kilpatrick, P. Doiron

36 Perfect By Nature, P. Rosevear, P. Rosevear

26 Marjo’s Leftover, J. Perry, J. Perry

26 Piney Run Three Sheets To The Wind, Bass, B. Lorenson

26 Magic Carpet Ride, W. Hale, W. Hale

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