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Purina All-Age Derby Award

May 19, 2020

Appended is the roster of future all-age stars that have currently earned points toward the Purina All-Age Derby Award. The winner will be announced in the coming days.

Dog Pts.

Touch’s Breakaway Fred, PM 594

Touch’s Whitewater, PM 462

Miller’s Heat Advisory, PM 378

Westfall’s Mandalay, PM 373

Knight Moon, PM 341

Rebel Cause, PM 332

Superstition’s Jake, PM 325

Rester’s Cajun Charlie, PM 314

S S S Stormy, PF 268

Lester’s Stem Winder, PM 240

Nilo’s Feathered Indian Dot, PF 227

Westfall’s Wheels Up, PM 195

Just Say When, PM 167

Dunn’s Hell’n Highwater, PM 164

Bonner’s Bullettproof, PM 147

Touch’s Joy Ride, PM 142

Redeemed, PM 139

Chickasaw Hurricane, PM 135

Carlton’s True Grit, PM 110

Dominator’s Bull Market Bud, PM 110

House’s County Line Pat, PF 106

Dominator’s Rogue Rebel, PM 101

Double D Betty, PF 101

Lester’s High Dollar, PM 87

Touch’s Dancing Nancies, PF 86

Confident Nation, PM 85

Whippoorwill Lone Justice, PM 84

Westfall’s Tulsa Time, PM 78

Tripp Nation, PM 74

Texas Wild Rex, PM 70

Dixon’s Rolling Stone, PM 58

Erin’s Outlawed, PM 50

Erin’s Red Rose, ESF 50

Wild’N E Z, PF 50

Raw Law Sugar Trouble, PF 48

Miller’s Direct Dial, PM 47

Tom’s Justified, PM 45

Quicksilver Big Easy, PM 42

Dogwood Jake, PM 40

Crouse’s Double Oak, ESM 39

Papa Joe, PM 36

Live Oak Game Point, PM 35

True Center, PM 34

Raymond’s Double Rebel Jess, PM 30

S T’s Locked N Loaded, VIZF 30

Twice The Dream, ESF 30

Westfall’s River Ice, PM 26

Coldwater Paradise, PF 24

H B V’s Lambeau Leap, GSHF 20

Southwind Dessert Elinger ESF 20

Wild Credence, PM 16

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