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Purina All-Age Derby Award

Jan 21, 2021

The future of the next field trial season rests with the Derby contenders of the current season. They are the stars the future on the all-age and shooting dog circuits, so it is fitting that they be recognized during their juvenile campaign.

At this juncture, an impressive list of young dogs have earned points toward the 2020-2021 Purina Top Derby Award.

The appended standings are as of January 21.

Dog/Breed & Sex/Points

Touch’s Walk The Line, PM 352

Late Hit, PM 351

Erin’s Silver Lining, PM 318

Sadie Firefly, PF 210

Lester’s Boss Man, PM 203

Touch’s Wild Finale, PM 181

Game Rebel, PM 176

Barshoe Forget Me Not, PM 157

Conner’s Trigger Man, PM 134

Game Heir, PM 116

Miller’s L’eletto, PM 108

Touch’s One Night Standards, PF 101

Intensive Turnin N Burnin, PF 80

Erin’s Tall Soldier, PM 72

Las Animas Slim, PM 68

Como Thunder, PM 67

Great Nation, PM 65

Burch’s Set Em Up Joe, PM 62

Shadow’s Lightning Strike, PM 60

Sehawk’s Bam Bam Kem, PM 55

Frontline Bet, PM 54

Upfront’s Prairie King, PM 48

Cypress Cracker, PM 40

Double Trouble Mike, PM 39

Southern Nation, PM 39

Storm’s End, PF 39

Janee’s Seek’n A Penny, PF 33

Como Rain, PM 32

Carlton’s High Voltage, PM 26

High Drive Dart, PM 26

Carlton’s. Outsider, PM 24

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