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Dunn’s Tried’n True and Luke Eisenhart Win Top All-Age Honors for 2018-2019

Purina Awards — Dog and Handler

May 03, 2019
Dunn's Tried'n True

The 2018-2019 Purina Awards season ended April 30, and two familiar names stood at the top of the All-Age Dog of the Year Award roster and the All-Age Handler Award standings — Dunn’s Tried’n True and Luke Eisenhart — respectively.

It is the third Purina Award for Will and Rita Dunn’s six-year-old white and orange pointer male, having won the Purina Top Derby Award for the 2014-2015 season, and the Top Dog Award for 2016-2017.

For handler Luke Eisenhart, this is the sixth time he has occupied the top spot on the points roster for the Purina All-Age Handler of the Year Award, having won his first in 2012, a second in 2013, again in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and No. 6 for the current major circuit all-age season.

Dunn’s Tried’n True earned a total of 2545 points on the merits of seven points-earning placements, including the Southwestern Championship, runner-up in the International Pheasant Championship, the Kentucky Quail Classic, the Sunshine and Central Carolina Open All-Age and National Free-for-All title last fall, and capping his 2018-2019 season with the National Championship crown in February.

Eight different dogs contributed to handler Luke Eisenhart’s winning points total of 2483 and his sixth Purina All-Age Handler of the Year Award. Dunn’s Tried’n True played a significant role in Luke Eisenhart’s points total, but Ascension, Dunn’s True Issue, Erin’s Wild Justice, Erin’s Redrum, Miller’s Dialing In, Touch’s Red Rider and True Confidence contributed importantly as well.

The 2018-2019 winners — Dunn’s Tried’n True, his Kentucky owners Will and Rita Dunn, and Luke Eisenhart — will be formally recognized the weekend of June 21-22 in Nashville, Tenn.

Purina Top Dog Award Points-Earners — 2018-2019

Dog Owner Handler Points

Dunn’s Tried’n True, Pointer male, Will  & Rita Dunn, Luke Eisenhart 2545

Whippoorwill Justified, Pointer male, Ronnie F. Spears, Larry Huffman 1670

True Confidence, Pointer male, Frank & Jean LaNasa, Luke Eisenhart 1502

Erin’s Wild Justice, Pointer male, Allen R. Linder, Luke Eisenhart 1090

Showtime Sam Houston, Pointer male ,Larron & Laura Copeland,

Larron Copeland 960

Dominator’s Rebel Heir, Pointer male, James Hamilton, Jamie Daniels 920

Erin’s Hidden Shamrock, Setter male, Sean Derrig, Sean Derrig 635

Touch’s Blackout, Pointer male, Richard Peterson, Randy Anderson 611

Touch’s Spaceman, Pointer male, Matt Griffith, Randy Anderson 600

Chinquapin Bill, Pointer male, E. L. (Ted) Baker, Ray Warren 580

Westfall’s Black Thunder, Pointer male, Bill Westfall, Andy Daugherty 580

Stash The Cash, Pointer male ,David Thompson & Tommy Loid,

Gary Lester 575

Valiant, Pointer male, Jay McKenzie, Randy Anderson 551

Ponderosa Mac, Setter male, Steve Snyder, Scott Chaffee 530

Touch’s White Knight, Pointer male, Eddie Sholar, Mark McLean 516

Sleepless in Sacramento, Pointer female, Jim & Cami Wolthuis,

Sheldon Twer 480

Coldwater Thunder, Pointer female, Doug Arthur, Steve Hurdle 475

Touch’s Gallatin Fire, Pointer male, Alex Rickert, Mark McLean 460

Touch’s Wild Desire, Pointer male, Ginger Bippus, Rick Furney 460

Erin’s Redrum, Pointer male, Sean Derrig, Luke Eisenhart 410

Miller’s Blindsider, Pointer male, Nick Berrong, Jamie Daniels 390

Touch’s Mega Mike, Pointer male, Ted Dennard & Eddie Sholar,

Mark McLean 390

Erin’s Muddy River, Pointer male, Tommy Hamilton, Robin Gates 380

Lester’s Pete Rose, Pointer male, Gary Lester, Gary Lester 375

Lester’s Georgia Time, Pointer male, Baker Hubbard & Jim Clark,

Robin Gates 367

Strut Nation, Pointer male, Scott Jordan, Scott Jordan 360

Touch’s Red Rider, Pointer male, S. Tucker Johnson, Tommy Davis 345

Miss Stylin Sue, Pointer female, Dr. Jim Mills & Steve Lightle,

Allen Vincent 344

Westfall’s River Ice, Pointer male, Brad H. Calkins, Andy Daugherty 335

Erin’s Full Throttle, Pointer male, John Ivester ,Rob (Lefty) Henry 300

Westfall’s True Grit, Pointer male, Ryan Westfall, Andy Daugherty 300

Coldwater Odyssey, Pointer male, Debbie & Andy Agnew, Weldon Bennett 292

Lester’s Private Charter, Pointer male, Dr. Reuben Richardson &

Bruce & Karen Norton, Ike Todd 290

Ace’s R Wild, Pointer male, Tony Gibson & Dr. Reuben Richardson,

Mark McLean 280

Whippoorwill Mayhem, Pointer male, Ric Peterson, Larry Huffman 270

Miller’s Speed Dial, Pointer male, Gary Lester, Gary Lester 265

Touch’s Malcolm Story, Pointer male, Alex Rickert, Mark McLean 260

Kelly’s I B Butler, Pointer male, Sean Kelly, Sean Kelly 250

Miller’s Dialing In, Pointer male, Sean & Deb Hauser, Luke Eisenhart 245

Erin’s Calvin Klein, Pointer male, Rick Stallings, Steve Hurdle 235

Barshoe Five’n Dimer, Pointer male, Bob Gum & Lee R. West, 

Allen Vincent 230

S F Stetson, Pointer male, Larry Smith, Larry Smith 230

Stardust Chaz, Setter male, Bob & Sarina Craig,  John Sayre & Scott Kermicle ,Steve Hurdle 230

Whippoorwill Forever Wild, Pointer male, Matt Cochran, Matt Cochran 230

Knight’s White Lady, Pointer female, William Owen, Travis Gellhaus 220

Hendrix’s Signature, Pointer male, Burke Hendrix, Burke Hendrix 210

Shadow’s Lord Magic, Pointer male, Carl Bowman, Robin Gates 210

Oakspring Big Time Warrior, Pointer male, Jeff Miller, Allen Vincent 209

Touch’s Adams County, Pointer male, Ric Peterson, Randy Anderson 206

S F Bandwagon, Pointer male, Larry Smith, Larry Huffman 195

Lester’s Shutout, Pointer male, Brad H. Calkins, Robin Gates 190

Shadow’s Next Exit, Pointer male, N. G. (Butch) Houston, Robin Gates 180

T’s Nickleback, Setter male, Bruce Sooter & Steve Burn, Talmage Smedley 180

Coldwater Spectre, Pointer male, Gary W. McKibben, Weldon Bennett 174

Worsham’s Silver Comet, Pointer male, Joe Worsham, Joe Worsham 173

Mercer Mill Grand, Pointer male, Remy Trafelet &  Mercer Mill Plantation, Billy Wayne Morton 165

Westfall’s Black Ace, Pointer male, Bill Westfall, Andy Daugherty 159

Whippoorwill Foto Op, Pointer female, Ken Blackman & Heath Barnett ,

Larry Huffman 145

Kennedy’s Chocolate Chip Man, Pointer male, Brad Kennedy ,Steve Hurdle 140

Erin’s Longmire, Pointer male ,Brad H. Calkins, Robin Gates 125

Touch’s J Class, Pointer female, Marc Cuneo, Sheldon Twer 125

Skyfall, Pointer male, Bob Walthall & Thorpe McKenzie, Steve Hurdle 115

Just Watch, Pointer male, Jack & Tracy Haines, Jamie Daniels 110

Zumbro Stinky Pete, Pointer male, Terry Reinke ,Travis Gellhaus 110

Funseek’n Hit Man, Pointer male, Jack & Tracy Haines, Jamie Daniels 105

S F Mapleleaf, Pointer female, Robert Rankin, Allen Vincent 105

Whippoorwill Wild Assault, Pointer male, Jim & Stephanie Bickers,

Larry Huffman 105

K H Game Train, Pointer male, Scott Griffin, Scott Griffin 100

Ascension, Pointer male, Matt Pendergest & Norris Sims, Luke Eisenhart 95

Miller’s Bushwacker, Pointer male, Benjy Griffith, Jamie Daniels 93

Daniels Creek Whitehawk, Pointer male ,Terry Reinke, Travis Gellhaus 90

Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo, Pointer male, David Thompson & Gary Lester,

Gary Lester 90

Quickmarksman’s Dan, Pointer male, Chris Rarich, Mike Hester 85

Cole Train, Pointer male, Dr. Fred Corder, Weldon Bennett 80

Nite White Jay, Pointer male, Jim & Linda Camarillo, Sheldon Twer 80

Rikki’s Rapid Rav, Setter male, Lynn Stinson, Sheldon Twer 80

Set Up Man, Pointer male, Jim Rose, Jim Rose 80

Touch’s Blue Moon, Pointer male, Tony Gibson & Rueben Richardson,

Cody McLean 78

Dunn’s True Issue, Pointer male, Claudia McNamee, Luke Eisenhart 69

Game Bo, Pointer male, Fred Corder, David Williams 69

Lowrider Frank, Pointer male, Dr. Jim Mills & Steve Lightle, Allen Vincent 69

Misty Morn Masked Man, Pointer male, Joey McAlexander,

Joey McAlexander 69

Button Up, Pointer female, Julie & Pat Roach, Steve Hurdle 60

Far West Ridge Runner, Pointer male, Michael Wilkin, Michael Wilkin 60

Rebel Pirate, Pointer male, David Williams, David Williams 60

Lester’s Ritz, Pointer male, Scott Griffin, Derek Bonner 48

Highground Tonka, Setter male, C. &  K. Kunde & Lori Steinshouer, Lori Steinshouer 30

[Purina Points are awarded based on the number of dogs entered x 10 for first, 5 for second, and 3 for third.]



Eisenhart, Luke 2483

Daniels, Jamie 1557

Huffman, Larry 1245

Anderson, Randy 1124

McLean, Mark 992

Gates, Robin 816

Lester, Gary 777

Daugherty, Andy 749

Derrig, Sean 734

Vincent, Allen 647

Hurdle, Steve 572

Twer, Sheldon 411

Copeland, Larron 355

Bennett, Weldon 332

Warren, Ray 290

Todd, Ike 280

Furney, Rick 244

Gellhaus, Travis 230

Worsham, Joe 216

Jordan, Scott 180

Henry, Robert (Lefty) 160

Cochran, Matt 151

Blackwell, Billy 140

Smith, Larry 139

Kelly, Sean 125

Hendrix, Burke 105

Morton, Billy Wayne 99

Smedley, Talmage 90

Williams, David 86

Davis, Tommy 85

Griffin, Scott 60

McLean, Cody 52

Hester, Mike 51

Rose, Jim 48

McAlexander, Joey 46

Bonner, Derek 32

Wilkin, Michael 30

Steinshouer, Lori 18

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