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Purina Cover Dog Awards

By Thor Kain | May 16, 2019
Scott Chaffee

The 2018-19 points season for the Purina Cover Dog Awards has come to a close. Appended are the point totals and winners of the respective Awards.

Big thank you to Dean Reinke and Purina for sponsoring the trials and the awards.


2018-2019 Purina Cover Dog

Handler of the Year Standings

Scott Chaffee 2400

John Stolgitis 1712

Thor Kain 1332

Robert Ecker 1152

Bruce Minard 752

Scott Forman 696

Marc Forman 648

Rich Hollister 600

Lloyd Murray 480

Mike Luebke 472

Dave Hughes 448

Russell Oglivie 384

Craig Doherty 372

Tony Bly 288

Bob Little 248

Lance Bressler 240

Tim Kaufman 160


2018-19 Purina Cover Dog of the Year, Blast Zone, owned and handled by Thor Kain


Blast Zone, SM, T. Kain 1332

Ponderosa Mac, SM, S. Chaffee 1228

Hershner’s Grouse Gunner, SM, S. Chaffee 708

Shady Hills Whiskey Bonfire, SM, S. Forman 696

Wynot Atom, PM, J. Stolgitis 660

Blast Off, SM, M. Forman 648

Spring Brook Maximus, PM, R. Oglivie 632

Dun Rovens Drifter, SM, R. Hollister 600

Long Gone Mersadies, SF, L. Murray 480

Rebellious Fearless

Fred, SM, M. Luebke 472

Back In Black, SF, S. Chaffee 464

Bud of Piney Woods, PM, R. Ecker 456

Miss Penn Star, SF, R. Ecker 440

Titanium’s Jacksin, PM, B. Minard 432

Higby Rilo, PF, J. Stolgitis 432

Wild Apple Calvados, PF; C. Doherty 372

Daddy’s Little Boy Butch, PM; J. Stolgitis 372

Titanium’s Hammer, PM, B. Minard 320

Double Deuce Dexter, PM, Hughes 320

Stoke’s Willie B, SM, T. Bly 288

Sunrise Star, SM, R. Ecker 256

Cairds Lefty, PM, R. Little 248

Henry of Ferguson, SM, L. Bressler 240

Hartland Maisy Mae, SF, T. Kaufman 160

LaSombra, PM, Hughes 128


2018-19 Purina Cover Dog Derby of the Year is Caliber Peak Gunslinger, white and lemon pointer male owned by Sarah D. and Jesse Gomes of Wellandport, Ontario, and handled by Mark Hughes


Caliber Peak Gunslinger, PM,

M. Hughes 332

Chasehill I’m Oscar, PM, J. Stolgitis   250

Chasehill Mighty Mae, PF, B. Nelson 202

Panola Bacon, PM, J. Stolgitis 152

Dun Rovens Lucky, SM, R. Hollister 151

Over the Top Tiger, SF, Forman 132

Pine Swamp Woody, SM, Hughes 112

Hershner’s Grouse Gunner Jr., SM, S. Chaffee 102

Grouse Trails Firestorm, PF, J. McKellop 100

Hershner’s Grouse Gunner, SM, S. Chaffee 93

Double Deuce Oscar, PM, D. McMillen 92


The Seminatore Award winner for the top setter Cover Dog 2018-19 is Blast Zone, owned and handled by Thor Kain.

The Dr. Thomas M. Flanagan Award recipient for the top setter Cover Dog Derby is Dun Rovens Lucky, white and black setter male owned by Chris Yaeger and handled by Richard Hollister.

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