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Purina Dog of the Year Award

Nov 27, 2019

The halfway point in the current 2019-2020 field trial season is just a few short weeks away, the Christmas and New Year holidays soon to be celebrated.

At this juncture, December 1, here are the current Purina Top Dog Award standings.

There are several points stakes on the roster for the coming months, as well as bonus points trials, so there are likely to be some significant changes in current standings.

Dog Owner(s) Handler Points

Valiant, Pointer male Jay McKenzie Randy Anderson 630

Touch’s Blue Moon, Pointer male Frank Foley Cody McLean 560

Dunn’s Tried’n True, Pointer male Will & Rita Dunn Luke Eisenhart 410

Marques Armed Robber, Pointer male John Ivester Lefty Henry 370

Lowrider Frank, Pointer male Dr. Jim Mills & Steve Lightle Allen Vincent 351

Touch’s Malcolm Story, Pointer male Alex Rickert Mark McLean 351

Game Wardon, Pointer male Dr. Fred Corder Luke Eisenhart 345

Mercer Mill Grand, Pointer male Remy Trafelet Billy Wayne Morton 340

Lester’s Private Charter, Pointer male Bruce & Karen Norton &

Dr. Reuben Richardson Mark McLean 300

Whippoorwill Forever Wild, Pointer male Ric Peterson Matt Cochran 270

Wild Hawk, Pointer male Mike Moses Judd Carlton 270

Touch’s Red Rider, Pointer male S. Tucker Johnson Luke Eisenhart 260

Erin’s Lone Star Law, Pointer male Sean Derrig Sean Derrig 240

Lester’s Shockwave, Pointer male Gary Lester Mark Haynes 220

Touch’s Fire Away, Pointer male Greg & Carmen Adams Randy Anderson 220

Erin’s Full Throttle, Pointer male John & Sue Ivester Lefty Henry 205

Chinquapin Legacy, Pointer male Edward L. (Ted) Baker Slade Sikes 200

Dream Chaser, Pointer male Brad H. Calkins Andy Daugherty 200

Shadow’s Next Exit, Pointer male N. G. (Butch) Houston Tony Reynolds 200

Westfall’s River Ice, Pointer male Brad Calkins Andy Daugherty 195

Lone Tree’s Showbiz, Pointer male Mitch Solt Travis Gellhaus 180

Erin’s Redrum, Pointer male Sean Derrig Sean Derrig 160

Idaho’s Lucky Duramax, Pointer male Rich McReynolds Rich Heaton 160

Miss Stylin Sue, Pointer female Dr. Jim Mills & Steve Lightle

Allen Vincent 160

Westfall’s True Grit, Pointer male Ryan Westfall Andy Daugherty 145

Touch’s White Knight, Pointer male Eddie Sholar Mark McLean 135

Dominator’s Rebel Heir, Pointer male James Hamilton Jamie Daniels 130

Dominator’s Rebel Patch, Pointer male Nick Berrong Jamie Daniels 120

Erin’s Longmire, Pointer male Brad H. Calkins Tony Reynolds 110

Westfall’s Black Ace, Pointer male Bill Westfall Andy Daugherty 110

Whippoorwill Wild Assault, Pointer male Jim & Stephanie Bickers

Larry Huffman 110

S F Mapleleaf, Pointer female Dr. Robert Rankin Allen Vincent 100

Touch’s Spaceman, Pointer male Matt Griffith Randy Anderson 100

Born On Fourth July, Pointer male Jeff Gilbertson Travis Gellhaus 90

Ace’s R Wild, Pointer male Tony Gibson & Dr. Reuben Richardson

Mark McLean 81

Dakota Nation, Pointer male Julie S. Roach Tommy Davis 80

Erin’s Wild Justice, Pointer male Allen Linder Luke Eisenhart 80

Seahawk’s Percy, Pointer male Philip Spencer Talmage Smedley 80

Whippoorwill Mayhem, Pointer male Ric Peterson Larry Huffman 72

Hendrix’s Copperline, Pointer male Burke & Guy Hendrix Burke Hendricks 66

Touch’s Blackout, Pointer male Ric Peterson Randy Anderson 60

Touch’s Gallatin Fire, Pointer male Alex Rickert Mark McLean 60


[Purina Points are awarded based on the number of dogs entered x 10 for first, 5 for second, and 3 for third.]

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