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Purina Top All-Age Awards

Apr 20, 2017

The points season for the Purina Top All-Age Awards — dogs and handler — is winding down. The season began with the fall prairie trials in August, and ends on May 1 this year.

All four Awards categories  — open and amateur all-age, Derby and handler — have enjoyed keen competition, as can be seen in the numbers  of dogs and handlers in each category and points earned.

The season’s top dogs and handler will be recognized the weekend of June 23-24 in Lexington, Ky. the Awards program was held there three years ago, and it proved to be a well received location and an enjoyable weekend.

Dog Owner(s) Handler Points

Dunn’s Tried’N True, Pointer male Will & Rita Dunn Luke Eisenhart 3115

Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo, Pointer male David Thompson & Gary Lester

Gary Lester 2855

Touch’s Game Point, Pointer male Reuben Richardson  & Tony Gibson

Mark McLean 1190

Erin’s Wild Justice, Pointer male Allen R. Linder Luke Eisenhart 1180

Dominator’s Rebel Heir, Pointer male James W. Hamilton, Jr.

Jamie Daniels 1115

Awsum In Motion, Setter male Bill  & Marge Ricci, John &  Elizabeth Fort Luke Eisenhart 1010

True Confidence, Pointer male Frank & Jean LaNasa Luke Eisenhart 893

Hendrix’s Signature, Pointer male Guy & Burke Hendrix Tommy Davis 836

Dominator's Dotted Line, Pointer female Curtis Futch & Gerald Hignite

Jamie Daniels 820

Erin’s Hidden Shamrock, Setter male Sean Derrig Sean Derrig 770

Lester’s Jazz Man, Pointer male Dan Hensley Randy Anderson 730

Daddy’s Little Boy Butch, Pointer male Paul F. Scott John Stolgitis 720

Just Irresistible, Pointer male Mary Devos Jamie Daniels 715

Phillips Field Line, Pointer male Don Stroble Randy Anderson 690

Westfall’s Black Ace, Pointer male Bill Westfall Andy Daugherty 665

Miller’s Happy Jack, Pointer male Scott Griffin Randy Anderson 650

Coldwater Thunder, Pointer female Doug Arthur Steve Hurdle 640

Strut Nation, Pointer male Scott Jordan Scott Jordan 628

Oakspring Big Time Warrior, Pointer male Jeff Miller Allen Vincent 613

Whippoorwill Blue Blood, Pointer male Keith Wright & Jack Huffman

Larry Huffman 610

Just Watch, Pointer male Jack & Tracy Haines Jamie Daniels 500

Coldwater Hammer, Pointer male Howard Brooks, Katie McLean

& Cole Summerlin Mark McLean 495

Erin’s Muddy River, Pointer male Tommy Hamilton Robin Gates 495

Chinquapin Hot Shot, Pointer male E. L. Baker Robin Gates 490

Cassique’s Boss, Pointer male Rick Stallings Steve Hurdle 464

Skyfall, Pointer male Thorpe McKenzie & Bob Walthall Steve Hurdle 463

Daniels Creek Whitehawk, Pointer male Terry Reinke Travis Gellhaus 448

Westfall’s Black Thunder, Pointer male Ryan Westfall Andy Daugherty 420

Touch’s Adams County, Pointer male Richard Peterson Randy Anderson 400

Touch’s Blackout, Pointer male Richard Peterson Randy Anderson 385

Funseek’n Hit Man, Pointer male Jack & Tracy Haines Jamie Daniels 370

Double Deuce Molly, Pointer female Douglas McMillen Dave Hughes 360

Chinquapin Reward, Pointer male Edward L. (Ted) Baker Slade Sykes 350

Erin’s Whiskey River, Pointer male Maeve Derrig Sean Derrig 350

Glassilaun War Paint, Pointer male Jamie Nee Toby Tobiassen 340

Zorra, Setter female Harold Meyer Sheldon Twer 340

Touch’s White Knight, Pointer male Eddie Sholar Mark McLean 320

B M B’s Free Ride, German Shorthair male Brandon & Jennifer Blum Brandon Blum 300

Just Unforgettable, Pointer male Tracy & Jack Haines Jamie Daniels 280

Mercer Mill Grand, Pointer male Remy Trafelet Billy Wayne Morton 280

Seminole Boss, Pointer male W. Jack Schwarz Rick Furney 280

Dazzling, Pointer female Bob Walthall & Thorpe McKenzie Steve Hurdle 275

Salem’s Annie Oakley, Pointer female Dr. James Santarelli

Andy Daugherty 270

Whippoorwill Justified, Pointer male Ronnie Spears Larry  Huffman 266

Game Bo, Pointer male Dr. Fred Corder Dr. Fred Corder 260

House’s Buckwheat Hawk, Pointer male Karen & Bruce Norton

Mark McLean 260

Miller's Dialing In, Pointer male Gary Lester Gary Lester 260

Thunderbird Jaxinabox, Setter male Dave Anderson Travis Gellhaus 255

Shadow’s White Warrior, Pointer male Carl Bowman Robin Gates 250

Erin’s Longmire, Pointer male Brad H. Calkins Robin Gates 245

Lone Tree’s Showbiz, Pointer male Mitch Solt Travis Gellhaus 220

Quickmarksman’s Tom Tekoa, Setter male L. S. Earls Mike Hester 200

Saddle Up Non Believers, Pointer female Sean Kelly Sean Kelly 200

Stardust Chaz, Setter male R. E. Craig, Scott Kermicle,  John Sayre & D. R. Jordan Steve Hurdle 200

Game Throne, Pointer male Dr. Fred Corder Ike Todd 170

Whippoorwill Foto Op, Pointer female Ken Blackman & Heath Barnett

Larry Huffman 170

Eisenhower, Pointer male Charles & Ruth Morton  & Dave Brown

Charles Morton 150

Mohawk Mill Pirate, Pointer male Gary S. Winall Gary S. Winall 142

Erin’s Snowy River, Pointer male Bill Vest Vernon R. Vance 140

Mohawk Mill Jacob, Setter male Gary S. Winall Gary S. Winall 140

Touch’s Blue Moon, Pointer male Nelson Mills Mark McLean 140

Awsum Country Girl, Pointer female Bill & Margie Ricci Luke Eisenhart 135

Mercer Mill Gunpowder, Pointer male Mercer Mill Plantation

Billy Wayne Morton 130

Westfall’s River Ice, Pointer male Brad H. Calkins Andy Daugherty 130

White Dollar, Pointer male Scott Griffin Randy Anderson 125

Cole Train, Pointer male Dr. Fred Corder Luke Eisenhart 120

Quicksilver Gold Dust, Pointer male Rick Stallings Steve Hurdle 115

Highground Tonka, Setter male Kara & Charles Kunde,  Lori & Doug Steinshouer Lori Steinshouer 110

Sleepless in Sacramento, Pointer female Jim & Cami Wolthuis

Sheldon Twer 110

Erin’s Redrum, Pointer male Sean Derrig Sean Derrig 105

Miller’s Creative Cause, Pointer male David Thompson & Gary Lester

Gary Lester 102

Touch’s Mega Mike, Pointer male Eddie Sholar Ike Todd 102

S F Bandwagon, Pointer male Larry L. Smith Larry L. Smith 100

Gator Done, Pointer male Amanda & Todd Schaaf Todd Schaaf 95

In Style, Setter female Ben Johnson Travis Gellhaus 90

Whippoorwill Wild Assault, Pointer male Jim & Stephanie Bickers

Larry Huffman 85

Rester’s Super Chief, Pointer male Cecil R. Rester Cecil R. Rester 84

Cross City Rip, Pointer male Steve Scott & Vic Etheridge Tommy Davis 81

Knight’s White Lady, Pointer female Mitch Solt Travis Gellhaus 78

Pennie Shadow, Pointer female Blake Kukar Blake Kukar 78

Cap N Jack, Pointer male Paul Gadd Mack Hilliard 75

Marques Red Label, Pointer male John Ivester, Jr. Robert Henry 70

Coldwater Stoner, Pointer male Dr. Lee Butler Weldon Bennett 69

Mega Blackhawk’s Progeny, Pointer male Bob & Sarina Craig, John Sayre

& Raines Jordan Steve Hurdle 69

Mountain Music, Pointer male Larry Esterline Steve Hurdle 69

Home Big Boy, Pointer male Johnny Atkinson, Ray Joye,

Grayson Francis Mack Hilliard 60

Prodigy’s Bonfire, Setter female Betty Shearouse Steve Hurdle 48

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