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Redland’s Jacked Up and Glassilaun War Paint Claim Honors

Purina Top Amateur Shooting Dog and Open Derby Award Winners

By Mike Luebke | May 24, 2018
Redland's Jacked Up

Amateur field trial competition was keen during the 2017-2018 season, evidence of which is the roster of dogs that earned points toward the Purina Amateur Shooting Dog Award.

When the proverbial dust had settled, the top Amateur Shooting Dog is Redland’s Jacked Up, five-year-old white and liver  pointer male owned by Joe and Tricia Rentz of Fayetteville, Ga., and handled by Joe.

“Consistent” might well be the word to describe the Rentz pointer. Jack last year came in second place in this competition in a very tight competitive race between him and the eventual winner, Sugarknoll War Paint.

This year Jack was not to be denied and left no doubt with a dominating 1870 point lead over the second place dog in the standings.

His record in 2017-2018 shows nine placements (mostly firsts) to earn a total 3060 points and the Award.

He placed first in the following Amateur stakes: Georgia Association of Field Trial Clubs, Fort Mill (S.C.) Amateur Classic, Conecuh Station Field Trial Club, Chesterfield Field Trial Club and the Hatchechubbee Club’s John S. O’Neall, Jr. Memorial Amateur Classic.

He placed second in the Flint River “Pat LaBree Memorial” Field Trial Club’s Amateur Stake.

Jack sealed his win of the Award by winning the National Amateur Free-

for-All Championship, the National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Championship and the Region 4 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship!

This is the second Purina Award for Joe and Tricia Rentz. Their Rentz’s Fire and Ice won the Top Derby Award for the 2015-2016 season, handled by Jeanette Tracy.


The Open Derby of the Year Award program was equally hotly contested with 53 young dogs earning points toward the Award.

The winner emerged in Glassilaun War Paint, two-year-old white and black pointer male owned by Jamie Nee of Quincy, Mass., and handled by Toby Tobiassen.

Glassilaun War Paint is sired by Sugarknoll War Paint, which won the 2014-2015 Top Shooting Dog Award and the Top Amateur Award for 2016-2017, and finished second in this year’s Top Shooting Dog Awåard competition.

“Bat’s” record shows eight placements: a first in the Smith Derby Classic; first, New England Futurity; first, Garden State Championship Derby; second, Keystone Yankee Derby Classic; third, United States Quail Shooting Dog Futurity; first, Eastern Open Derby; second, Egyptian  Championship Open Derby; second, Michigan Shooting Dog Championship Derby.

All the Purina Award winners will be recognized the weekend of June 22-23 at the Purina Event Center, Gray Summit, Mo.


Dog Owner(s) Handler Pts.

Redland’s Jacked Up, PM, Joe & Tricia Rentz, Joe Rentz 3060

At’a Boy Roy, PM, George Kimbrell, George Kimbrell 1190

Waybetter Billy, PM, Thomas Brigman, Thomas Brigman 670

Pineywoods Jackpot, ESM, Darron Hendley, Darron Hendley 660

Sugarknoll Bushwacker, PM, Pete & Chris Del Collo, Pete Del Collo 550

Iron and Oak, ESM, Ross Leonard, Ross Leonard 512

Erin’s War Creek, PM, Allen R. Linder, Allen R. Linder 480

Conway Twitty, PM, Alan Atkins, Alan Atkins 475

Northern Prairie Addition, PF, Glenn Conover, Glenn Conover 460

Thomas Adirondack Turbo, PM, James Thomas, James Thomas 460

Rentz’s Fire and Ice, PF, Joe & Tricia Rentz, Joe Rentz 402

Mac’s Hi Oh Silver, PM, Tim McClurg, Tim McClurg 370

Absolute Diva, PF, Johnny & Joyce Taylor, Johnny Taylor 365

Shadow Oak Bo, ESM, Allen R. Linder & Great River Kennel,

Brian Sanchez 360

Heard Hill’s Misbehavin, PF, Lynn & Buck Heard, Lynn Heard 340

Barcelona Bull, PM, Ernie & Karen Saniga, Ernie Saniga 330

Harbor City Cruz, PM, Thomas Brigman, Jr., Thomas Brigman, Jr. 320

Miller’s Special Edition, PF, Fran & Jack Miller, Jack Miller 310

Boumeester’s Bar None, PF, Rich Boumeester, Rich Boumeester 300

American Express Lane, PM, Brian Peterson, Brian Peterson 280

Touch’s Katrina, PF, Austin Turley, Austin Turley 280

Strut Nation, PF, Scott Jordan,  Scott Jordan 260

Beckworth’s Firefighter, PM, Alan York, Alan York 240

Cavenaugh’s River Shadow, ESF, Ken Cavenaugh, Nan Hilliard 240

G F Witchy Woman, ESF, Dr. Allen Dunbar, Allen Dunbar 240

B M B’s Free Ride, GSPM, Brandon Blum, Brandon Blum 230

Moonshine Magic, PM, John Malone, John Malone 220

Panther Creek Wild Thing, PM, Frank Rutland, Frank Rutland 220

Steel City Karen, PF, Bob Reed & Betsy Archer, Bob Reed 220

North Country Girl, PF, David McKay & Joe McHugh, David McKay 210

Miller’s Dialing Hot Line, PM, Scott Griffin, Derek Bonner 200

Shadow Oak Bo, ESM, Allen R. Linder & Great River Kennel,

Brian Sanchez 200

Miller’s Bring the Heat, PF, Fran & Jack Miller, Jack Miller 192

Backcountry Bonnie, PF, Kevin Joyce, Kevin Joyce 190

Conecuh’s Power Play, PM, Ted Roach, Ted Roach 180

Dragonfly, PM, Jim Hughes, Jim Hughes 180

Windy Hill War Creek, PF, Carl S. Morrison, Jr., Carl S. Morrison, Jr. 180

Sinbad Hottie, PF, Dr. Buck Neil, Dr. Buck Neil 170

Roses Are Red, ISF, Tim Hammons, Tim Hammons 168

Little Girl Creek, ESF, Ernie & Karen Saniga, Ernie Saniga 165

Miller’s California Dreamer, PF, Fran & Jack Miller, Fran Miller 165

McRee’s Glory B, PF, Patrick McPherson, Patrick McPherson 160

Miller Unfinished Business, PM, Benjy Griffith & Jack & Fran Miller,

Fran Miller 160

Miss American Pie, PF, David O’Brien, David O’Brien 160

Sam Ellis, PM, Tim & Polly Moore, Tim Moore 160

Traveler’s Split Rail, ESM, Greg Sand, Greg Sand 160

Walden’s Ridge Play Boy, PM, David Steele, David Steele 160

West Mountain Sunny Days, PF, Kim Sampson, Rich Heaton 160

Dakota Nation, PF, Scott Jordan, Scott Jordan 150

Panther Creek Snow Queen, PF, Frank Rutland, Frank Rutland 146

Conecuh Station’s Joe Kid, PM, Ted Roach & Ben Chandler, Ted Roach 145

Dubose’s Daddy Boy, PF, Bobby Dubose, Bobby Dubose 140

Lester’s Prime Poison Lane, PM, Brian Peterson, Brian Peterson 140

Touch’s Diamante, PM, Austin Turley, Austin Turley 140

Heard Hill’s Jaybird, PM, Buck & Lynn Heard, Lynn Heard 138

Shagtime Scout, ESF, Chris Cagle, Chris Cagle 130

Seekin A Thrill, PM, Ross Leonard, Ross Leonard 126

Erin’s Coin Toss, PM, Brian Sheehan, Brian Sheehan 120

I’m Simple Pleasure, PM, Sam Giddens, Sam Giddens 120

Solar Eclipse, PF, Edmond James, Edmond James 120

Great River Survivor, PM, Great River Kennel, Brian Sanchez 110

Warioto’s Crazy Daisy, PF, Scott & Lisa Little, Scott Little 100

Raag’s Miss Lightfoot, PF, Ray Wheeler, Ray Wheeler 100

Sartain’s Bud, PM, Gerald Sartain, Gerald Sartain 100

Calico’s Mr. Wonderful, PM, Calico Kennels & Tiffani & Alex Smith,

Alex Smith 95

Lester’s Prime Poison Lane, PM, Brian Peterson, Brian Peterson 90

Rock Star Andy, PM, Buck Neil, Buck Neil 85

Bo Bunda, PM, John Arlington,  John Arlington 84

Daphne’s Gage, ESM, William Rogers, Ronnie Rogers 80

Dezasterous Jax The Ripper, GSPM, Matthew Smith, Bridget Ledington 80

Jubullee, PF, Ernie & Karen Saniga, Ernie Saniga 80

Little More Shine, ISF, Dr. Kristine Hammons, Kristine Hammons 80

Brown’s Miss April, PF, Andrew Brown, John Outlaw 72

Jessie’s Bonanza, ESF, Ted Faust & Claudia McNamee, Ted Faust 66

Panther Creek Snow Queen, PF, Frank Rutland, Frank Rutland 66

Z Z Top, ESF, A. Q. Brown, A. Q. Brown 66

Cavalry Sergeant, PM, William Goodwin, William Goodwin 63

Waybetter Rocky, PM, Carl & Collin Bishop & Muriel & William Primm,

Carl Bishop 60

Marques Dark Knight, PM, Roger Duerksen, Roger Duerksen 60

One Day Freeze, PF, Christopher Hodges, Lane Hodges 60

Talladega, PM, Eli Richardson, Eli Richardson 57

American Express, Lane, PM, Brian Peterson, Brian Peterson 54

Backcountry Patty, PF, Chris Catanzarite, Chris Catanzarite 48

Burrow’s Trip My Trigger, PM, John & Cathy Burrow, Tim Moore 48


Dog Owner(s) Handler Pts

Glassilaun War Paint, PM, Jamie Nee, Toby Tobiassen 1034

Miller’s Heat Seeker, PM, Muriel Primm, Dennis Hood,

Fran & Jack Miller, George Tracy 736

Tallokas Sun Dial, PF, Tallokas Kennels, Tommy Rice 530

Always Dreaming, PF, Charles Cantrell, Doug Ray 516

Armstrong Mountain Dustie, PM, Frank Joyal, Mike Tracy 484

Cheyenne Jack, PM, Sal J. Morelli, Mike Tracy 472

Tug O’War, PM, Adam Hart & Mike McClanahan, Shawn Kinkelaar 444

Navajo Cody, PM, Bill & Muriel Primm & Sal J. Morelli, Mike Tracy 318

Grand Woodlands Dallas, ESF, Bob Angen, Shawn Kinkelaar 238

Grand River Mayday, PF, Grand River Kennel, Stacy Perkins 200

Miller’s Just Plain Rowdy, PM, Fran & Jack Miller, Jack Miller 186

Pine Raging Reagan, PF, Suzy & Tim Hagan & Bill Zimmerman,

Shawn Kinkelaar 181

Gamer, PM, Claudia McNamee, Mike Tracy 176

Smuggler’s Society Buck, PM, Dr. Tom Jackson & Brian Hannasch,

Shawn Kinkelaar 155

L F Silver Belle, PF, Tom Liesfeld, Doug Ray 153

World Class Extreme Machine, PM, Brian Hamilton, Mick Marietta, Bill Cignetti, Stacy Perkins 150

Model Twenty One Winchester, PM, Gary Herring, Jerry Raynor 120

Little White Lies, PF, Eli Richardson, Eli Richardson 113

Miller’s Miss Cover Girl, PF, Fran & Jack Miller, Jack Miller 112

Touch’s Knight Rider, PM, Alex Rickert & Keith Wright, Ike Todd 100

Nemaha Freeloader, PM, Dr. Pat McInteer, Dr. Pat McInteer 90

Miller’s Lock and Loaded, PM, Muriel & Bill Primm, George Tracy 90

High Drive Gail, PF, Allen R. Linder, George Tracy 87

Levi Express Visa, ESM, John Van Horn, Jr., John Van Horn, Jr. 80

Cold Creek Buck, PM, Burl Hicks, Stacy Perkins 75

Lily On Bee, ESF, Nicholas Hologate, Tracy Littlejohn 72

Sandwood Creek, PF, Jeff Ruth, Jeanette Tracy 72

Erin’s Hearts on Fire, PM, Sean Patrick Derrig, Sean Patrick Derrig 70

White Way Mona Lisa, PF, Kevin White, Kevin White 70

Burrow’s Trip My Trigger, PM, John & Cathy Burrow, Jason WIlliams 65

Emmalita, PF, Austin Turley, Austin Turley 60

It Ain’t My Fault, PM, John & Aidan Malone, John Stolgitis 58

Hackberry’s Elhew Eddie, PM, Robert Konz, Harold Gearhart 58

Oak Ridge Platinum, PM, Ron Prewitt, Shawn Kinkelaar 56

Osceola’s Dial Tone, PM, Joe McHugh, Mike Tracy 54

Ravenwood Throwing Smoke, PM, Joe Cincotta, Matt Basilone 50

Drowning Creeks Smokin Matt, PM, Calvin L. Curnutte, Jr. & Todd Williams, Calvin Curnutte 48

Maple Valley Misty, PF, Merv Eisenhart, Jeanette Tracy 48

Rolling Hills Sassy, PF, Jeff Wagoner, Jeff Wagoner 42

Alibi Girl, PF, L. J. & Casey King, Pat Casey 40

Edge’s Mississippi Pete, PM, Gordon Jones, Ike Todd 40

Topp’s First J R, PM, Luke  & Ria Topp, Harold Gearhart 40

Hale’s Big Impact, PM, Dr. Jeffery Hale, Buz Daugherty 30

Miller’s Braveheart, PM, Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton, George Tracy 30

Touch’s Reid Rocker, PM, John Roswech, Shawn Kinkelaar 30

Ninnescah Cooper, PM, Ivan Breckenridge, Harold Gearhart 28

Grand Prairie Thrill, PF, Tommy Rice, Tommy Rice 26

Paint The Town, PM, Hunter McDuffie & Lance Servais, Hunter McDuffie 26

Roberts Hill Bess, PM, Butch Roberts, Stacy Perkins 24

Hackberry’s Elhew Cosmo, PM, Robert Konz, Harold Gearhart 22

Skyhawk’s Diamond Duke, ESM, Daniel Bridgewater, Justin Crook 20

White Way Mona Lisa, PF, Kevin White, Kevin White 20

Erin’s Murder Suspect, PM, Alex Stuart, Kevin Stuart 12

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