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2018 Winners Announced

Purina Top Derby and Amateur All-Age Awards

May 15, 2018
Game Wardon

There are two elements in the field trial game that are the life-blood of the sport’s success and perpetuation — the Derby and the amateur owner-handler.

It is the Derbies of a given season that go on to compete successfully in adult all-age competition in subsequent seasons. And it is the amateur owner-handler who competes, campaigns dogs on the major circuit (shooting dog and all-age), serves as club official, judges and in some cases provides venues for the field trial game.

It is only fitting, then, that both of these essential elements of the sport are recognized by the annual Purina Awards program.

During the course of the 2017-2018 season, 55 young dogs earned points toward the annual Top Derby Award. Emerging at the top of the roster is Game Wardon, white and liver ticked pointer male owned by longtime field trial participant Dr. Fred Corder of Corinth, Miss.

Dr. Fred got his start in the field trial game more than 25 years ago in his home state of Arkansas with his dad, the late Alvin Corder. He’s been a consistent competitor in major stakes in the Mid-south, both open and amateur, and has a dog qualified for the National Championship on a regular basis.

Game Wardon earned 772 on the basis of six points placements, two of them championship titles, the Continental and All-America Derby Championships this spring.

In the fall, he earned placements in the Sunflower and Benton County Derbies, adding a first in the American Quail Classic Derby. Between his championship wins, the young dog was second in the West Tennessee Open Derby.

His owner, handlers Ike Todd and Luke Eisenhart played a role in the young dog’s Derby success in 2017-2018.

The issue of May 5 announced the winner of the Purina Top Dog Award, pointer male Touch’s Mega Mike.

Another dog bearing the “Touch” prefix has topped the lineup of amateur all-age dogs earning points toward the Purina Amateur All-Age Award — Touch’s Fire Dancer.

The three-year-old white and orange pointer female was bred and is owned and handled by Keith A.Wright of Covington, Ind., who also has the distinction of having bred Touch’s Mega Mike.

Fire Dancer earned a total of 1490 points on the merits of four good wins.

She won runner-up in the Region 6 Amateur All-Age Championship, won the Region 5 Amateur All-Age Championship, added the National Amateur Quail Championship at Ames Plantation, and notched a first in the Memphis

Amateur All-Age Stake.

Game Wardon and Touch’s Fire Dancer, with their respective owners, Dr. Fred Corder and Keith Wright, will be formally recognized the weekend of June 22-23 at the Purina Event Center in Gray Summit, Mo.


Purina All-Age Derby Award


Dog Pts.

Game Wardon, PM, 772

Touch’s Gallatin Fire, PM, 752

Miss Styling Sue, PF, 396

Touch’s Malcolm Story, PM, 303

Dunn’s True Issue, PM, 290

Dakota Nation, PM, 288

Miller’s Blindsider, PM, 276

Westfall’s Castaway, PM, 259

Chinquapin Bill, PM, 256

Stash The Cash, PM, 235

Erin’s Three Leaf Shamrock, ESM, 224

Dunn’s True Decision, PM, 218

Idaho’s Lucky Duramax, PM, 216

Game Storm, PM, 152

Shearjoy’s Unforsaken, ESM, 140

Executive Action, PM, 126

Shadow’s White Cross, PM, 115

Miller’s Ring Tone, PM, 112

Fly In The Sky, PF, 108

Hendrix’s Zip Ty, PM, 108

Triple Shots Notorious Ways, PM, 103

Wild Hawk, PM, 100

Miller’s White Reign, PM, 99

Coldwater Spectre, PM, 92

Tekoa Mountain Jamie, ESM, 85

Ace’s R Wild, PM, 75

Button Up, PF, 74

Superstition’s Final Touch, PM, 72

Hailey’s Wild Again, PM, 70

Montana Sky, PF, 60

Touch’s Spaceman, PM, 60

Luke’s Flyby, ESM, 55

Beeler’s Iron Butterfly, PF, 52

Hendrix’s Signed Copy, PM, 52

Upland Carbonado’s Rebel, PM, 51

Grand River Money Man, ESM, 50

Erin’s Copper River, PM, 40

H P Gone Again, PM, 40

Intensive Chain Breaker, PF, 40

Nemaha Rio, PM, 40

Blue Blue Money, ESM, 35

Troy, PM, 35

Janee’s All Onthe Line, PF, 34

T’s Quadrunner, ESM, 33

Rocky Ridge’s Second Chance, PM, 32

Grand River Mayday, PF, 30

Pineywoods Firestorm, PM, 30

Sergio, PM, 26

H P Tornado Watch, PM, 24

Hi Speed Queen, PF, 21

Little More Shine, ESF, 20

Worsham’s Silver Charge, PM, 20

Shadow’s Lord Magic, PM, 18

N Tensive Shootto Thrill, PF, 16

Sugar’n Spice, PF, 14


Purina Top Amateur All-Age Award Points-Earners

Dog Owner Points

Touch’s Fire Dancer, PF, Keith A. Wright 1490

Phillips Off Line, PM, Nathan Phillips 698

Frontline Shack Attack, PM, Chris Livingston 600

Elhew G Force, PM, Tim Moore 500

Touch’s Smooth Rider, PM, Keith A. Wright 436

Showtime Sam Houston, PM, Larron &  Laura Copeland 421

Home Big Boy, PM, Johnny Atkinson,  Ray Joye &  Grayson Francis 380

Mohawk Mill Image,  PM, Gary S. Winall 365

Small’s White Stryker, PF, Mike Small 340

Nemaha Boot, PM, Dr. Pat McInteer 325

Dialed In, PF, Jim Pendergest 320

Showtime Dominator, PM, Larron &  Laura Copeland 320

Kelly’s Rebel Louie, PM, Sean Kelly 310

Cole Train, PM, Dr. Fred Corder 300

Manteo’s Ace of Spades, PM, Paul Falkowsky 300

R R Craftsman, PF, Eddie Berendzen 290

Westfall’s Black Ace, PM, Bill Westfall 280

Ten Oaks Elkland’s Delight, PM, Louis Qualtiere 270

Nemaha Night Hawk, PM, Dr. Pat McInteer 260

S F Strongwind, PM, Nathan Berendzen 250

Erin’s Redrum, PM, Sean Derrig 240

S F Bandwagon, PM, Larry Smith 240

Rock Star Andy, PM, Buck Neil 210

Wild Covey Shockwave, PM, Tony King 210

Worsham’s Silver Comet, PM, Joe Worsham 204

Mohawk Mill Glory, ESF, Gary Winall 190

Game Storm, PM, Dr. Fred Corder 180

Cocklebur Drama Queen, PF, Bubba, Amy &  Colt Spencer 176

Mohawk Mill Pirate’s Legacy, PM, Gary Winall 170

Bad Prairie’s Billboard, PM, Quintin &  Tasha Wiseman 160

Daniels Creek Whitehawk, PM, Terry Reinke 160

Game Throne, PM, Dr. Fred Corder 160

H P Wiggins Express, PM, Rodney Shoemaker 160

Misty Morn Masked Man, PF, Joey McAlexander 160

Rebel Patriot, PM, David E. Williams 160

Northwoods Charles, ESM, Bill Owen 155

Erin’s Full Throttle, PM, John Ivester 150

H P Final Decision, PM, Rodney Shoemaker 140

Swampfox Davey Crockett, PM, Johnny Atkinson 140

Touch’s Ghost Rider, PM, Eddie Sholar 139

Rester’s Super Chief, PM, Cecil Rester 135

Hodges Beastmode, PF, Brian Hodges 130

Erin’s Rebel Rum, PM, Sean Derrig 120

Chupacabra, PM, Tyson Traw 105

Mac’s Hi Oh Silver, PM, Tim McClurg 100

Mac’s No Doubt, PM, Mac Conyers 100

Rebel Pirate, PM, David E. Williams 90

Showtime Automatic, PM, Larron Copeland 85

I’m Hobbs Next Generation, PM, Hunter’s Creek  Kennels 84

Dakota Nation, PM, Scott Jordan 80

Nosam’s Full Ride, PM, T. Mason Ashburn 80

Sam Ellis, PM, Tim & Polly Moore 80

Tucalota Blew, PM, Ed Mayhew 80

Game Wardon, PM, Dr. Fred Corder 54

Marques Lucky Star, PF, John Ivester 51

Nemaha Scoot, PM, Steve Auxier 51

Song Rider, PM, Kim Harrell & Bruce  & Karen Norton 51

I’m Simple Pleasure, PM, Hunter’s Creek  Kennels 50

Allegretto Ralphie, PM, Bob McDavis 48

Cocklebur Treasure Quest, PM, Amy & Bubba  Spender 48

Nemaha Nell, PF, Steve Auxier 48

Wamsutter, ESM, John Mahoney 48

I’m Southern Style, ESM, Hunter’s Creek  Kennels 30


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