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Purina Top Dog of the Year Award

Touch's Malcolm Story Wins No. 58
May 06, 2021

THE annual Purina Awards have enjoyed several tight races for the honor of being named the top all-age winner of a given field trial season, and 2020-2021 was among the tightest.

The final Purina points stake — the Western Open All-Age Championship in Reno, Nev. — was the deciding event. Touch's Malcolm Story won that title and with it the 58th Annual Purina Top Dog Award.

Owned by Alex Rickert of Bozeman, Mont., the five-year-old white and orange pointer male was handled by Mark McLean to these premier honors.

What unfolded in 2020-2021 is reminiscent of a similar scenario in 1977, 44 years ago, when the Purina Award competition was close and the late Dr. Dorwin E. Hawthorne sent handler Bud Daugherty with Buckboard to the West Coast. Bud Daugherty and Buckboard returned to Oklahoma with the National Chukar Championship crown and that season's Purina Award.

Jim and Matt Pendergest of Lexington, Ky., faced a similar situation in 2017 when their Pendy's Good Grace was in a tightly contested race for the Top Derby Award. Her win of the Pacific Coast Derby Championship sealed her spot at the top of the roster and the season's Purina Derby Award.

Touch's Malcolm Story notched 1405 points during the 2020-2021 season on the merits of four points-earning placements: a first in the Blackbelt Open All-Age, runner-up at the Masters Open Quail Championship, winner of both the Southeastern and the season-concluding Western Open All-Age Championship.

The appended lineup carries the names of 82 open all-age contenders that earned points toward the Fifty-Eighth Annual Purina Top Dog Award, added testament to the significance of Touch's Malcolm Story's achievement in 2020-2021.

Dog/Owner(s)/ Handler/Points

Touch’s Malcolm Story, Pointer male; Alex Rickert/Mark McLean 1405

Coldwater Thunder, Pointer female; Billy K. & Rachel Blackwell, Doug Arthur & David Russell/Steve Hurdle 1218

Miller’s Speed Dial, Pointer male; Gary Lester/Gary Lester 1185

Lester’s Shockwave, Pointer male; Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton/Gary Lester 995

Westfall’s River Ice, Pointer male; Brad H. Calkins/Andy Daugherty 950

Knight Moon, Pointer male; Tucker S. Johnson/Luke Eisenhart 860

Lowrider Frank, Pointer male; Dr. Jim Mills & Steve Lightle/Allen Vincent 858

Showtime Sam Houston, Pointer male; Larron Copeland/Larron Copeland 760

Whippoorwill Justified, Pointer male; Ronnie Spears/Larry Huffman 740

Touch’s Mega Mike, Pointer male; Eddy Sholar & Ted Dennard/Mark McLean 666

Double Deuce Zeke, Pointer male; Dr. Douglas E. McMillen, Jr./Dr. Douglas E. McMillen, Jr. 660

Ascension, Pointer male; Ted Roach/Steve Hurdle 626

Touch’s Blackout, Pointer male; John Harkins/Randy Anderson 623

Hendrix’s Touch Up, Pointer male; Burke & Guy Hendrix/Steve Hurdle 591

Crown’s Black Ice, Pointer female; Tracy Swearingen & Stephens Walker/Tracy Swearingen 530

Game Wardon, Pointer male; Dr. Fred Corder/Luke Eisenhart 509

Touch’s Fire Away, Pointer male; Greg & Carmen Adams/Randy Anderson 504

S F Stetson, Pointer male; Larry L. Smith/Larry Huffman 480

Awsum’s Country Justice, Pointer male; Bill & Margie Ricci & Dr. Bill Bruchey/Luke Eisenhart 450

Dream Chaser, Pointer male; Brad H. Calkins/Andy Daugherty 435

Westfall’s True Grit, Pointer male; Ryan Westfall/Andy Daugherty 434

Marques Armed Robber, Pointer male; John & Sue Ivester/Lefty Henry 410

Touch’s Spaceman, Pointer male; Matt Griffith/Randy Anderson 400

Bonner’s Excalibur, Pointer male; Derek Bonner/Derek Bonner 390

Miss Stylin Sue, Pointer female; Dr. Jim Mills & Steve Lightle/Allen Vincent 390

Dakota Nation, Pointer male; Ted & Julie Roach/Steve Hurdle 370

Justifier, Pointer male; Dr. Robert Rankin/Allen Vincent 360

Dunn’s Tried’n True, Pointer male; Will & Rita Dunn/Luke Eisenhart 355

True Confidence, Pointer male; Frank & Jean LaNasa/Frank LaNasa 350

Westfall’s Red Man, Pointer male; Tom Faller/Andy Daugherty 350

Out of the Shadows, Setter female; Bob & Diane Wheelock/Bob Wheelock 330

Touch’s Red Rider, Pointer male; Tucker Johnson/Luke Eisenhart 320

Touch’s Gallatin Fire, Pointer male; Alex Rickert/Mark McLean 316

Dominator’s Rogue Rebel, Pointer male; W. Jack Schwarz/Jamie Daniels 310

Miller’s Blindsider, Pointer male; Nick Berrong/Jamie Daniels 310

Southern Nation, Pointer male; John Ivester & Ruthann Epp/Robert Henry 310

Whippoorwill Forever Wild, Pointer male; Phil Witter/Matt Cochran 305

Dragonfly, Pointer male; Jim Hughes/Jim Hughes 270

Miller Unfinished Business, Pointer male; Benjy Griffith/Joel Norman 270

Strut Nation, Pointer male; Scott Jordan/Scott Jordan 265

Shadow’s Lord Magic, Pointer male; Carl Bowman/Tommy Davis 260

Erin’s Lone Star Law, Pointer male; Maeve Derrig/Sean Derrig 255

Nosam’s Sweet Water, Pointer male; Jeff Busby/Larry Huffman 251

Lester’s Jazz Man, Pointer male; Dan Hensley/Randy Anderson 240

Lester’s Storm Surge, Pointer male; Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton/Gary Lester 240

Woodville Yukon Cornelius, Setter male; Carl Owens/Mark McLean 240

Southwind Joy’s Resurgence, Setter female; Michael Eads/Michael Eads 220

Texas Wild Rex, Pointer male; Brad Kennedy/Allen Vincent 220

Wild Hawk, Pointer male; Mike Moses/Judd Carlton 215

Stash The Cash, Pointer male; David Thompson & Tommy Loid/Gary Lester 213

Quickmarksman’s Dan, Pointer male; Chris Rarish & Ashley Woodell/Mike Hester 200

Dunn’s True Reign, Pointer male; Claudia McNamee & Norris Sims/Luke Eisenhart 195

Sand Wood Creek, Pointer female; Audie Brown; Jerry Raynor 195

Kelly’s Rebel Louie, PM; Sean Kelly/Sean Kelly 190

Westfall’s Wheels Up, Pointer male; Bill Westfall/Andy Daugherty 177

Rocking J’s Amy, Pointer female; Jarry Walton/Jarry Walton 160

Tekoa Mountain Owhyee Jack, Setter male; Alex Mauck/Alex Mauck 160

K H Game Train, Pointer male; Scott Griffin/Scott Griffin 155

Valiant, Pointer male; Jay McKenzie/Randy Anderson 155

Confident Nation, Pointer male; Scott Jordan/Tommy Davis 132

Swift Justice, Setter male; Brad Kennedy/Steve Hurdle 132

Hendrix’s Copperline, Pointer male; Guy & Burke Hendrix/Steve Hurdle 130

Hirollins Moncho Man, Setter male; Warren Parrott/Tracy Swearingen 129

Osceola’s Rebel Chief, Pointer male; Ted Roach/Steve Hurdle 126

Bonner’s Bulletproof, Pointer male; Dr. Chris Cornman/Randy Anderson 120

Lester’s Stem Winder, Pointer male; Gary Lester/Gary Lester 120

Westfall’s Mandalay, Pointer male; Bill Westfall/Andy Daugherty 120

Touch's Breakaway Fred, Pointer male; Eddie Sholar & Ted Dennard; Mark McLean 117

Coldwater Odyssey, Pointer male; Debbie & Andy Agnew/Weldon Bennett 115

Wind Ridge Sugar Plum, Pointer male; Eugene J. Spiotta, Jr./Eddy Taylor 111

Coldwater Spectre, Pointer male; Gary W. McKibben/Weldon Bennett 110

Painted Owyhee Breeze, Pointer female; Bridget & Jim Ledington/Bridget & Jim Ledington 110

Ransom’s Jack Flash, Pointer male; Rachel & Billy K. Blackwell & Doug Arthur/Steve Hurdle 108

S F Mapleleaf, Pointer female; Dr. Robert Rankin/Allen Vincent 105

Rebel Cause, Pointer male; David Williams/Jamie Daniels 96

Tian Elhew Verbena, PF; Angela Schillereff/Tim Schillereff 95

Burr Oak’s Born Again, Vizsla male; Jim Gingrich; Brian Gingrich 80

Painted Owyhee Sagebrush, Pointer female; Bridget & Jim Ledington/Bridget Ledington 80

Neely’s Standing Ovation, Pointer male; Butch Houston/Randy Anderson 75

Cocklebur King Tut, Pointer male; Bubba, Amy & Colt Spencer/Bubba Spencer 72

Mac Golva B, Setter male; Dr. Marion Brown/Dr. Marion Brown 72

Love Train, Pointer female; Tom Griffin/Tom Griffin 40


[Purina Points are awarded based on the number of dogs entered x 10 for first, 5 for second, and 3 for third.]


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