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Purina Top Open Shooting Dog Awards Standings

By Mike Luebke | Nov 04, 2019

Reporting  results of completed points stakes this year is lacking.

Purina Top “Shooting Dog” results need to get sent to me at in order to get counted for Purina Points.

Trials I “believe” have finished but I don’t have results include: Montana Shooting Dog Championship, All-America Shooting Dog Championship, National Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship, National Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog  Championship I’m sure there are others. Both Open,  and Amateur, as well as Derby.

There is a 35-day time limit to get trials reported!

Why is there a time-limit on recording? So results (points standings) are relevant and close to actual. Handlers and owners then have a decent picture where they stand, and receive due recognition.

Trial officials are responsible to get these and any other completed trials reported to me.

Regarding the Purina Shooting Dog Handler points change. In the Purina Handler of the Year Award ad (issue of August 17), the All-Age Handler scoring was given, but the Shooting Dog Handler scoring was not.

The Shooting Dog Handler Award is a two-tier scoring system. Shooting dog handler scoring is calculated as follows:

For three one-hour continuous course trials: 1st place earns 5 points per dogs drawn; 2d place earns 3 points per dogs drawn; 3d place earns 2 points per dogs drawn.

Single course trials: 1st place earns 3 points per dogs drawn; 2d place earns 2 points per dogs drawn; 3d place earns 1 point per dogs drawn.

Good trialing.


Name Owner Handler Points

Waybetter Rocky, PM, Bill & Muriel Primm & Carl Bishop, Mike Tracy 310

Knight’s White Lady, PF, Bill Owen, Travis Gellhaus 280

DK’s Wild Child, PF, Dave Nelson, Dave Nelson 210

Osceola’s Seminole Wind, PF, Casey & Devin Hollander, Mike Tracy 186

Zumbro Stinky Pete, PM, Terry Reinke, Travis Gelhaus 170

Gotta Little Project, PM, Todd Schaaf, Todd Schaaf 160

Heard Hill’s Rebel Polly, PF, Buck & Lynn Heard, Buck Heard 140

Ten Oaks Annie A, PF, Jeanette Heise, Jeanette Heise 105

Painted Molly, PF, Jim & Bridget Ledington, Jim Ledington 85

Northwoods Charles, ESM, Bill Owen, Bill Owen 84

Doubletrees Katie, ESF, Don Deardorff, Tim Schilleff 80

Littlewing BK Tia, PF, Sergio Velez, Sergio Velez 63

Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride, PM, Casey Hollander, Mike Tracy 62


Name Owner Handler Points

Calico’s Touch Of Class, PF, Calico Kennels &  Peter & Chris Del Collo,

Alex Smith 330

Jumpstart, PM, Frank LaNasa, Frank LaNasa 270

It Ain’t My Fault, PM, John & Aidan Malone, Aidan Malone 165

Strut Nation, PM, Scott Jordan, Scott Jordan 135

Miller’s Just Plain Rowdy, PM, Allen Linder, Allen Linder 99


Name Owner Handler Points

Miller’s Record Heat, PF, Fran & Jack Miller, Fran Miller 330

Backcountry Buddy, PM, Chris Catanzarite, Chris Catanzarite 198

Bull Finch, PF, Ernie & Karen Saniga &  Bill & Muriel Primm, Mike Tracy 132

Town Creek Hardaway Jill, PF, Bill Clem, Mike Martino 125

Hiett’s Game Point, PM, Tim Hiett, Mike Martino 75

Erin’s Big Casino, ESM, Paul Berdiner, Mike Tracy 66

Calico’s Guns N Roses, PF, Bill & Muriel Primm & Calico Kennels,

George Tracy 50


Mike Tracy 438

Travis Gelhaus 225

Dave Nelson 105

Fran Miller 99

Buck Heard 84

Todd Schaaf 80

Chris Catanzarite 66

Jeanette Heise 63

Bill Owen 56

Jim Ledington 51

Tim Schilleff 48

Sergio Velez 42

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