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Purina Top Shooting Dog Award Winners

By Mike Luebke | May 26, 2020

Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt is the 2019-2020 Purina Top Shooting Dog. This is Bolt’s third Top Shooting Dog Award title for owners Dr. Tom Jackson and George Hickox.

The eight-year-old white and liver pointer male has earned 21 career Open Shooting Dog Championships. potentially making him the winningest shooting dog of all time, surpassing great past championship career marks  of twenty-time Ch. Great River Ice and nineteen-time Ch. Elhew Hannabell.

This season Bolt won the Texas Open Shooting Dog Championship, runner-up in the Kentucky Open Shooting Dog Championship, and then winner of the Missouri, Mississippi, Masters and Egyptian Open Shooting Dog Championships.

Bolt’s 2019-2020 season summary: five championships  and one runner-up for a total of 1,640 Purina points, besting the field of eighty dogs earning Purina Top Shooting Dog points this year.

Thunder Bolt’s breeder is Brad Sadler of Ridgeland, S.C., sired by Whippoorwill Wild Agin ex Butler’s Jill.

Congratulations to owners Dr. Tom Jackson, George Hickox and handler Shawn Kinkelaar for Bolt’s successful Top Shooting Dog season.


Name of Dog/Owner/ Handler/ Points

Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt, PM Dr. Tom Jackson & George Hickox

Shawn Kinkelaar 1640

Tallokas Sundial, PF Tallokas Kennel Tommy Rice 1625

Osceola Rebel Chief, PM Ted Roach Jason Loper 1584

Waybetter Rocky, PM Bill& Muriel Primm, Carl Bishop Mike Tracy 1455

Thrill Me, PF Keith Finlayson Tommy Rice 1360

Hale’s Kickstarter, PM Dr. Jeffery Hale Eddie Taylor 1040

Hale’s Southern Touch, PF Dr. Jeffery Hale Shawn Kinkelaar 1010

Osceola’s Seminole Wind, PF Casey & Devin Hollander Mike Tracy 941

In Swami’s Shadow, PF Bill & Mary Sand Shawn Kinkelaar 913

Knight’s White Lady, PF Bill Owen Travis Gellhaus 890

True Choice, PF Greg Fried Shawn Kinkelaar 850

Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride, PM Caesy Hollander Mike Tracy 820

Silver W Jill Z, PF Debbie Ozner Shawn Kinkelaar 790

Cheyenne Jack, PM S. J. Morelli Mike Tracy 775

Charitable Deed, PF Keith Finlayson Tommy Rice 710

Tug O’War, PM Glenda Haag & Adam Hart Shawn Kinkelaar 680

Dominaator’s Ghost Rider, PM Harold & Doug Ray Doug Ray 640

Swami’s Rip Tide, PM Auddie Brown Jerry Raynor 610

S F Fullcolor, PF Jack Montgomery & Tracy Hammond Steve Hurdle 480

Zumbro Stinky Pete, PM Terry Reinke Travis Gelhaus 475

Bittersweet War cry, {PM Joe Lordi & Ralph Gillota Mike Tracy 473

Jacked Up Jasper, ESM Larry Williamson Virgil Moore 460

Just Thrilling, PM Keith Finlayson Tommy Rice 410

Steel City Alabama, PM Karen & Bob Reed Matt Basilone 409

Dragonfly, PM Jim Hughes Jim Hughes 380

Ravenwood Charley, ESF Joe Cincotta Matt Basilone 380

Sandwood Creek, PF Jeff Ruth Jerry Raynor 350

Waybetter Billy, PM Thomas Brigman Matt Basilone 345

Open Range Terminator, PM Bob Barker Bob Barker 340

Miller’s Locked and Loaded, PM Muriel & Bill Primm Mike Tracy 320

Strut Nation, PM Scott Jordan Scott Jordan 320

Urban Fantasy, PM Trey Terlizzi Matt Basilone 316

Touchdown Guy, VIZM Ron & Denise Chenoweth Brian Gingrich 310

Deerfield Game, PF Karen Lordi & Richard Gillis Matt Basilone 305

L F Dyno Mike, PM Brad Bates Virgil Moore 298

Absolute Tornado, PM Joyce Taylor Doug Ray 297

Miller’s Creative Cause, PM Tommy Liesfield Doug Ray 290

Miller’s Heat Seeker, PM Bill & Muriel Primm, Jack & Fran Miller &

Dennis Hood Mike Tracy 290

Roses Are Red, ISF Tim Hammons Tim Hammons 290

Shag Time Scout, ESM Ron Prewitt Shawn Kinkelaar 275

Skydancer Gold Rush, ESM Tom Griffin Tom Griffin 240

Sousth Forty Princess Di, PF John Roswech Shawn Kinkelaar 225

DK’s Wild Child, PF Dave Nelson Dave Nelson 210

Palara, PF Sal J. Morelli Mike Tracy 210

Bail Me Out, PM Casey Hollander Mike Tracy 207

Nottingham’s Storm Rider, PM Rodger Dvorak & Gordon Ramey

Matt Basilone 201

Touch’s Two Step, PM John & Cathy Burrow Tommy Rice 200

Pure Gossip, PF Bob Reynolds Chuck Stretz 180

Armstrong Mountain Dustie, PM Frank Joyal Mike Tracy 174

Purpleline Casper, PM Dr. Richard Steckley Chuck Stretz 170

Gotta Little Project, PM Todd Schaaf Todd Schaaf 160

Grand Prairie Thrill, PF Mac Stidham Tommy Rice 160

Kelly’s Rebel Louie, PM J. Sean Kelly J. S ean Kelly 160

Mobile Strike, ESM Doug Hilton & Dr. Chet Layne Doug Ray 160

Touch’s Katrina, PF Austin Turley Austin Turley 160

Rebellita, PF Austin Turley Austin Turley 155

Lone Tree Show Biz, PM Mitch Solt Travis Gellhaus 150

Topp’s Hackberry’s Cesar Ice, PM Luke & Ria Topp Harold Gearhart 150

Zorra, PF Ron Prewitt Shawn Kinkelaar 145

Heard Hill’s Rebel Polly, PF Buck & Lynn Heard Buck Heard 140

Glenmartin Excalibur, PM Christopher Martin Chuck Stretz 138

Westfall’s Ice Breaker, PM Eugene Sprotta, Jr. Eddie Taylor 132

Miller’s Bushwacker, PM Benjy Griffith Joel Norman 130

Ridge Creek Kate, ESF Larry Brutger Shawn Kinkelaar 130

North Country Girl, PF Joe McHugh & Dave McKay Mike Tracy 120

Bully Rock, PM William & Muriel Primm & Erik Saniga Mike Tracy 117

Stones Tried’n True, PM Harvey Cosby Doug Ray 114

Ten Oaks Annie A, PF Jeanette Heise Jeanette Heise 105

Miller’s Unfinished Business, PM Benjy & Theresa Griffith Joel Norman 100

Bo Bunda, PM Jack Arlington Michael Martino 90

Painted Molly, PF Jim & Bridget Ledington Jim Ledington 85

Northwoods Charles, ESM Bill Owen Bill Owen 84

C K Post Route Scout, VIZ M James Gingrich Brian Gingrich 80

DoubleTrees Katie, ESF Don Deardorff Tim Schilleff 80

Tian Elhew Verbena, PF Angela Schillereff Tim Schillereff 80

Steel City Karen, PF Bob Reed, Betsy Archer Jeanette Tracy 72

Littlewing B K Tia, PF Sergio Velez Sergio Velez 63

Baylee’s Go Girl, ESF Lynn Stinson Sheldon Twer 48

Hill Haven Wild Child, PF Joe McHugh Jeanette Tracy 30


Shawn Kinkelaar is the Purina Top Shooting Dog Handler for the 2019- 2020 season.  Shawn handled twelve (12) different dogs this season to 27 points placements including twelve  championships, seven runners-up  championships for a total of 3,990 handler points.

Shawn’s resume now  shows  six Top Shooting Dog Handler Awards to go with twelve Top Shooting Dog Awards!

Shawn got the most out of some great dogs now and in the past, notably: Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt, Elhew Sunflower, Elhew Swami, Elhew Hannabell, Covey Rise’s Offlee Amazin and Hale’s Southern Touch.

Congratulations to Shawn and his owners on another Top Handler Award, and a successful field trial season.


Shawn Kinkelaar 3990

Mike Tracy 3794

Tommy Rice 2394

Matt Basilone 1138

Doug Ray 864

Travis Gelhaus 627

Jason Loper 581

Jerry Raynor 515

Steve Hurdle 427

Virgil Moore 414

Chuck Stretz 302

Sam Giddens 275

Eddie Taylor 248

Bill Owen 216

Brian Ginrich 203

Jim Hughes 190

Austin Turley 189

Bob Barker 170

Scott Jordan 160

Tim Hammons 145

Joel Norman 138

Jeanette Tracy 133

Tom Griffin 128

Andy Daugherty 112

Dave Nelson 105

Fran Miller 99

Harold Gearhart 90

Buck Heard 84

George Tracy 81

J. Sean Kelly 80

Todd Schaaf 80

Chris Catanzarite 66

Jeanette Heise 63

Michael Martino 60

Jim Ledington 51

Tim Schillereff 48

Sergio Velez 42

Sheldon Twer 32

John Van Horn 14


Miller’s Unbridled Forever took the Purina Top Amateur Shooting Dog Award title this year.

Call name “Will,”  the six-year-old white and orange pointer male is owned by Jack, Audrey, Brian Sanchez  of Central Islip Long Island, and Neil Walker of Leslie, Ga.

Brian Sanchez handled the pointer male this season.  His wins include the National  Amateur  Invitational Championship title, the Region 3 and 16 Amateur Shooting Dog Championships; runner-up in the National Amateur Free-for-All Championship, and a first in the Art Hillhouse Amateur Classic for a total of 1,735 points, 805 points better than his closest competitor! A dominating season.

“Will’s” career record currently shows seven championships and  two runners-up.

“Will” was bred by Jack and Fran Miller of Barwick, Ga., sired by Just Irresistible ex Miller’s Bring The Heat.

His little sister, Miller’s Extreme Heat, won the Derby Award this season. His half-sister, Showtime Mocking Jay (by Just Irresistible), won the Purina Amateur All-Age Award this year.  Good winning genetics!

Congratulations to Jack, Audrey, Brian Sanchez and Neil Walker for Will’s Top Amateur Shooting Dog  accomplishment.


Name of Dog/ Owner/ Handler/ Points

Miller’s Unbridled Forever, PM Great River Kennel & Neil Walker

Brian Sanchez 1735

Dragonfly, PM Jim Hughes Jim Hughes 930

Back Country Bruiser, PM Chris Catanzarite Chris Catanzaraite 745

Hales Southern Touch, PF Dr. Jeff Hale Dr. Jeff Hale 640

Beckworth’s Firefighter, PM J. Alan York J. Alan York 520

Waybetter Billy, PM Thomas Brigman Thomas Brigman 515

Calico’s Touch Of Class, PF Calico Kennel, Peter & Chris Delcollo

Alex Smith 500

Nickajack Path Finder, PM Ross Leonard Ross Leonard 450

Touch’s Katrina, PF Austin Turley Austin Turley 440

Guard Rail’s Little Annie, PF Gene Casale Gene Casale 420

Upfront’s Southern Star, PF Lance Schulz Lance Schulz 410

Miller’s Special Addition, PF Fran & Jack Miller Fran Miller 370

Mac’s Hi Oh Silver, PM Tim McClurg Tim McClurg 350

Windy Hill War Creek, PF Carl Morrison, Jr. Carl Morrison, Jr. 340

Absolute Diva, PF Joyce & Johnny Taylor Johnny Taylor 320

Neely’s Party Girl, PF John Neely John Neely 309

Bromance, PM Jon Humphrey Jon Humphrey 300

Electronic Warfare, PM William Goodwin William Goodwin 300

Spring Flows Backcountry P, PM Rick Beinhauler & Chris Catanzarite

Chris Catanzarite 300

Jumpstart, PM Frank LaNasa Frank LaNasa 270

Snoy River’s Struttin N Cut, GSHM Chase & Mark Verdoorn

Chase Verdoorn 270

Cheyenne Nation, PF Scott Jordan Scott Jordan 260

At’a Boy’s Strange Hold, PM George Kimbrell George Kimbrell 245

Panther Creek Merlin, PM Frank Rutland Frank Rutland 240

Ten Oaks Annie, PF Jeanette Heise & Louis Qualtiere Jeanette Heise 240

Time Flies PM Mike Moses Kent Cantrell 230

One Day Daddy Boy, PM Lane Hodges Lane Hodges 230

Seeking A Thrill, PM Ross Leonard Ross Leonard 228

Miller’s Heat Wave, PF Fran & Jack Miller Jack Miller 222

Lone Tree Splish Splash, PF Bill Owen Bill Owen 220

Fastforward’s B K Gunner, PM Sergio Velez Segio Velez 210

Hard Tellin, PM David O’Brien David O’Brien 210

Emmalita, PF Austin Turley Austin Turley 205

Crown’s Black Ice, PF Tracy Swearingen & Stephens Walker

Brian Sanchez 200

Glenmere’s Amae Zing, PF Matt & Jeff Haggis Matt Haggis 190

Little More Shine, ISF Kristin Hammons Tim Hammons 190

It Aint My Fault, PM John & Aiden Malone Aiden Malone 165

Double Down Trumpster, PM Dave Vernasco Dave Vernasco 160

Maybellene, ESF Tom Griffin Tom Griffin 160

Miller’s Cover Girl, PF Fran & Jack Miller Fran Miller 160

Osceola’s Rebel Chief, PM Ted Roach Ted Roach 160

Lawless Speck, PM Jim Lawless Jim Lawless 150

One Day Frost, PM Lane Hodges Lane Hodges 150

I’ma Redneck Flirt, PF Todd Babbel Todd Babbel 135

Strut Nation, PM Scott Jordan Scott Jordan 135

Mia’s Hour of Kalua, VIZM Chad Chadwell Chad Chadwell 130

Dominator’s Ghost Rider, PM Ted Roach Ted Roach 120

Heard Hill’s Tom Cruizer, PM Buck & Lynn Heard Lynn Heard 120

Panther Creek Gun Smoke, PM Frank Rutland Frank Rutland 120

Redland’s Jacked UP, PM Joe Rentz Joe Rentz 120

Knight’s White Lady, PF Bill Owen Bill Owen 110

B K Pablo Escobar, PM Sergio Velez Sergio Velez 105

Navajo Cody, PM S. Morelli Joe Lordi 100

Miller’s Just Plain Rowdy, PM Alan Linder Allen Linder 99

Miller’s California Dreamer, PF Fran & Jack Miller Fran Miller 95

Windy Hills Living Large, PM Kent Merryman Kent Merryman 95

Daphne’s Gage, ESM William R. Rogers William R. Rogers 90

Native Lucky  Boy, PM W. M. Harkins W. M. Harkins 90

Nosam’s Rock Creek, PF Raymond Wheeler Raymond Wheeler 90

Ravenwood’s Gemstone, PF Joe Cincotta Stacy Goodie 85

Harbor City Cruz, PM Tom Brigman Tom Brigman 84

Double Down Cruise, PM Dave Vernasco Dave Vernasco 80

Electric Lady, ESF Tom Griffin Tom Griffin 80

Lester’s Top Recruit, PM Lance Servoir Lance Sevoir 80

McRee’s Take It Easy, PM Patrick McPherson Patrick McPherson 80

Neely’s Seal The Deal, PM John Neely John Neely 72

Northwoods Charles, ESM Bil Owen Bill Owen 72

Nottingham Storm Warning, PM Rodger Dvorak Rodger Dvorak 66

Bad Bourbon, PM Gunner Boyer Gunner Boyer 60

Roses Are Red, ISF Tim Hammons Tim Hammons 57

Pineywoods Jackpot, ESM Darron Hendley Darron Hendley 54

Walden’s Ridge Shadow Dancer, PM David Steele David Steele 54

Lily An Creag, ISF David J. Creagan David J. Creagan 51

American Express Lane, PM Brian Peterson Brian Peterson 48

Erin’s Trace, PM Bill Mason & Dosson McKemie Bill Mason 48

Luke’s Gospel Truth, ESM Jim & Mary Womack Jim Womack 48


Miller’s Extreme Heat took the Top Purina Shooting Dog Derby Award  for 2019-2020. The young (whelped May1, 2018) pointer female is owned by Joe McHugh  of Boston, Ga., and was handled by Mike Tracy.

Callname “Doll,” the white and orange pointer female had a consistent season with a total of seven (7) placements:  firsts in the Fort Mill, Garden State,  Keystone Yankee Derbies; third in the New England Futurity, a second in the Henry Banks and Eastern Open Derby and a third in the  Swamp Fox Derby.

“Doll” earned 593 Purina points, besting a competitive field of 46 dogs.

“Doll” was bred by Jack and Fran Miller.  She is by Just Irresistible ex Miller’s Bring The Heat.

Her big brother, Miller’s Unbridled Forever, won the Top Amateur Shooting Dog Award this season. Her half-sister, Showtime Mocking Jay, won the Amateur All Age Purina Award for 2019-2020

Congratulations to owner Joe McHugh and handler Mike Tracy on “Doll’s” great Top Derby Shooting Dog season.



Name of Dog/ Owner /Handler/ Points

Miller’s Extreme Heat, PF Joe McHugh Mike Tracy 593

Bronco Bully, PM Bill & Muriel Primm & Karen Saniga Mike Tracy 590

Miller’s Record Heat, PF Fran & Jack Miller Fran Miller 562

I’m A Southern National, ESF Nida & Sam Giddens Sam Giddens 480

Chelsea’s Mae West, PF Brad Sadler Shawn Kinkelaar 462

Fast Money, PF C. W. & Patty Moore Stteve Hurdle

& Justin Crook 312

Ransom’s Pearl, PF Marc Maynard Steve Hurdle 306

S S S Lightning, PF R. A. Snipes, Jr. Shawn Kinkelaar 255

Calico’s Guns And Roses, PF Bill & Muriel Primm/Calico Kennels

George Tracy 242

Erin’s Big Casino, ESM Paul Berdiner Mike Tracy 218

Back Country Buddy, PM Chris Catanzarite Chris Catanzarite 198

Westfall’s Mandalay, PM Bill WEstfall Andy Daugherty 168

Steel City Avenger, PM Karen & Robert Reed Jeanette Tracy 151

Sand Hill Wally, PM Bob Lanier Jerry Raynor 138

Bull Finch, PF Ernie & Karen Saniga, Bill & Muriel Primm Mike Tracy 132

Purpleline Sally, PF John C. Stretz John C. Stretz 128

Town Creek Hardaway Jill, PF Bill Clem Mike Martino 125

Westfall’s Wheels, PM Bill Westfall Andy Daugherty 112

Iron Bully, PM Bill & Muriel Primm, Ernie & Karen Saniga Mike Tracy 111

Heisman, PM Michael Heters Michael Hester 110

Hiett’s Game Point, PM Tim Hiett Mike Martino 75

Cold Water Steve, PF Gary McKibben Steve Hurdle 72

Quick Silver, PM Rick Stallings Jim Smith 69

Raw Sugar Trouble, PF John C. Stretz John C. Stretz 66

Miller’s High Heat Index, PM Case Hollander & Stan Harrell Mike Tracy 63

Hackberry’s Ice Callie, PF Robert Konz Harold Gearheart 60

Touch’s White Rose, PF Alex Rickert & John McIltrot John McIltrot 56

Brown Town Ricky Dust, PM Audie Brown Jerry Raynor 55

World Class Big Country, PM Michael Marita Jermy Gullick 50

Nella Belgian Brew, PF Vagas Mathieson Tommy Rice 46

Vigilante, PM Johnny Ornsby Johnny Ornsby 46

Town Creek Hardaway, PF Bill Clem Mike Martino 45

Back Country Girl Friend, PF Chris Catanzarite Chris Catanzariate 44

Dominator’s Rebel Diva, PF T. J. Liesfeld Doug Ray 44

Miller’s Triple Digit Heat, PM Allen Linder Mike Tracy 42

S S S Petey, PM R. A. Snipes, Jr. Allen Vincent 42

Hawthorn Pearl, PF Jason Blake Doug Reed 33

Erin’s Alibi, PM Steve Messick John Van Horn 28

S S S Stormy, PF R. A. Snipes, Jr. Allen Vincent 28

Lone Big Time, PM Missy Gaines Justin Crook 27

It’s Closing Time, PM Ted Foust Jeanette Tracy 22

Flint Ridge Remmington, PF Paul Ott Justin Crook 20

Beckworth’s Firecracker, PF Alan York Tommy Rice 18

Oak Ridge Thor, PM Ron Prewitt Shawn Kinkelaar 17

Sugar Plum, PF Eddie Taylor 16




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