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Purina Top Shooting Dog Award

By Mike Luebke | May 16, 2017
Chelsea's Thunder Bolt

Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt, handsome five-year-old white and liver pointer male owned by Dr. Tom Jackson of Columbus, Ind., and George Hickox of Bismarck, N. D., and handled by Shawn Kinkelaar, has won the 2016-2017 Purina Top Shooting Dog Award.

Thunder Bolt started the year strong and held the top spot for most of the season. He won the All-America Open Shooting Dog Championship, the Texas and Tennessee Open Shooting Dog titles; and notched a first in the Swamp Fox Cock’N’Fire Shooting Dog Classic. Thunder Bolt added two more firsts — the Woodward County (Okla.) M. F. Ferguson Classic, and the Farmer Sportsmen’s DeLuca Classic — and a second in the Oklahoma Shooting Dog Classic before closing out the season with a convincing win of the Michigan Open Shooting Dog Championship in mid-April. His eight wins garnered a total  2555 Purina points!

Waybetter Rocky, white and orange pointer male owned by Carl and Collin Bishop of Punxsutawney, Pa., and Bill and Muriel Primm of Cream Ridge, N. J., and handled by Mike Tracy, challenged strongly for the top spot late in the points season. Rocky came on strong and made it an exciting race right up to the end.

Seventy-eight dogs made the Purina Top Shooting Dog Award points standing list in 2016-2017. Congratulations to all these dogs, their owners and handlers who had success in the best shooting dog trials in the country.

Thunder Bolt, his owners and handler will be formally recognized the weekend of June 23-24 in Lexington, Ky.


Dog Owner(s) Handler Pts.

Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt, PM, Dr. Tom Jackson & George Hickox,

Shawn Kinkelaar 2555

Waybetter Rocky, PM, Carl & Collin Bishop & Muriel Primm,

Carl Bishop 2250

Cock’N’Fire Maggie, PF, Allen Johnson & Auddie Brown, Jerry Raynor 1503

Erin’s War Creek, PM, Allen R. Linder, George Tracy 1219

Sugarknoll War Paint, PM, Pete & Chris Del Collo  & Allen R. Linder,

George Tracy 1021

Hale’s Southern Touch, PF, Dr. Jeffery Hale, Shawn Kinkelaar 1010

R J’s Deicer, PF, Reagan & Kristen Moisson, Shawn Kinkelaar 1010

Sinbad’s Bear, PM, John Roswech, Shawn Kinkelaar 938

Backcountry Tornado, PF, Chris Catanzarite, Mike Tracy 857

Tangled Sheets, PF, Johnny & Rita Ornsby, Shawn Kinkelaar 795

Bully Bragg, PM, Ernie & Karen Saniga &  Bill & Muriel Primm,

Mike Tracy 746

L F Dyno Mike, PM, Charles R. Jackson, Fred Davis  & Mike McClanahan, Jack Herriage 700

Calico’s Cowboy Casanova, PM, Bill & Muriel Primm, Calico Kennels &

Alex & Tiffany Smith, Mike Tracy 680

Sugarknoll Sledgehammer, PM, Bob Angen, Shawn Kinkelaar 670

Crown’s Black Ice, PF, Stephens Walker & Tracy Swearingen,

Tracy Swearingen 660

Touch’s Mae Mobley, PF, Bill & Muriel Primm, George Tracy 620

World Class Cliff, PM, Mick Marrietta, Brian Hamilton  & Bill Cignetti,

Stacy Perkins 550

Desoto Springs Jake, PM, David Middleton, Jim Tande 530

Cory’s Easy Holy Water, PF, William & Muriel Primm, George Tracy 520

Supernatural, PF, Mike McClanahan &  Charles R. Jackson, Jack Herriage 520

Urban Fantasy, PM, Troy Terlizzi, Matt Basilone 500

C S Pressure Test, ESM, Tony & Becky Gibson, Doug Ray 440

Conecuh Station’s Joe Kid, PM, Tony Gibson, Doug Ray 420

White Knight’s Prophecy, PM, John Stretz, Chuck Stretz 420

Miller’s Stray Bullet, PM, Benjy Griffith, Joel Norman 380

Titanium’s Jackson, PM, Doug Bauman, Bruce Minard 370

Charitable Deed, PF, Thomas Rice, Tommy Rice 370

Erin’s Coin Toss, PM, Brian Sheehan, Brian Sheehan 340

Elhew G Force, PM, Tim Moore, Tim Moore 330

Steel City Karen, PF, Bob Reed & Betsy Archer, Jeanette Tracy 324

Go Johnny Go, PM, Jim Tande, Jim Tande 300

Shadow Oak Doc, ESM, Allen R. Linder & Great River Kennel,

George Tracy 296

Denton, PM, Bob Canada, Stacy Perkins 295

Ladywood’s Keepsake, PF, Brian Sanchez, Ted Foust  & Becky Johnson, Jeanette Tracy 295

Whippoorwill Forever Wild, PM, Matt Cochran, Matt Cohran 283

Zorra, PF, Ron Prewitt, Shawn Kinkelaar 260

Miller’s Armed and Dangerous, PM, Harvey W. Crosby, Doug Ray 260

Bo Bunda, PM, John Arlington, Michael Martino 255

Bailey’s Go Girl, ESF, Lynn & Teresa Stinson, Sheldon Twer 240

Bittercreek Beau, PM, Harold Patton, Drew Zink 240

Touch’s Diamante, PM, Austin Turley, Austin Turley 240

Calico’s Touch of Class, PF,  Calico Kennels, Dale Hernden

& Pete & Chris Del Collo, George Tracy 220

Just Thrillin, PM, Thomas Rice III, Thomas Rice III 213

Knight’s White Lady, PF, Mitch Solt, Travis Gellhaus 210

Wait A Minute, PM, Mike Goodrich & Paul Jones, Jason Williams 210

Erin’s Prometheus, ESM, John Mathys, Doug Ray 190

Comeback Kid, PM, Jamie & Jessica Fisher, Jason Williams 185

Conway Twitty, PM, Alan Atkins, Alan Atkins 185

Lancelot’s Tall Knight, PM, Dr. Richard Steckley, Chuck Stretz 185

Not’ta Snow Balls Chance, PM, Rex Garner, Stacy Perkins 185

High Drive Ranger, PM, Allen R. Linder, George Tracy 177

Buckheart’s Ace of Spades, PM, Jeff Wagoner, Jeff Wagoner 170

Joho’s Full Moon, PM, J. L. & C. J. Hott, Stacy Perkins 170

Ninnescah Trumpeter, PM, Ivan Breckenridge, Harold Gearhart 170

Painted Owyhee Sagebrush, PF, Bridget & Jim Ledington,

Bridget Ledington 170

Dezasterous Jax The Ripper, GSP, Matt Smith, Travis Gellhaus 160

Neely’s Rock And Roll, PM, John Neely, John Neely 153

Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride, PM, Andrea Clark, Mike Tracy 147

Miller’s Vanilla Snow, PF, Thomas & Bonnie Hamilton, George Tracy 141

Guns and Roses, PM, Mike Faherty, Virgil Moore 140

Palara, PF, Sal J. Morelli, Mike Tracy 132

Staley Orange Outlaw Mr. Coop, BM, Dan Campbell, Jason Staley 120

Lester’s Bouree, PM, Ron Prewitt, Shawn Kinkelaar 110

West Mountain Sunny Days, PF, Kim Sampson, Kim Sampson 105

Swift Justice, ESM, Steve Hurdle, Steve Hurdle 99

Northwoods Charles, ESM, William Owen, William Owen 85

Windfall Size Matters, PM, Matt Smith, Travis Gellhaus 80

Ramie’s All In, PM, Gordon Ramie, Stacy Perkins 78

Broadway Thriller, PM, Brad H. Calkins, Chuck Taylor 72

Jessie’s Bonanza, ESF, Ted Foust & Claudia McNamee, Jeanette Tracy 66

Traveler’s Blackthorn, ESF, Gregory A. Sand, Gregory A. Sand 63

High Drive War Paint, PF, Allen R. Linder, George Tracy 59

Thomas Adirondack Turbo, PM, Jim Thomas, Mike Tracy 56

Hollow Creek Lilly, PF, Jerry & Alaine Barber, Stacy Perkins 51

Talladega, PM, Elias Richardson III, Doug Ray 51

Pine Straw Black Hawk, ESM, Jacob & Michael Reeves, Jeanette Tracy 42

Thrill Me, PF, Thomas Rice III, Thomas Rice III 34

Shagtime Scout, ESM, Chris Cagle, Chris Cagle 26

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