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Purina Top Shooting Dog Awards

By Mike Luebke | Oct 05, 2017

Still very early in the Purina Top Shooting Dog Award season. Four trials reporting winners for both Open Shooting Dog and Amateur Shooting Dog Awards: Big Sky, Idaho, Montana Championships and the Inez C. Smith Classic; Amateur: National Amateur Pheasant, Regions 13 and 9 Championships and the Elwin G. Smith Classic.

Two trials reporting for the Derby Award: Bill McNamee Derby and National Shooting Dog Futurity.

Looking forward to another competitive season. Report your future Purina Shooting Dog Award points stakes winners to me at:


Dog Owner(s) Handler Pts.

Touch’s Diamante, PM, Austin Turley, Austin Turley 540

Rebellita, PF, Austin Turley, Austin Turley 480

Urban Fantasy, PM, Troy Terlizzi, Matt Basilone 300

C K Touchdown Guy, VM, Ron & Denise Chenoweth, Brian Gingrich 240

Ladywood’s Keepsake, PF, Brian Sanchez, Ted Foust  & Becky Johnson, Jeanette Tracy 180

Rocky Knoll Peaches, ESF, Pat Lockhart, Pat Lockhart 140

Prairie Tank, PM, Glenn Conover, Glenn Conover 130

Bully Bragg, PM, Ernie & Karen Saniga &  Bill & Muriel Primm,

Mike Tracy 59


Dog Owner(s) Handler Pts.

Thomas Adirondack Turbo, PM, James Thomas, James Thomas 460

Northern Prairie Addition, PF, Glenn Conover, Glenn Conover 460

Touch’s Katrina, PF, Austin Turley, Austin Turley 280

Miller’s Special Edition, PF, Fran & Jack Miller, Jack Miller 230

B M B’s Free Ride, GSPM, Brandon Blum, Brandon Blum 230

Shadow Oak Bo, ESM, Allen Linder & Great River Kennel,

Brian Sanchez 200

Touch’s Diamante, PM, Austin Turley, Austin Turley 140

North Country Girl, PF, David McKay & Joe McHugh, David McKay 100

Waybetter Rocky, PM, Carl & Collin Bishop &  Muriel & William Primm,

Carl Bishop 60


Dog Owner(s) Handler Pts

Armstrong Mountain Dustie, PM, Frank Joyal, Mike Tracy 440

Navajo Cody, PM, Bill & Muriel Primm & Sal J. Morelli, Mike Tracy 264

Gamer, PM, Claudia McNamee, Mike Tracy 176

Glassilaun War Paint, PM, Jamie Nee, Toby Tobiassen 145

Miller’s Just Plain Rowdy, PM, Fran & Jack Miller, Jack Miller 88

High Drive Gail, PF, Allen Linder, George Tracy 87

It Ain’t My Fault, PM, John & Aidan Malone, John Stolgitis 58



Austin Turley 510

Mike Tracy 324

Matt Basilone 180

Brian Gingrich 144

Jeanette Tracy 120

Pat Lockhart 84

Glenn Conover 78

Jack Miller 44

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