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Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt Wins Back-to-Back Top Shooting Dog Awards; George Tracy Claims Handler Award

Purina Top Shooting Dog Awards

By Mike Luebke | May 24, 2018
Chelsea's Thunder Bolt

Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt defended his title as Purina Top Shooting Dog Award winner. Handled by Shawn Kinkelaar, Bolt is owned by Dr. Tom Jackson of Columbus, Ind., and George Hickox of Bismarck, N. D.

The six-year-old white and liver pointer male started the 2017-2018 season with his initial two placements in November, 2017. Starting in February, 2018, Bolt went on a tear, accumulating six championship titles in a three-month period. A pretty nice run for Bolt and Shawn!

In the 2017-2018 season, Bolt won seven championships and one classic placement, a third.

In November, Bolt won the Texas Open Shooting Dog Championship, then placed third in the Lone Star Classic. He followed in 2018 with the Alabama Open Shooting Dog Championship, the Jayhawk Championship, the United States Shooting Dog Invitational Championship, the Southeastern Shooting Dog Championship, the Egyptian and Michigan Open Shooting Dog Championships, earning a total of 2792 points.

Bolt improved on last year’s performance by 237 points. In the 2016-2017 season, Bolt’s record showed eight points-earning placements, four of those championship titles. He won one championship in the 2015-2016 season.

Shawn is no stranger to guiding dogs to the top spot in Purina Top Shooting Dog Award competition with ten awards, four of these dogs with multiple Top Shooting Dog Awards wins.


George Tracy has claimed another Top Handler Award! Add this to an already amazing Hall of Fame career. Two hundred plus championships and 164 runner-up championships.

In the thirty years that the Handler of the Year Award has been offered, George Tracy has won thirteen of these Awards.

He is also been the recipient of a Bird Dog Foundation Life Patron Award and is responsible as handler for five dogs elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

During the 2017-2018 season George had to take some unplanned time off. Not easy keeping George away from his passion. He still handled fourteen different dogs to 23 points-earning placements for a total of 2920 points.

Under George’s whistle, Sugarknoll War Paint, Erin’s War Creek, Miller’s Vanilla Snow and Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane were all in the top ten standings for the Purina Top Shooting Dog Award this 2017-2018 season.

George Tracy and all Purina Award winners will be formally recognized the weekend of June 22-23 at the Purina Event Center, Gray Summit, Mo.



Dog Owner(s) Handler Pts.

Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt, PM, Dr. Tom Jackson & George Hickox,

Shawn Kinkelaar 2792

Sugarknoll War Paint, PM, Allen R. Linder & Pete & Chris Del Collo,

George Tracy 2280

Waybetter Rocky, PM, Carl & Collin Bishop & Bill & Muriel Primm,

Mike Tracy 1610

Miller Unfinished Business, PM, Benjy Griffith Joel, Norman 1260

C S Coldwater Rex, PM, Tony Gibson, Doug Ray 698

Thrill Me, PF, Keith Finlayson, Tommy Rice 670

Erin’s War Creek, PM, Allen R. Linder, George Tracy 627

Miller’s Vanilla Snow, PF, Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton, George Tracy 615

Conecuh’s Shoe Shine, PM, Tony & Becky Gibson, Doug Ray 595

Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane, PF, Allen R. Linder, George Tracy 580

In Swami’s Shadow, PF, Bill & Mary Sand, Shawn Kinkelaar 565

Touch’s Diamante, PM, Austin Turley, Austin Turley 540

Caladen’s Davinci, ESF, Auddie Brown, Jerry Raynor 522

L F Dyno Mike, PM, Mike McClanahan, Shawn Kinkelaar 505

Rebellita, PF, Austin Turley, Austin Turley 480

Boumeester’s Bar None, PM, Rich Boumeester, Rich Boumeester 470

Charitable Deed, PF, Keith Finlayson & Tommy Rice, Tommy Rice 421

Sedgefields Shadow Rises, PM, Sedgefields Plantation, Bill Lee 420

Urban Fantasy, PM, Troy Terlizzi, Matt Basilone 415

Jacked Up Jasper, ESM, Larry Williamson, Virgil Moore 405

Mobile Strike, ESM, Doug Hinton, Doug Ray 400

Nemaha Boot, PM, Dr. Pat McInteer, Dr. Pat McInteer 390

After Party, PF, John Benoist, Virgil Moore 380

Hale’s Kickstarter, PM, Dr. Jeffrey Hale, Shawn Kinkelaar 380

Steel City Karen, PF, Elizabeth Archer & Robert Reed, Jeanette Tracy 363

Palara, PF, Sal J. Morelli ,Mike Tracy 351

R J’s Deicer, PF, Reagan & Kristen Moisson, Shawn Kinkelaar 347

Seekin A Thrill, PM, Ross Leonard, Tommy Rice 340

Hale’s Southern Touch, PF, Dr. Jeffrey Hale ,Dr. Jeffrey Hale 340

Erin’s Prometheus, ESM, John Mathys, Doug Ray 335

Zorra, PF, Ron Pruitt, Shawn Kinkelaar 330

Tian Elhew Verbena, PF, Angela Schillereff, Tim Schillereff 330

Lancelot’s Tall Knight, PM, Dr. Richard Steckley, Chuck Stretz 310

Bail Me Out, PF, Casey Puckett, Mike Tracy 305

Lovern’s Red Lace, PF, Dennis Hood, George Tracy 300

Miller’s Handsome Ransom, PM, Allen R. Linder, George Tracy 290

Oak Grove Pacemaker, PM, Doug & Judy Reisner, Jeff Wagoner 280

Touch’s Mae Mobley, PF, Muriel & Bill Primm, George Tracy 275

World Class Cash, PM Mick Marietta Stacy Perkins 270

C K Touchdown Guy, VM, Ron & Denise Chenoweth, Brian Gingrich 240

Northwoods Charles, ESM, William Owen, Travis Gellhaus 240

Shadow Oak Doc, ESM, Allen R. Linder & Great River Kennel,

George Tracy 220

Hackberry’s Ice Patch, PM, Bob Kunz, Harold Gearheart 210

Remy’s All In, PM, Gordon & Karen Ramey, Stacy Perkins 210

Sedgefields Power House Turbo, PM, Sedgefields Plantation, Bill Lee 210

Outback Elhew Jake, PM, John Van Horn, John Van Horn 205

Denton, PM, Dr. Robert Canada, Stacy Perkins 205

C S Li’l Ann, PF, Tony Gibson, Doug Ray 200

Walden’s Ridge Shadow Dancer, PM, David Steele, Mike Tracy 200

White Knight’s Prophecy, PM, Dr. Richard Steckley, Chuck Stretz 195

Chupacabra, PM, Tyson Traw, Virgil Moore 190

Cory’s Easy Holy Water, PF, Muriel & Bill Primm, George Tracy 190

Tangled Sheets, PF, Johnny & Rita Ornsby, Shawn Kinkelaar 190

Got A Little Project, PM, Todd Schaaf, Todd Schaaf 180

Ladywood’s Keepsake, PF, Brian Sanchez, Ted Foust & Becky Johnson, Jeanette Tracy 180

World Class Cliff, PM, B. Hamilton, M. Marietta & B. Cignetti,

Stacy Perkins 165

Burr Oak’s Bam Bam, VM, Jim Gingrich, Brian Gingrich 160

West Mountain Sunny Days, PF, Kim Sampson, Kim Sampson 160

Zumbro Stinky Pete, PM, Dale Windhorst, Travis Gellhaus 160

Just Irresistible, PM, Ross Leonard, Tommy Rice 150

Miller’s Shoot’em Liz, PF, Ronnie Miller, Eddy Taylor 145

Rocky Knoll Peaches, ESF, Pat Lockhart, Pat Lockhart 140

Bully Bragg, PM, Ernie & Karen Saniga & Bill & Muriel Primm,

Mike Tracy 136

C S Trump, ESM, Tony & Becky, Gibson Doug Ray 135

American Pharoah, PM ,Harold Johnson, Jason Williams 130

Fast and Furious, PM, Bill & Muriel Primm, Mike Tracy 130

Prairie Tank, PM, Glenn Conover, Glenn Conover 130

Miller’s Calamity Jane Lady, PF, Mike Moses, George Tracy 120

Sunsetter’s Range Runner, ESM, Jimmy Reynolds, Sheldon Twer 120

Thomas Adirondack Turbo, PM, Jim & Nadine Thomas, Mike Tracy 111

Great River Joe, PM, Great River Kennel & Neil Walker,

Tracy Swearingen 110

Miller’s Honor Code, PM, William & Muriel Primm, George Tracy 110

Great River Mackenzie, PM, Joe Lordi, Jeanette Tracy 90

Jamback’s Johnny B Good, PM, Rueben Richardson & Harold Johnson, George Tracy 90

Conecuh’s Pressure Test, ESM, Tony & Becky Gibson, Doug Ray 81

C K Post Route Scout, VM, Jim Gingrich, Brian Gingrich 80

Horizon’s Jetsetter, ESF, Terry Erickson, Terry Erickson 80

Dezasterous Jax The Ripper, GSHM, Matthew Lee Smith, Dan DiMambro 78

Nehawka Tall Boy, PM, Jim & Donna Crayne, Michael Martino 66

Senah’s Gold Shavings, PF, Benjy Griffith, Joel Norman 66

Great River Survivor, PM, Great River Kennel, Mike Tracy 60

Coosawatchie Smooth Ride, PM, Andrea Clark & Casey Puckett,

Mike Tracy 52

Nonami’s King’s Ransom, PM, R. E. Turner, Ray Pearce 52

Windfall Size Matters, PM, Matt Smith, Travis Gellhaus 48

Miller’s Unbridled Forever, PM, Great River Kennel & Neil Walker, George Tracy 44

Osceola’s Gunsmoke Man, PM, Osceola Kennel, Jason Loper 44




George Tracy 2920

Mike Tracy 2484

Shawn Kinkelaar 2452

Doug Ray 1662

Tommy Rice 800

Stacy Perkins 643

Virgil Moore 528

Austin Turley 510

Joel Norman 437

Jeanette Tracy 412

Bill Lee 336

Jerry Raynor 308

Chuck Stretz 303

Brian Gingrich 272

Matt Basilone 249

Rich Boumeester 235

Toby Tobiassen 233

Dr. Pat McInteer 195

Tim Schillereff 174

Dr. Jeffrey Hale 170

John Van Horn 163

Travis Gellhaus 160

Jeff Wagoner 140

Harold Gearheart 125

Jack Miller 105

Todd Schaaf 90

Eddy Taylor 87

Pat Lockhart 84

Bill Owen 80

Kim Sampson 80

Glenn Conover 78

Jason Williams 78

Sheldon Twer 72

Tracy Swearingen 66

Dan DiMambro 52

Terry Erickson 48

Michael Martino 44

Eli Richardson 37

Ray Pearce 26

Jason Loper 22

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