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Purina Top Shooting Dog Awards

By Mike Luebke | Mar 31, 2021

One month to go for the 2020-2021 Purina Shooting Dog season. Season ends Friday, April 30.

On the Open Shooting Dog "score card" there has been minimal changes at the top since the last posting. Points are unchanged for top four dogs.

Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt holds the top spot for owners Dr. Tom Jackson and George Hickox with 1486 points. Handler Shawn Kinkelaar and Bolt appear to be control for another Top Shooting Dog Award.

Second, about 400 points behind, his 2021 National Shooting Dog Champion Senah's Back In Business for handler Joel Norman and owner Benjy Griffith.

The only movement near the top since last time is Miller's Unbridled Forever which moved up to the fifth spot for owners Great River Kennels and Neil Walker.

Results of only four open shooting dog points stake were reported since last posting (over a month ago). Trials that I know finished that I am waiting on results include: Midwest Shooting Dog Championship, Oklahoma Classic, M.F. Ferguson, North Carolina Championship (I am in contact), California Shooting Dog Championship, Pacific Coast Championship. There could be more.

Please send the Essential Data forms and brace sheets for these completed trials to

I look forward to adding these to the points roster.

Purina Top Shooting Dog Award Standings


Chelsea's Thunder Bolt, PM; Dr. Thomas Jackson & George Hickox; Shawn Kinkelaar 1465

Senah's Back In Business, PM; Benjy Griffith; Joel Norman 1040

Grand Prairie Thrill, PF; Mac Stidham; Tommy Rice 880

Silver W Jill Z, PF; Debbie Ozner; Shawn Kinkelaar 870

Miller’s Unbridled Forever, PM; Great River Kennels & Neil Walker; Mike Tracy 845

Pure Gossip, PF; Bob Reynolds; Chuck Stretz 765

Hale's Kickstarter, PM; Dr. Jeffery Hale; Eddy Taylor 750

Bully Rock, PM; William & Muriel Primm & Karen & Erwin Saniga; Mike Tracy 670

Dominator’s Ghost Rider, PM; Harold Ray, Tony & Becky Gibson; Doug Ray 655

Touch's Big Whiskey, PM; Dr. Richard Steckley & John Stretz; Chuck Stretz 600

Boumeester’s Bar None, PM; Christopher Martin; Chuck Stretz 560

Cheyenne Jack, PM; S. J. Morelli; Mike Tracy 540

Miller’s Record Heat, PM; Allen Linder; Fran Miller 460

Bail Me Out, PM; Casey Hollander; Mike Tracy 450

True Choice, PF; Greg Fried; Shawn Kinkelaar 402

Charitable Deed, PF; Keith Finlayson; Tommy Rice 390

Tug O'War, PM; Glenda Haag & Adam Hart; Shawn Kinkelaar 320

Door Number Threeway, Ger. Shr. F; Dan Hoke; Dan Hoke 300

Emmalita, PF; Austin Turley; Austin Turley 240

Gotta Little Project, PM; Todd Schaaf; Todd Schaaf 240

Upfront’s Southern Star, PF; Lance Schulz; Shawn Kinkelaar 225

Miller Unfinished Business, PM; Benjy & Teresa Griffith; Joel Norman 195

Janee's American Rebel, PM; Jason Staley; Jason Staley 160

Northwoods Charles, ESM; Bill Owen; Bill Owen 160

Urban Fantasy, PM; Troy Terlizzi; Matt Basilone 160

Seekin A Thrill, PM; Ross Leonard; Ross Leonard 155

Chelsea's Mae West, PF; Brad Sadler; Shawn Kinkelaar 150

Race to the Moon, Ger. Shr. M; Clint & Alison Mathews; Dan Hoke 150

Miller’s Miss Kittie, PF; Ronnie Miller; Eddy Taylor 140

Joho’s Grand River Bess, PF; J. L. & Lewis R. Hott; Chuck Stretz 90

Canyon Creek High Tide, Ger. Shr. F; Ray & Tami Larrondo; Ray Larrondo 80

M H Rockford Peach, PF; Matthew Huston; Kim Sampson 80

Panther Creek Gunsmoke, PM; Frank Rutland; Frank Rutland 80

Ravenwood Gemstone, PF; Joe Cincotta; Matt Basilone 80

C S Trump, ESM; Tom & Becky Gibson; Bo Brewer 48

Red, ESM; Joe Varner; Michael Martino 16

Shooting Dog Handler Award

Similar to the Shooting Dog Award, with only four trials added, there are not any big changes since last time. Shawn Kinkelaar still holds top spot with 2040 points. Mike Tracy has gained some ground, and Chuck Stretz has continued his winning ways, moving up to 1060 points.

Purina Top Shooting Dog Handler Award Standings

Shawn Kinkelaar 2040

Mike Tracy 1551

Chuck Stretz 1060

Doug Ray 849

Tommy Rice 635

Eddy Taylor 459

Joel Norman 387

Dan Hoke 240

Austin Turley 144

Matt Basilone 128

Todd Schaaf 128

Jerry Raynor 96

Ross Leonard 93

Bill Owen 80

Jason Staley 80

Brian Gingrich 72

Ray Larrondo 48

Frank Rutland 48

Kim Sampson 48

Bo Brewer 32

Sean Patrick Derrig 24

Mike Martino 16

Amateur Shooting Dog Award

Good competition going! Six dogs about 350 points difference. One big win away.

One Day Frost has moved into the top spot for owner handler Lane Hodges with an even 1000 points.  Frost shows four good wins: Tennessee Valley, Southern Comfort, Flint River and the Georgia Celebration.

Springflows BackCountry P,  second for owners Rick Beinhauer ,  and Chris Catanzarite, with Chris handling “P,” has 875 points and shows wins at Mingo, South Carolina Classic and Round Pond.

In third is Twin Willow Ice, for owner Addison McDuffie handler Hunter McDuffie. Willow has 710 points with huge win at the National Amateur Free-for-All. Championship.

Dunwell's Miss Deplorable, Leslie Rowell owner handler, has an impressive win at the National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship.

In fifth place is consistent winner Dragonfly for owner-handler Jim Hughes. Dragonfly has 650 points with wins at Region 8 and Region 16 Championships and Dixie Classic Club.

Miller's Upgraded Version for owners Jack and Fran Miller, Fran handling, is in the sixth spot with 645 points with wins at Round Pond and runner-up in the National Free-for-All Championship

With the race so close, owners please review these wins. Any questions/concerns contact me at I am happy to review.

Purina Top Amateur Shooting Dog Award Standings


One Day Frost, PM; Lane Hodges; Lane Hodges 1000

Springflow’s Back Country P, PM; Rick Beinhauer, Chris Catanzarite; Chris Catanzarite 875

Twin Willow Ice, PF; Addison McDuffie; Hunter McDuffie 710

Dunwell’s Miss Deplorable, PF; Leslie Rowell; Leslie Rowell 670

Dragonfly, PM; Jim Hughes; Jim Hughes 650

Miller’s Upgraded Version, PM; Fran & Jack Miller; Fran Miller 645

Clayhill Bones, PM; William J. Britt; Bill Britt 580

Waybetter Billy, PM; Thomas Brigman; Thomas Brigman 557

Prime Passion Lane, PF; Addison McDuffie; Hunter McDuffie 420

Windy Hill War Creek, PF; Carl Morrison; Carl Morrison 340

Baja Blues, PM; Buck Neil; Buck Neil 335

Beckworth’s Firefighter, PM; Alan York; Alan York 320

Electronic Warfare, PM; William Goodwin; William Goodwin 320

Seekin A Thrill, PM; Ross Leonard; Ross Leonard 320

Southern Shadows T Rex, PM; Lance Servais; Brian Peterson 320

Bromance, PM; Jon Humphrey; Jon Humphrey 300

Lawless Georgie Girl, PF; Jim Lawless; Jim Lawless 300

Hillhavyn's Wild Child, PF; Joe McHugh; Joe McHugh 270

Navajo Cody, PM; Camille Masiello & Saverio Morelli; Joe Lordi, Jr. 230

Lester’s Prime Poison Lane, PM; Brian Peterson; Brian Peterson 200

Miller’s Record Heat, PM; Allen Linder; Fran Miller 200

Panther Creek Merlin, PM; Frank Rutland; Frank Rutland 180

At’a Boy’s Stranglehold, PM; George Kimbrell; George Kimbrell 175

J C L’s Dal, PM; Bill Adams; Bill Adams 175

Cocklebur Drama Queen, PF; Bubba, Amy & Colt Spencer; Amy Spencer 160

Myakka Freddie The Freeloader, PM; Beth Brown; Beth Brown 160

Warioto’s Crazy Daisy, PF; Scott & Lisa Little; Scott Little 160

Heard Hill's Goldeneye, PM; Buck & Lynn Heard; Lynn Heard 150

Nemaha Boot, PM; Dr. Pat McInteer; Dr. Pat McInteer 150

Miller’s Special Edition, PF; Fran & Jack Miller; Fran Miller 138

Bully Rock, PM; Bill & Muriel Primm & Ernie, Karen Saniga; Ernie Saniga 135

Little More Shine, ISF; Kristine Hammons; Tim Hammons 128

Quailcross Lucky Lady, PF; Gilbert & Kay Webber; Tim Ruff 115

Hirollins Gone And Doneit, PM; Warren Parrott; Warren Parrott 110

Southern Shadows T Rex, PM; Lance Servais; Brian Peterson 110

Another Mai Tai Please, Viz. M; Chad Chadwell & Nancy Browne; Chad Chadwell 105

Firefly’s Powerplay, ISM; Robbie Nesson & Bonnie Hidalgo; Dennis Hidalgo 100

Heard Hill’s Jaybird, PM; Buck & Lynn Heard; Lynn Heard 90

Lester’s Top Recruit, PM; Lance Servais; Lance Servais 84

Barton's Gunfire, PM; Jesse Brown; Jesse Brown 80

Kahlua, Brit. F; Mike Tiberii; Mike Tiberii 80

Nickajack Pathfinder, PM; Ross Leonard; Ross Leonard 80

Katlyin's Jane, ESF; Ronnie Rogers; Ronnie, Rogers 72

Backcountry Bruiser, PM; Chris Catanzarite; Chris Catanzarite 69

Miller’s Direct Line, PM; Phil Morgan; Phil Morgan 66

At’a Boy’s Stranglehold, PM; George Kimbrell; George Kimbrell 66

Sims Ramblin Rex, PM; Junior Sims; Junior Sims 60

High Heat, PM; Roger Duerksen; Roger Duerksen 48

Manatee Rock, PM; Dr. Paul May; Dr. Paul May 48

Neely's Party Girl, PF; John Neely; John Neely 48

Shooting Dog Derby Award

I have not recorded any Derby stakes results in the last month. A big change for this Derby season is the New England Futurity, which is customarily held in the fall, due to COVID, was postponed and will be run the end of April.  Futurities typically dominate Derby outcomes. Having this Futurity at season's end will most likely be a deciding factor for this Award. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

There is always great anticipation to declare winners soon after season. I need the trials reported to do that. If you ran a Purina points shooting dog trial and I don’t have results, please send it in. If you are running a Purina shooting dog trial in April, you may want to check in with me. We can coordinate and make sure your trial points are credited before we close the books on the 2020-2021 season on April 30

As always my preferred contact method

Good Trialing

Purina Top Derby Award


Thunderbolt's Storm, PF; Dr. Thomas Jackson; Shawn Kinkelaar 440

Absolute Dominator, PM; Joyce & Johnny Taylor; Doug Ray 438

Ramblin River Natural, PM; William Stapleton; Brian Gingrich 376

Chelsea’s Fancy Free, PF; Zach Hilton; Shawn Kinkelaar 302

Walden’s Ridge Wicked Dreams, PM; David Steele; Doug Ray 288

Answered Prayers, PM; Allen Linder, Madison McDonald & Casey Hollander; Mike Tracy 258

Browntown Breakaway, PM; Auddie Brown; Jerry Raynor 237

Eliminator, PM; S. J. Morelli; Mike Tracy 190

Upfront's McQuade, PM; Lance Schulz & Bjorn Peterson; Shawn Kinkelaar 144

Miller’s Strolling for Gold, PF; Allen Linder; Mike Tracy 140

Hatteras Storm Surge, SM; Jett Ferebee; Doug Ray 98

Great Nation, PM; Jason Blake; Jason Blake 96

Hard Truth, PM; Dr. Bob Canada; Doug Ray 96

Panther Creek Rosie, PF; Frank Rutland; Tommy Rice 90

World Class Money Line, PF; Jeremy Gulick; Jeremy Gulick 80

Erin's Tough Grit, PM; Tommy Rice; Tommy Rice 75

Towncreek Hardaway Red, PM; Michael Martino; Michael Martino 72

Spencer's Rambling Justice, PM; James Spencer; Fred Rayl 60

Lewis Thunderstruck, PM; Cody Lewis; Shawn Kinkelaar 56

South Points Sledgehammer, PM; Whitley Stephenson; Phil Stevenson 54

Aaron’s Four Roses, PF; Dave Merritt; Harold Gearhart 50

Erin’s Country Rebel, PM; Sean Patrick Derrig; Sean Patrick Derrig 48

Miller’s Million Dollar Penny, PF; Muriel & Bill Primm; Mike Tracy 45

Mississippi Magdalene, PM; Chuck Forsyth; Virgil Moore 44

World Class Bootlegger, PM; Mick Marietta; Virgil Moore 42

Lewis Blue Grass Pride, PF; Garland Lewis; Tommy Rice 36

Deep Creek Mason, PM; David Uphoff; Brian Gingrich 36

Flint Ridge Anne, PF; Paul Ott; Andy Neira 30

Island Fantasy, ESM; Pedrag Kazic; Shawn Kinkelaar 28

Conner's Trigger Man, PM; Ralph Conner; Fred Rayl 24

Stylish Miss Bell, PF; Tom Curtsinger; Tom Curtsinger 20

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