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By David Grubb | Sep 07, 2017

Lake Orion, Mich. — Gerry MacKenzie called August 31 and apprised me that Warren Smith had passed away some time ago, and for some reason I never heard about it.

I first met Warren some 35 years ago when I flew out to the West Coast to run in the Pacific Coast Championship. Warren kindly loaned me use of his truck.

I truly enjoyed Warren and Louis Tippett and I spent many enjoyable times together.

Warren was the secretary of the Pacific Coast Championship and did so much for field trials out there. He and Jim Casciaro commandered the dog wagon for the trial.

One particular funny thing happened. Warren’s wife, Margaret, who was quite a lady, had a pretty paint horse. My horses both became crippled and I asked Warren if I might use Margaret’s horse. He said, “Yes, if you will be extra careful with him, for he is Margaret’s pride and joy.”

I rode the horse for half a day and everything was fine. However, my good friend Al Juntti came to the trial and rented a car at the airport and had to return it. Since I’d been to the airport several times, I assured Al there was no problem. Well, as we approached the airport, I ran past the entrance and threw on the brakes. I heard this big “clatter” and got out. Al was laughing his butt off. Margaret’s horse had slid up on the manger, and his head was right through the top of the trailer. I climbed up there and couldn’t get his head back through the hole. I then butted his head with mine and he got back down in the trailer.

When we got back to Warren’s house, we pulled up the long driveaway, and all Warren could do was stare at the top of the trailer. The horse only had a few scratches on his knees.

Another funny thing happened when my two sisters flew out to the trial from California. I had some dogs to run in the trial so Jim Casciaro and Warren went to pick them up. Well, the plane was late so Warren and Jim visited the bar. By the time the plane landed they were feeling pretty good. As they left the airport Jim turned the wrong way onto the expressway. My sisters went wild, and it scared Jim to death.

Warren was a great guy. May you rest in peace, dear friend.

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