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By Tonya Brotherton | Sep 10, 2021
Gary Lockee

Grand Junction, Tenn. — A red letter day in mid-August when Capt. Gary Lockee of nearby LaGrange, Tenn., celebrated his 99th birthday. Gary has spent a lifetime with bird dogs, competing pointers and setters under his ownership as well as hunting with them, usually several weeks in south Texas during hunting season there.

Perhaps the greatest "feather in his hat" sits in Grand Junction, Tenn., home of the Bird Dog Foundation's National Bird Dog Museum and Field Trial Halls of Fame.

What began as a modest single building structure some thirty years ago, is now an imposing facility with wings that contain the Bird Dog Museum, Halls of Fame for the various pointing dog breeds, a library, and a specious dining hall.

Outfront is an imposing bronze panorama — Hall of Fame handler John Rex Gates flushing quail for a pointer (Crossmatch) and a setter (Mr. Thor). The entryway has a series of bronzes — retrievers, Brittany great Pacolet Cheyenne Sam, and pointer Champion Elhew Snakefoot.

Gary worked tirelessly securing support from scores of persons as well as monetary contributions so that the sporting dog center would materialize to serve as a repository for bird dog artwork and memorabilia to be enjoyed by sporting dog fans for years to come.

So, with an appreciative "thank you," Happy No. 99!




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Posted by: Mary Tracy | Sep 11, 2021 12:07

Happy Birthday, Capt. Gary Lockee! Here's to many more!


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