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Region 1 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Maria Rispoli | Jan 09, 2020
Guard Rail's Little Annie Winner of the Region 1 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

East Windsor, Conn. — The Region 1 (AFTCA) Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was held at the Flaherty Field Trial Area October 19-21. Forty-two dogs — 37 pointers, 4 setters and 1 Irish setter — were drawn, making it necessary to use more than our normal two days to complete the Championship.

It takes many people to successfully run a championship. We thank Tim Cavanaugh, the trial chairman, as well as stake manager John Olfson. There are many more people to thank, including everyone who chipped in with planting birds and assisting with everything to make the trial run smoothly.

It was a pleasure to have Judith Hamilton and Ed Marin as our judges. They did an outstanding job and stood tall in the saddle for 21 braces.

After the first day’s running we gathered at the clubhouse for a delicious dinner provided by Great River Kennel, owner of last year’s winner Miller’s Unbridled Forever, handled by Brian Sanchez. In addition to dinner, we had an important item to attend to. Gathered in the clubhouse, it was our honor to present Mr. Dick Bembenek with the Bird Dog Foundation Life Patron award. There to present the award were Elias Richardson, Janice Gregory, Tom Gates and Margaret Drew. This award to Dick was well-deserved and, in my opinion, long overdue!


Hard Tellin, pointer female owned and handled by Dave O’Brien of Marlborough, Conn., was named runner-up. She had her first of multiple finds past the pond on the right. She used the course and had the smooth, fluid performance of a classic shooting dog. She was a pleasure to watch. Hard Tellin is no stranger to the winners’ circle, and her performance solidified that.

Guard Rail’s Little Annie, pointer female owned and handled by Gene Casale of Marlborough, Conn., was named champion. She truly caught your attention with her impressive ground speed and her use of the course to perfection, scoring multiple finds. There was nothing stale about her performance, truly exciting. She hunted hard and with great intent. This is Annie’s first championship, and from what we witnessed it is a good indication of great things to come. She handled well with speed and precision and her manners on her birds was impeccable. Great win for Gene and this young girl.

East Windsor, Conn., October 19 — One Course

Judges: Judith Hamilton and Edward Marin


[One-Hour Heats] — 37 Pointers, 4 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

Winner—GUARD RAIL’S LITTLE ANNIE, 1670473, pointer female, by Guard Rail—Myakka T Marie. Gene A. Casale, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—HARD TELLIN, 1621658, pointer female, by Currahee—Heyu K. David O’Brien, owner and handler.

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