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Region 11 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Jared Tappero | Feb 05, 2018
Championship Winner Cache Creek Red Zone is posed by Karissa Shuman and Ron Shuman. Standing, from left: Dr. Hal Meyer, Jim Wolthuis, judge; Jarry Walton, Sean Kelly, John Keel, judge, and Brad LaVerne.

Valley Springs, Cal. — The West Valley Bird Dog Club and region officers once again co-hosted the Region 11 Amateur Shooting Dog stakes at the Moonlight Ranch near the small town of Valley Springs, in the Sierra foothills, an hour east of Stockton, Cal.

The 1,200-acre Moonlight Ranch is owned by field trial patron Lynn Stinson and his wife Teresa. The Stinsons have arranged for this venue to offer all form of conveniences to the field trialer: the main house accommodates judges and club members and is the hub of meals and social activity. A 30-bed bunkhouse, complete with woodstove and lounge area, allows those not traveling with their own quarters the comfort of a warm dry place to relax and sleep after the day’s running.

Moonlight Ranch offers a challenging continuous course that can be broken up, as needed, into several courses of varying length. This versatility provides the opportunity to hold both a one-hour championship and 30-minute qualifying stakes at this impressive venue.

The landscape consists of large open meadows resembling oak savanna, creek bottoms, rock outcrops, and heavily wooded and brushy areas. Each year the grounds improve with continued work on the course, making it one of the premier field trial venues in Region 11.

Weather throughout the weekend could not have been better. We felt empathy for fellow trialers in the South and East suffering miserably in the rain, snow and ice. In the West we were blessed with blue skies and mild temperatures; lows being in the high 30s and highs around 60° both days of running.

The Region 11 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship began without delay Saturday morning, December 16. Twenty competitive starters were drawn  for a combined eleven handlers. There was plenty of bird work in the stake,  a total of 33 finds on released bobwhite quail in the ten braces. The top two dogs had eight finds between them.

The winner came from the 7th brace. Cache Creek Red Zone (Taylor), white and orange pointer female owned and handled by Ron Shuman of Woodland, Cal., finished her hour with four stylish finds on bobwhite and two backs.

Runner-up Lindley’s Mojo competed in the 6th brace. The white and orange pointer male is owned and handled by Leif Lendrop of Napa, Cal. Mojo finished his hour with four well-handled finds on bobwhite and a back.

What separated the two? Both pointers had consistently forward races and showed well for their handler. Of the two, Taylor showed more range, style on her birds, and was snappier in her application.

Judges for this stake were John Keel of Oakdale, Cal., and Jim Wolthuis of Sacramento. Both Jim and John are regulars in the judicial saddle in the West. We appreciate their able eyes and their time spent on horseback watching our dogs. Their selections for winner and runner-up were well received.

Valley Springs, Cal., December 16 — One Course

Judges: John Keel and Jim Wolthuis


[One-Hour Heats] — 11 Pointers, 6 Setters and 3 German Shorthairs

Winner—CACHE CREEK RED ZONE, 1630781, pointer female, by I B Yastrzemski—I B Bean. Ron Shuman, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—LINDLEY’S MOJO, 1620178, pointer female, by Flatrock Silver—Lindley’s No Mercy. Leif Lendrop, owner and handler.

Region 11 Amateur Shooting Dog Derby Classic

The Derby Classic had ten starters.

Earning first with a nice ground effort was Electric Lady, setter female owned and handled by Tom Griffin of Watsonville, Cal. Lady’s race was consistently forward and showed good application. What separated Lady from the others was a broke find on bobwhite.

Saddle Up Butler, white and liver pointer male owned and handled by Sean Kelly of Loomis, Cal., had a nice forward race, covered the ground well and showed style and enthusiasm in his application. Third was Kay’s Last Chance, white and liver pointer male owned by Kay Kelly of Loomis, Cal., and handled by Sean Kelly. “Buddy” showed the tools necessary to play, but lacked the maturity on the ground the others displayed.

Judges  were Sheldon Twer and John Keel, both of Oakdale, Cal. We thank them for their time spent in the saddle, and for watching these young hopefuls.

Judges: John Keel and Sheldon Twer

REGION 11 AMATEUR  DERBY CLASSIC — 8 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st—ELECTRIC LADY, 1667716, setter female, by Tekoa Mountain Patriot—Zenyatta. T. N. Griffin, owner and handler.

2d—SADDLE UP BUTLER, 1675374, pointer female, by Kelly’s Rebel Louie—Wells Fargo First Lady. Sean Kelly, owner and handler.

3d—KAY’S LAST CHANCE, 1675674, pointer female, by Smaks Lemon Express—Cache Creek’s Most Wanted. Kay Kelly, owner; Sean Kelly, handler.

A Postscript

Jim Rose did a great job keeping all participants well fed, providing  three meals a day. Jim has been the resident chef of the WVBDC for a number of years now and does a great job preparing the meals, and keeping things in order around camp. Jan Corbitt, mother of the WVBDC, did a fabulous job keeping the stakes in order: handling the drawing with Sean Kelly, putting together the brace sheets, driving the dog truck with her companion Hal Meyer, and posting the daily running order. Bird planting duties were capably handled by Sean Kelly, Jared Tappero and others as needed.

Region 11 officers and club officials would like to thank Purina for sponsoring these amateur stakes. Purina supplied dog feed for the winners and covered the ad in The American Field. Purina’s continued support of Region 11 field trials is greatly appreciated. J.T.

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