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Region 11 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Jared Tappero | Feb 01, 2019
Championship Winners. From left: Ron Shuman, Kara Kelly, Paul Wells, Jeff Lostak, Tom Griffin with Touch’s California Dream, Sean Kelly, Jared Tappero, judge; Jim Wolthuis, judge; Robbie Thompson with Dezasterous Jax The Ripper, Jarry Walton, Matt Smith, Julie Kelly and Wanda Wells.

Oroville, Cal. — The 2018 renewal of the Region 11 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was held at the Thermolito Unit of the Oroville Wildlife Area, Oroville, Cal.

The Championship began at the conclusion of the Brock and Wells Shooting Dog Classic and the Derby which followed it. The Championship was co-hosted by the Northern California Bird Dog Club.

The 2018 running began at 8:00 a. m. Saturday, October 13. Twelve dogs were entered and started. The field was made up of seven pointers, four setters, and one German Shorthair. Of the twelve starters, seven finished the hour. Five of the entrants were picked up for various reasons relating to either poor manners around birds or other behavior not pleasing to their handler.

Bird work was plentiful and consistent throughout the stake, with a total of 29 finds on released bobwhite quail in the six braces.

The top two dogs carded eleven finds between them.

It must be acknowledged that the trials hosted by the Northern California Club at Oroville are always full of bird work, truly testing a dog’s ability to handle birds consistently over multiple finds.


Top honors went to Touch’s California Dream, coming three-year-old white and orange  pointer dog owned and handled by Tom Griffin of Watsonville, Cal. Dream ran in the second brace, was consistently forward in his application, hit the objectives, and covered the ground with a high cracking tail and a nice fluid gait. Showing intensity and style in his bird work, Dream finished his hour to the front and had accumulated six well-handled finds in his effort.

Runner-up was Dezasterous Jax The Ripper, white, liver and ticked German Shorthair male owned and handled by Matt Smith of Lamoille, Nev. Running in the first brace, Jax had a consistently forward race with good overall application. He finished his hour with five well-handled finds, the dog direct and solid on his birds.

Judges for this year’s renewal were Region 11 officers Jim Wolthuis of Sacramento, Cal., and Jared Tappero of Greenville, Cal. We thank them for their time and effort in judging this stake. Their decision was well received.

Oroville, Cal., October 13

Judges: Jared Tappero and Jim Wolthuis


[One-Hour Heats] — 7 Pointers, 4 Setters and 1 German Shorthair

Winner—TOUCH’S CALIFORNIA DREAM, 1669606, pointer male, by Touch’s Smooth Rider—Touch’s Silver Scar. Tom N. Griffin, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—DEZASTEROUS JAX THE RIPPER, 1651159, German Shorthair male, by My Hunting Buddy—Triple Shots Double Or Nothin. Matt Smith, owner and handler.

A Postscript

Region 11 officers would like to thank the Northern California Bird Dog Club for co-hosting this renewal of the Amateur Shooting Dog Championship and all who volunteered and contributed their time to make the event a success. Bird planting duties were shared by all available hands. Art Harris and Paul Wells manned the dog truck flawlessly, and a fabulous lunch was prepared and served by Julie, Michaele and Colleen Kelly, and Wanda Wells.

Region 11 also thanks Purina for providing generous support for this field trial, which included covering the cost of the advertisement in The American Field, and providing dog feed to the winners. Thanks again to all who volunteered and came out to support the trial.

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