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Region 14 Amateur All-Age Championship

By Colin Kennedy | Nov 07, 2017
Rester's Super Chief Runner-Up in the Region 14 Amateur All-Age Championship

Mortlach, Sask — Championship trials of this stature require leadership and a crew of workers. Responsibility for the running of this and the National Amateur Chicken Championship that followed rested with the Region 14 executives and SAFTA (Saskatchewan Amateur Field Trial Association) members who supplied the labor to make sure the trials ran smoothly.

The Region 14 Amateur All-Age Championship and the National Amateur Chicken Championship held on the Mortlach grounds are two of the major tests of amateur all-age dogs in the field trial season.

Regulars included Joe Worsham,  Missouri; Doug Meyer and Greg Sand, Kansas; Larry Smith, Iowa; John Ivester, North Carolina; Ruth Ann Epp, Alabama; Larry McConnell, Idaho; newcomer Mike Small, Indiana; and returning after a lengthy absence was Cecil Rester, Louisiana.

Region 14 participants included Tom Nygard, Shannon Nygard, Dave Noell, Paul Falkowsky, Gerry McLarney, Sheldon Rogers, Ron Binder and Lou Qualtiere.

In summarizing, participants came from nine states and two Canadian  provinces for this year’s Championships.

Jeanette Heise organized the lunches, as usual, supported at times by Linda Henderson and Brenda Ochosky, and served lunches for the judges, reporters and guests for the two days. In addition, Jeanette made sure that there was a full dinner each evening. This was augmented by a winners’ night sponsored by the past year’s owners of the previous winners of both the 2016 Region 14 and National Amateur Championships.

Marshalling duties were ably carried out by Ron Bender, Sheldon Rogers and Lou Qualtiere. John Raymond, Tom Nygard and Dean Ortz handled and assigned the dog wagon duties.

Above all, we thank the great landowners, led by Donna and Les Eastmond (who also supplied hay and oats), including the Wards, Ellingtons, Campbells, Crosbys, and Gosselins, Adamses and other landowners for making these grounds available for these many years.

Birds were adequate and put up on all the courses. Temperatures consistently reached the high 20s and low 30s (celsius). The summer drought brought an early harvest, and less regrowth of alfalfa on the hay land.

A big thanks to our judges, Alex Mauck of Sandy, Ore., and Eric Mauck of Boring, Ore., who viewed a field of 27 dogs on their way to naming the winners. Both have considerable experience judging, training and handling of their own dogs. They rode at a consistent flat walk down the course, and allowed each handler the opportunity to show their dog.

Ten Oaks Elkland’s Delight, four-year-old white and orange pointer male owned and handled by Lou Qualtiere of Saskatoon, Sask., and Rester’s Super Chief, six-year-old white and orange pointer male owned and handled by Cecil Rester of Angie, La., were named champion and runner-up, respectively, with performances that clearly fell into the prairie all-age category with the expected prairie all-age finish.

The champion came from the opening brace. Ten Oaks Elkland’s Delight broke away on the regular first course north of camp. Bracemate Worsham’s Silver Comet pointed at 2; Delight backed. Unfortunately it was unproductive. Delight gained momentum and was watered at the three metal gates at 8.

Delight made a big swing to the northwest taking in the big bluff on the hill to the north before continuing on past the first road crossing and through the alfalfa. At 33 Delight was pointed out on the left moving south to the east-west gravel road and continued on south until the course swung southeast through the hay land to the start of course No. 2. Both dogs were on the right and over the ridge when point was called.

Riding to the call of point, judges observed Delight pointing with bracemate backing. Lou flushed a single chicken in front of his stylish dog which displayed excellent manners at flush despite bracemate giving chase.

Runner-up Rester’s Super Chief ran in 5th brace after lunch on the first afternoon. He started across the road east of camp and cast into the wide open alfalfa ground to the south. At 10 Chief was pointed out heading east along horseback ridge going forward to Pelican Lake. Chief was off to the left at the end of the ridge and was returned by scout to the front as the course turned south to the road crossing. He continued to run a strong race with some nice all-age casts.

Chief had a find at 47. The flush yielded a large covey of Huns with dog showing intensity and style throughout. He continued for the remainder of the hour making a nice all-age cast to finish.


Worsham’s Silver Comet (Joe Worsham) and Ten Oaks Elkland’s Delight (Qualtiere) were cast off on Thursday morning, September 7, on the regular first course north of camp. Comet pointed quickly at 2 but it turned out to be unproductive. Comet gained momentum to the three metal gates at 8 and continued with a strong forward race to chokecherry lane and south until time. Comet backed bracemate at time where his delayed movement ended his time. The performance of Ten Oaks Elkland’s Delight was previously detailed.

S F Bandwagon (Larry Smith) and Sargent Chilli Pepper (Gerry McLarney) started south of the Eastmond ranch on the north-south road. Sarg left for parts unknown off the breakaway. Gerry asked for the retrieval unit at 20. Bandwagon had a tough time getting going and after Miller’s hole struggled with the very heavy cover until reaching the road.

Storm’s Timeline (Larry McConnell) and Gasoline Power (Sheldon Rogers) were off west of the Livingstone treelines. Timeline was counted out early. Gasoline Power took steps on her find and was picked up.

Worsham’s Silver Strike (Worsham) and Chipper Jones (Ruthann Epp) were loosed at the east-west road at the top of chicken alley. Both dogs headed north to the treelines. At 7 Worsham’s dog was observed under birds and was picked up. Epp wasn’t pleased with her dog and picked up at 15.

Rester’s Super Chief’s (Rester) effort was covered earlier. Marques Armed Robber (John Ivester) would have the opportunity to show on the first afternoon course in the big open country to the east across the road from the clubhouse at 2:30. Robber had a second unproductive at 39 and was picked up.

Small’s Straight Up (M. Small) and Marques Lucky Strike (Ivester) started south of the Pelican Lake with both dogs taking a treeline to the lake. At 17 course was west along the lake and both dogs were in front. Small pointed his dog out at 24 far to the west. Dog was back in front at 37 at the start of the rough pasture. Ivester carded an unproductive at 40. Both dogs made big moves through the pasture to the treelines in the northwest. Point was called at 58 where both dogs were found standing. No birds were produced.

Greypointe Luminoso (Doug Meyer) and Only Prettier (Epp) were off at the north end of the trial grounds at 4:55, temperature 28°. Smoke from one of a number of fires in the province had drifted in, making seeing difficult.  Both dogs started strong to the front. Ruthann Epp picked up at 25 at the triple metal gates. Luminoso was rendering a fine race but was counted out at 55.

Greypointe Islamorada (Meyer) and Monte Carlo (McLarney) began Friday morning. Both dogs rendered a strong performance for the hour, but without bird work.

Greypointe Kilogramo (Meyer) and Erin’s Full Throttle (Ivester) broke away east of the prairie trail toward Campbell hedgerows. Meyer’s dog was seen under birds a 10 and was picked up. Throttle had a strong start, going south on treelines to the road. He was returned by scout and sent onto Miller’s hole and north where he shortened in heavy cover.

I B Anxious (Tom Nygard) and Circle Masquerade (Shannon Nygard) started at the west end of horseback ridge. Both returned at 9 by scouts from the far north off opening casts. Point called at 25 at the big umbrella tree where both dogs were found standing. No birds produced on relocation. Both dogs settled into a strong forward pattern as the course turned east and the north to Pelican Lake. Masquerade had a find on a single sharptail at 55, with proper manners at flush and shot. At time Masquerade was moving west out along the road. Anxious was out of view. Handler called point for Anxious just to the north of the road where a small covey of sharptail lifted from treeline, the pointer stylish through the flush and shot.

Traveler’s Prairie Souix (Greg Sand) and Marques Peaches N Cream ( Ivester) were away at the top of chicken alley with both running hard north toward hedgerows and the lake. At 14 they were in the dugout at the bottom of chicken alley going west. Cream had a strong all-age move to the right and north. Souix was giving a solid prairie race of her own on the left front. At 51 Greg’s dog suffered an unproductive in the slough grass along the lake past the rough pasture north gate. John’s dog stopped sharply 300 yards out near a small bluff on the right. Birds were seen to lift with the dog going with them. Greg’s dog had a find at 58 south of where John had his mishap. Judge reported that he didn’t see any birds. Time was called and Greg’s dog was standing in the first big bluff going north on course No. 4. It took a well-executed relocation to get the bird pinned. Souix remained stylish through the flush and shot.

Small’s White Stryker (Small) and Gin’n Tonic Live Wire (Dave Noell) broke away down the ridge east of camp at 2:25 p. m, temperature now is 32° (celsius), 90° (fahrenheit). Stryker failed to reach at all-age range, although he did point attractively at 7; handler could produce no birds. At 39 Dave’s dog had a great find on a big covey of Huns.  Birds well located, dog mannerly at the flush and shot. Brace ended without any further bird work.

Manteo’s Ace of Spades (Paul Falkowsky) and Gin’n Tonic Hot Wire (Noell) began at the top of chicken alley. Hot Wire had a nice find on the hedgerows at 10. Her second contact with chicken didn’t go as well and Dave picked up. Ace ran a spirited all-age race for the full sixty minutes but went without bird work. Waste of a great prairie all-age performance.

Jurnee’s Callaway (Sheldon Rogers)  started well with a nice find on chickens. Dog was mannerly at flush and shot. Like in the previous brace her second contact did not go well and she was picked up.

Mortlach, Sask., September 7

Judges: Alex Mauck and Eric Mauck

REGION 14 AMATEUR ALL-AGE CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 24 Pointers and 3 Setters

Winner—Ten Oaks Elkland’s Delight 1654610, pointer male, by Wiggins River Wild—Wiggins Miss Elhew Night. Louis  Qualtiere, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—Rester's Super Chief, 1643080, pointer male, by Rester’s Pro Line—Indian Creek Dot. Cecil Rester, owner and handler.

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