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Region 15 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Chiharu Niwa | Jun 25, 2020
Championship Winners. From left: S. Kukuti, T. Tanaka, T. Matsumura, Tatsuo Ishino with Casserole, Judge Shigenori Ike,  Y. Akisada, T.  Yoshioka, Shoich Sonoda with Caladen’s Rail Dan; Y. Imai, Judge Hiroshi Nakagawa, K. Nagashima, S. Tiba and H. Sugai.

Gunma Pref., Japan — We had two big championship sites. One of them, Tenryu River, located in the center of Japan, has heavy damage from the typhoon last summer. It can no longer be used and the venue was changed to Northern Japan for this trial.

Outline of the course. The course is almost straight from the east to the west, to the river for about 10 minutes from the start, heading west through left and right pasture bushes.

After 20 minutes you will pass under the viaduct of Route 17 and enter a large grove of forest, a very good hunting area.

After that, head west  and after awhile enter a good hunting area after passing over the highway. The course then turns slightly to the left and when you cross the bridge it becomes a good open field. If you go farther, it will be a comfortable place, wild bird field, a place to show a dog’s performance, through the thicket forest on the left and right ending the 60 minutes.

Drawing took place at a hotel near the field at 5:00 p. m. on March 14. Many people attended, including the chairman, secretary-reporter and members.

Greetings from the chairman who thanked everyone and wished all good luck in the Championship the next day.

The weather was sunny with a north wind, temperature was 43° and humidity 68%.

Judges were Hiroshi Nakagawa (Ibaragi) and Shigenori Ike (Saitama).

After the running, Secretary Ishino announced the results.

Region 15 Amateur Shooting Dog winner ran in the 4th brace — Casserole, coming six-year-old white and liver pointer male owned and handled by Tatsuo Ishino (Shizuoka Pref.). The runner-up ran in the third brace — Caladen’s Rail Dan, four-year-old white and liver pointer male owned and handled by Shoich Sonoda (Kanagawa Pref).

Casserole had a good start. He hunted the left and right edges of the course but could not contact game. He continued forward and contacted game at 42 in the center of the course. He displayed beautiful style and showed good manners. Afterward the handler called point at 50 and found game on the right edge, the dog looking attractive. Casserole went on to complete his 60 minutes.

Runner-up Caladen’s Rail Dan had good speed and searched forward but could not find game the first half. Handler called point at 41 for Dan which was stopped on the left edge showing powerful posture. Dan had good manners. He was strong and forward as he finished his hour.

Gunma Pref., Japan, March 15 — One Course

Judges: Shigenori Ike and Hiroshi Nakagawa

[One-Hour Heats] — 10 Pointers

Winner—CASSEROLE, 1658011, male, by Caladen’s Railway Max—Struttin’s Pat. Tatsuo Ishino, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—CALADEN’S RAIL DAN, 1674235, male, by Caladen’s Railway Max—The Fighter. Shoich Sonoda, owner and









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