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Region 15 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

By Chiharu Niwa | Jul 06, 2017
Championship Winners. From front left: Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Yoshiyuki Nagase with Answer For You and Mr. Tatsuo Wada with Spring Snow. Behind: Mr. Matumura, Mr. Imai, Judge Hiroshi Nakagawa, Mr. Nakamura, Mr. S. Kikuti, Judge Yoshi Sasaki, Mr. K. Kikuti, Mr. Akisada, Mr. Sonoda and Mr. Yoshioka.

Gunma Pref., Japan — We held the Region 15 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship on the Kanna River Sadie Field at Gunma Pref. on April 9. We had a date change because this field is a public field and the Japanese government did tree cutting on the intended date.

We had eleven entries.

We held the drawing the night before at the Hotel Rout Inn at Fujioka. The trial was well run and a lot of people enjoyed the Championship.

The weather was cloudy with a little rain and wind was from the west.

Temperatures were in the 50°F to 59°F range. The grounds were in excellent condition — low weeds, big trees and open areas. The host club was all the members of the Bando Field Trial Club.

The club members are to be commended for all their hard work and efforts to protect and maintain such an important field trial asset run last year in October.

President Yoshiharu Akisada thanked the club members and all attendees and explained the rules of how the trial would run.

After the announcements the names of the competing dogs were read by the secretary.

The winner was Answer For You, six-year-old pointer male owned and handled by Yoshiyuki Nagase (Gifu Pref.). Runner-up was Spring Snow, coming seven-year-old pointer female owned and handled by Tatsuo Wada (Mie Pref.).

The Winners

Answer For You was away at 8:40 in the third brace. He started with speed and searched forward. For You carded a find at 9, showing good manners at wing and shot. He had a strong forward ground heat with additional finds at 24, 42, 55 and 58. For You had five perfect finds and a strong finish.

Runner-up Spring Snow was down in the fourth brace. She rendered a good searching pattern and carded a find at 23, steady to wing and shot. After her find she was forward, had a find at 46 and a good finish.

Gunma Pref., Japan, April 9 — One Course

Judges: Hiroshi Nakagawa and Yoshio Sasaki


Winner—ANSWER FOR YOU, 1625256, pointer male, by Top of the Rock—Fuyuno River’s Ere. Yoshiyuki Nagase, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—SPRING SNOW, 1625343, pointer female, by Top of the Rock—Fuyuno River’s Ere. Tatsuo Wada, owner and handler.

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