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Region 15 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

By Tatsuo Ishino | Mar 08, 2019
Championship Winner. In foreground, from left: Railway Mack with Syouichi Sonoda and S. Imai. Standing: S. Kikuchi, Y. Imai, Nobumasa Takeishi, judge; Yoshiharu Akisada, president; Hiroshi Nakagawa, judge; T. Yoshioka, Y. Kamata, K. Nagashima, Y. Nakamura and T. Matumura.

Kanna River Field, Japan — The Region 15 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship was held on January 20 at Northern Japan’s Kanna River Field.

A drawing was held at the Hotel Rout Inn in Fujioka the night before.

Field administrator Mr. Nakamura did maintenance on the grounds last summer and we had wonderful course for this trial. The field trialers appreciated his efforts.

The weather was fine with a north wind, temperature 45°, humidity 37%.

Stake manager was Yoshiharu Akisada (Shizuoka Pref.). Judges were Nobumasa Takeishi (Ibaragi Pref.) and Hiroshi Nakagawa (Ibaragi Pref.).

The first brace started at 7:06 a. m. and the last brace finished at 4:00 p. m. We had 10 dogs competing.

Named champion was Railway Mack, coming five-year-old pointer male  owned and handled by Syouichi Sonoda (Kanagawa Pref.)

The runner-up title was withheld.

Railway Mack started the last brace at 2:08. He ran with good speed and power to the front and his handler called point on the left side at 19. He showed excellent style and good manners. He carded a second find at 48 on the right side of the course. Railway Mack finished strong.

Thanks also to the host club members.

Kanna River Field, Japan, January 20 — One Course

Judges: Hiroshi Nakagawa and Nobumasa Takeishi


Winner—RAILWAY MACK, 1658042, male, by Caladen’s Railway Max—Struttin’s Pat. Syouichi Sonoda, owner and handler.

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