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Region 16 Amateur All-Age Championship

Showime Sam Houston Prevails as Winner
By Joe Rentz | Feb 16, 2021
The Winner. Left to right: Joe Rentz, Gary Futch, Judge Chris Peek, Dr. Kent Cantrell and Larron Copeland with Showtime Sam Houston; Wilson Napier, Mike Jackson, Dr. Ron Deal, Judge Jonathon Burch, Dr. Davey Deal. And three young participants (at right).

Dawson, Ga. — The 2020 running of the Region 16 Amateur All-Age Championship was held December 17-19 at beautiful Chickasaw Plantation south of Dawson, Ga.

Chickasaw is owned by Dr. Ron Deal and his hospitality is greatly appreciated. It is the Deal family’s personal hunting property and the grounds were in excellent condition with birds plentiful.

Chickasaw consists of typical South Georgia piney woods dotted with small fields throughout, an excellent setting to contest this prestigious Championship.

We were fortunate to have Chris Peek of Albany, Ga., and Jonathon Burch of Holly Springs, Miss., judge for us. Both men have a wealth of bird dog knowledge and their time is greatly appreciated.

Wilson Napier commanded the dog wagon and it was always in the correct place at the correct time with snacks and drinks between braces. Mike Jackson handled the barn cleaning duties and rode every brace. Dr. Ron Deal not only gave up a weekend of hunting and let us use Chickasaw, he also served as marshal and rode every brace. Dr. Davey Deal and his sons joined us on Saturday.

Excellent lunches were served every day by Wayne Ethridge of Wayne’s Restaurant in Dawson. Gary Futch was on hand and rode every day and helped with several tasks.

Greg Blair and Purina graciously provided the winners with Pro Plan Performance. Their continued sponsorship of the Region is greatly appreciated.


Named champion was Showtime Sam Houston, six-year-old white and orange pointer male owned by Larron and Laura Copeland of Bronwood, Ga., and handled by Larron. Sam Houston ran in the 8th brace of the trial on a  Friday morning. He had finds at 4, 7, divided finds at 16 and 24, and finds at 33 and 59. He had a consistent forward ground effort throughout his hour. He exhibited all of the traits that the judges were looking for in this year’s champion.

No runner-up was named.

Thursday morning started with Touch’s Blue Knight (Woody Watson) and Always Dreaming (Dr. Kent Cantrell). Blue Knight had finds at 25, 32, and 37. He was lost at pickup time. Dreaming had finds at 6, 15, an unproductive at 25, a find at 33, and a back at 37.

Chief’s Rising Sun (John Mathys) had finds at 24, 34, 50, 56, and a divided find at the hour. Erin’s Silver Lining (Sean Derrig) had a back at 24, finds at 28, 34, 40, 56, and the divided find at the hour.

Snapback (Eddie Sholar) had bird-finding on her mind and had a divided find at 4, then finds at 7, 14, 18, 23, 36, 42, and 43. She ran a consistent forward race. Dunn’s True Reign (Will Dunn) shared the divided find at 4, a find at 16, and was picked up at 18.

Rester’s Cajun Charlie (Cecil Rester) had a back at 3 and a stop to flush at 5. He was out of pocket and the retrieval device was requested at 32. True Confidence (Frank LaNasa) had finds at 3 and 5 and was out of pocket with the retrieval unit out at 32.

Confident Nation (Scott Jordan) had finds at 2 and 13 and then was lost. Showtime Mocking Jay (Larron Copeland) backed Nation at 2 and was picked up shortly after.

Erin’s Lonestar Law (Sean Derrig) had finds at 14 and 17 with a good race but was lost and the retrieval device requested at 35. James Pond Bull (Woody Watson) had finds at 5, 10, and 22 with an excellent race until he was lost and the retrieval unit requested at 40.

Friday morning started with Touch’s White Knight (Eddie Sholar) and Notorious King's Ransom. White Knight had a find at 4 and was lost at 30. Ransom was lost also and John Mathys conceded at 30.

Showtime Sam Houston has already been described. Sam was braced with Rester’s Cowboy Bill (Cecil Rester) which backed Sam at 4, had a stop to flush at 6, divided finds at 16 and 24, a back at 33, and a find at 42. Bill was picked up at 42.

Neely’s Standing Ovation (John Neely) had finds at 4, 11, a back at 17, a good find at 24, a back at 29, and a find at 40. He had an excellent ground effort for the majority of the hour until he was lost. Strut Nation (Jordan) had an unproductive at 4, finds at 10, 17, excellent find at 23, finds at 29 and 36, a back at 40, and another good find at 56. He finished forward on the field edge just before the road crossing.

Rebel Dreams (David Williams) shared a divided find at 20 with Erin’s Country Rebel (Sean Derrig) which had an earlier an unproductive at 17 and the divided find at 20.

Notorious Dominator's Heir (Mathys) had a find at 18, an unproductive at 28, finds at 38 and 41, and a second unproductive at 56. Erin’s Wild Atlantic Way (Derrig) suffered unproductive at 25 and 42 and was picked up.

Game Wardon (Dr. Fred Corder) had finds at 11 and 14. He was out of pocket and the retrieval device requested at 40. Southern Sparkling Jule (Dr. Cantrell) had a find at 5 and was lost, handler throwing in the towel at 25.

Rebel Cause was lost and David Williams ended his bid at 32. Dunn’s Tried'nTrue (Dunn) had finds at 11, 19, 25, 27, and 32. He was picked up by handler at the road crossing.

Touch’s Mega Mike (Sholar) had an unproductive at 31 and a big race. The retrieval unit was requested at 50. Erin’s Trace was lost and Bill Mason requested his unit at 25.

Dragonfly (Jim Hughes) was lost early. Rebel Survivor (Williams) had finds at 22, 29, 40, 45, 49, and a good find at 58.

Dubose’s Wonder Dog (Bobby Dubose) was lost early. Touch’s Dancing Nancies (Dr. Cantrell) had a find at 13 and was out of pocket and picked up at 55.

Showtime Game Changer (Copeland) had a find at 7 and was lost with the retrieval unit requested, only to find the dog a couple of hundred yards straight to the front pointing. Game Rebel (Dr. Corder) backed Game Changer at 7.

The trustees and officers of Region 16 thank all of the handlers who came to the Region 16 All-Age Championship. Please plan on joining us for next year’s renewal which will be held in Alabama.

Dawson, Ga., December 17

Judges: Jonathon Burch and Chris Peek


[One-Hour Heats] — 34 Pointers and 2 Setters

Winner—SHOWTIME SAM HOUSTON, 1662402, pointer male, by Just Irresistible—K F Alias. Larron & Laura Copeland, owners; Larron Copeland, handler.















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