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Region 17 Amateur All-Age Brittany Championship

By Terry Gowin | Jun 19, 2020
Tequila Scorcher Winner of the Region 17 Amateur All-Age Brittany Championship

Eureka, Kan. — Thank you to the Southern Kansas Brittany Club for hosting the Region 17 Amateur All-Age Brittany Championship and Purina serving as a sponsor of the event once again this year.

Thanks also to our well experienced judges, Brooks Carmichael and Stan Truksa.

The Championship was held on the Oliver Ranch, owned by Bill and Mary Lynn Oliver in the beautiful Flint Hills of southeast Kansas. The Southern Kansas Brittany Club is honored to be able to run on these superb grounds.

The weather was cool with overcast skies.

Brace No. 1 of the Championship broke away at 8:23 a. m. on Friday, March 13. On day No. 1, six braces were run, leaving four to be completed the following day, which was delayed due to fog and damp cool temperatures.

When skies were clear enough to run the judges headed to the breakaway for the running of the remaining braces of the Championship.


Named champion was Tequila Scorcher, handled by Richard Beaver  of Wichita Falls, Tex., in the seventh brace. Runner-up Arrow’s Tequila Rustler, also handled by Beaver, competed in the fourth brace.

A;so in the mix was Sniksoh Little Diamond, handled by Bruce Heiter in the second brace, and Jazz Em Up Arrow for handler Rick Hastings.

In the first brace, High Point Spike’s Southern Gal (Baer) had her first clean find at 9, a second find at 22 and was picked up at 35 for a breach of manners. Sniksoh Little Diamond’s (Heiter) first find was at 29 along the edge of the “bowl”, on a relocation with a stop to flush. Another find at 35 again with a relocation and with manners held staunchly. Rolling on with a fourth find at 47 along a draw just before going on top of the prairie,  and at the top of the hill was another excellent point. At 55 on top of the open prairie another point was established with a gentle approach and held with honor. Time was called with a good run that included skilled application.

Ocaje (Gowin) broke away along the brim of the hill and broke wide to the right following a line with a nice find at 12. She was later out of pocket and the retrieval unit was pulled. Alar’s Dirty Dancer’s (Blasi) first find was at 32 and with good manners, ranging on to the next point at 43 again with loyal manners and finished the hour.

M K’s My Lil Ammo (Blasi) and S K F Cheap Bourbon Whiskey (Foster). Early on in the brace Ammo was picked up due to failure to back. At 27 Bourbon Whiskey was picked up at the advisement of the judges.

Arrow’s Tequila Rustler (Beaver) and Jazz Em Up Arrow (Hastings). At 21 Rustler  pointed; a relocation resulted in an unproductive. At 37 point was called, bird flushed, manners honored. He covered the area well and with impressive application. Arrow ran an inspiring brace with a find at 38 along a ridge. At 56 he was standing at point, a non-event was taken (feathers).

A Trace of Bourbon With Diamonds (Hastings) was missing at 23 and the retrieval unit was out. The retrieval unit was pulled  for M K’s Magnificent Bandito (Kitchen) which was also missing.

She’s Outa Control (Gerardy) was lost at 40. Wiyanna (Gowin) was making an impressive run with a find wide to right at 14; birds produced and manners held. Another find at the top of the hill just before going across the top of the prairie. Tiny creeping steps were taken while waiting for the handler to flush.

A N J’s Ohio Hellion (Poehler) was lost at 30 and the retrieval unit was pulled. Tequila Scorcher’s (Beaver) first point was under a cedar tree. Handler relocated, then took the dog on. At 35 he was on point again with manners being held nicely. Scorcher ran with impressiveness, application and natural ability.

Willie Makeit (Gerardy) and S S Rig’s Colorado Gun Runner (Milam) were both lost after the breakaway.

Almaden’s Under Lock and Key (Blasi) was lost about midway through the hour. Sniksoh Hank’s Hatch (Freeman) had an unproductive at 14 and then was lost shortly afterward.

Crescent City Girl (Steinmetz) had a find with relocation at 25. The retrieval unit was required to find Chief’s Cross Plain’s Copper Breeze (Rucker).

Eureka, Kan., March 13

Judges: Brooks Carmichael and Stan Truksa


[One-Hour Heats] — 20 Brittanys

Winner—TEQUILA SCORCHER, 1642501, male, by Almaden’s River of Shadows—Tequila With A Twist. Charles B. Crain, owner; Richard Beaver, handler.

Runner-Up—ARROW’S TEQUILA RUSTLER, 1658864, male, by Beaver’s Straight Arrow—Runner’s Tequila Rose. Sandy Becker, owner; Richard Beaver, handler.

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