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Westfall’s Black Thunder Named Champion; Ima Redneck Flirt is Runner-Up

Region 17 Amateur All-Age Championship

By Steve Auxier | May 19, 2020
Championship Winners. Front (l-r): Jay Lewis with Wesftall’s Black Thunder and Trish Babbel with Ima Redneck Flirt.  Middle: Jason Reed, Steve Auxier, Cooper Auxier, Joe Worsham, Todd Babbel and Pat McInteer. Back: Howard Burbach, judge; Eddie Berendzen, Lou Qualtiere, judge; Chase Verdoorn, Nathan Berendzen, Mark Verdoorn.

Onaga, Kan. — The Northeast Kansas Field Trial Club members consisting of Joe Worsham, Eddie Berendzen, and Steve Auxier came together and hosted a successful event!

This year’s stake was not only highlighted by amazing performances, but also maintained the camaraderie that everyone looks forward to each spring. A special dinner is arranged every year for all of the landowners in the areas. It is a great way to give thanks and we truly appreciate their support.

Additionally,  the weather was perfect.

We thank Jay Lewis, Nathan Berendzen and Richard Lewis for assisting with the dog wagon. We thank in advance the handlers and all of the sponsors for this event. Without their support this event would not be possible.

Sponsors for this year’s trial include Nutrisource Pet Food, and DT Training Systems. A wonderful steak dinner was sponsored by Keith Wright, the owner of last year’s champion and runner-up. Thank you!

The Region 17 Amateur All-Age Championship commenced on February 27 over the Flint Hills of Onaga, Kan.  The field trial venue in Onaga, Kan., has a long tradition. The club has been hosting trials since 1955.

Judges for this renewal were Howard Burbach of Pleasant Hill, Mo., and Lou Qualtiere of Marshfield, Mo. The Northeast Kansas Field Trial Club is truly honored to have both of these fine gentlemen in the judging seats. The judges had many great performances with multiple pieces of bird work and good races. Both judges noted they enjoyed the field trial, grounds, nice dogs, hospitality from the Northeast Kansas Club and multiple wild and l iberated bird contacts by all dogs.


Champion Westfall’s Black Thunder, owned by Bill Westfall of Liberty, Mo., under the whistle of Ryan Westfall and scouted by Larry Smith, ran in the fourth brace. Black Thunder started off strongly to the front showing manners by stylishly backing his bracemate at more than 100 yards away. Black Thunder was credited with his first find on a liberated quail at 18 with great style. All in order, Black Thunder kept pushing the front and handling for Ryan and finished the hour with Ryan going over the hill to find him. A great finish with strength and stamina.

Runner-up Ima Redneck Flirt ran in brace No. 13. Flirt, handled by owner Todd Babbel of Honey Creek, Ia., and scouted by Mrs. Trisha Babbel, showed to the front pushing and rimming the hillside for her handler. The judges noted she was always in the right spots pushing to the front and was found on point at 45. Upon arrival two liberated quail were noted on the ground before the flush and her style was perfect! Flirt finished her hour to the front.

We would like to thank DT training systems for donating a training collar for the find of the stake. Coming from brace No. 14, Chase Verdoorn’s Snowy River’s Cuttin Country received the honor. The impressive German Shorthair male was found standing on a nice prairie chicken find with intensity and style for over three minutes!


Intensive Working Class (Auxier) and Stylish Twice’s Nice Taz (Curtsinger) were turned loose at 8:07 a. m. with a very nice morning of 36° and a light southwest wind. Both dogs started off pushing to the front with the first find for Curtsinger. The dog showed great style but the first attempt failed to produce a bird. Tom relocated with her going on point but handler failed to produce a bird. After the third relocation the bird did pop as the dog moved forward. Working Class continued to push to the front showing his steady forward race rimming the big canyons. At 44 “Mack” was found on point. Auxier attempted to flush resulting in finding a dead liberated quail. No other birds were found to end the brace with Working Class finishing to the front.

She’s A Knockout (Curtsinger) started off strong showing good range with a moderate race with no bird contact in her hour. Snowy River’s White Out (Verdoorn) began strong rimming the long draw line to the south showing extreme range and handling. Handler called point but was unable to produce a bird at 20. At 40 prairie chickens were in flight as “Willie” was credited with a stop to flush. Willie finished the hour.

H P Final Decision started the hour strong but was not pleasing Shoemaker who requested the retrieval unit at 29. Greypointe Luminoso (Meyer) was found standing at 29. Handler noted feathers. Luminoso finished the hour.

Westfall’s Black Thunder’s (Westfall) effort was detailed earlier. Worsham’s Silver Comet (Worsham) started strong going on point within the first 6 minutes. Worsham went to relocate “Jack” as a large covey of quail lifted. Jack was picked up on breach of manners.

Bocomo Rose (Lewis) and Intensive Chain Breaker (Auxier) started the hour strong showing extreme range and following the long draw that hooked to the south. As the course hooked to the north both dogs were handling well for their handlers. Both finished the hour birdless.

H P Wiggins Express (Shoemaker)  started off showing several big all-age casts. Express was credited with a find at 52. Stylish Red Bull (Curtsinger) was credited with a wild covey of quail at 20, unproductives at 24 and 43. Handler requested the retrieval unit.

H P Prairie Rattler started off steady, was credited with a find at 8, an unproductive at 30 and was picked up by Shoemaker at 44. Greypointe Isla-morada lost contact with Meyer who requested the retrieval unit.

Westfall’s True Grit (Westfall) and S F Stetson (Smith) started the hour off strong and to the front. Both dogs were found on point at 13, credited with a divided find. Stetson was credited with another find at 15. Ryan asked for the retrieval unit for True Grit at 40. Stetson finished the hour.

H P Cottonmouth (Shoemaker) and Django (Babbel) started the hour well ahead. Shoemaker requested the retrieval unit at 58. Django finished the hour. No birds for either dog.

S F Strongwind (Berendzen) showed his extreme power on the ground with a big opening cast. At 42 Berendzen called point. Eddie decided to take him on. He was found again on point at 45. No bird was produced. Strongwind finished the hour strong. Nemaha Rio was not pleasing McInteer who requested the retrieval unit at 20.

Nemaha Boot (McInteer) was credited with a covey of prairie chickens.

Wiggins Super Sin (Super) backed Boot’s find.

H P Tornado Watch (Shoemaker) had an unproductive at 24 and was picked up at 58. Westfall’s Red Man (Westfall) carded an unproductive at 15 and finished the hour.

Ima Redneck Flirt’s winning effort was covered earlier. H’s AM Cruiser (Verdoorn) ran with good style and to the front. His performance was not pleasing his handler and the retrieval unit was requested at 35.

Westfall Quick Trick (Lewis) and Snowy River’s Cuttin Country (Verdoorn) started off strong and showing their range on the ground. Cuttin Country was credited with the find of the stake at 27 showing great style and intensity as the prairie chicken was produced. Both dogs finished the hour.

Onaga, Kan., February 27

Judges: Howard Burbach and Lou Qualtiere


Winner—WESTFALL’S BLACK THUNDER, 1653039, pointer male, by Westfall’s Black Ice—Westfall’s Quick Gold. William P. Westfall, owner; Ryan Westfall, handler.

Runner-Up—IMA REDNECK FLIRT, 1644862, pointer female, by Hideaway’s Tall Boy—I’ma Redneck Woman. T. C. Babbel, owner and handler.

Region 17 Amateur Derby

This year’s Derby was an exciting stake with many solid performances.

First place was awarded to H P Cottonmouth, handled by Rodney Shoemaker. Cotton put on a big front running all-age performance. Placed second was H P Prairie Rattler, handled by Rodney Shoemaker. “Hawk” also put on a nice all-age performance showing his maturity on the ground to help secure his spot. Third was S F Cabdriver, handled by Larry Smith. Cab put on a nice performance reaching to the front with one find called by his scout.

REGION 17 AMATEUR DERBY — 11 Pointers and 1 German Shorthair

1st—H P COTTONMOUTH, 1681616, pointer male, by Wiggins Mister Ronnie—Wiggins Miss Swami. Rodney Shoemaker, owner and handler.

2d—H P PRAIRIE RATTLER, 1681402, pointer male, by Wiggins Elhew River—Wiggins Miss Match. Rodney Shoemaker, owner and handler.

3d—S F CABDRIVER, 1678690, pointer male, by S F Bandwagon—S F Rushhour. Larry Smith, owner and handler.

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