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Region 17 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

By Chuck Maxson | Jul 11, 2019
Championship Winner Gun’s Pistol Pete with Colby Tackett. Standing: Judges Dr. Richard Steckley (left) and Barry Ward.

Moline, Kan. — The Region 17 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship took place March 1-2 at Moline, Kan. The Wichita Bird Dog Club hosted the trial on their Moline grounds owned by the Delong family. The club has utilized these grounds for 31 years.

The Championship was fortunate to obtain the services of Dr. Richard Steckley of Wichita, Kan., and Barry Ward of Leavenworth, Kan. Both  judges have extensive experience looking at dogs throughout the Midwest.

Fifteen dogs competed in very cold rough weather. The entries represented Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas. We were missing dogs from Nebraska and Iowa due to extreme weather up north.


Barker’s Gladiator, setter male handled by Bob Barker, and Craig’s Runin Roxie, pointer female owned by Craig Hyatt, both looked good until they crashed with birds and were picked up.

Pointer female Bitterark’s Wu Wu Sue, a champion and Dog of the Year winner handled by Frank Schoenborn, ran a great race, had two good finds and was lost, most likely on point. Pointer female Greypointe Ligona, the eventual runner-up, had three good finds and a shorter race than her bracemate. Ligona is owned and handled by Doug Meyer.

Big Trouble Duke, pointer male handled by Steve Heenan, carded four finds. This Missouri pointer was finding the birds, however, was not handling kindly. His bracemate, up and coming setter male Gun’s Pistol Pete, in the ownership Colby Tackett, came across the border from Oklahoma to win this Championship. Pete had five finds and a stop to flush. Gun’s Pistol Pete is also this year’s Walking Dog of the Year and Kansas English Setter award winner.

Minute Too Winit, setter female, was 15 minutes into brace No. 4 when she disappeared. Gibson could not find her and asked for the retrieval device. Paul Ott was not having any better luck as Flint Ridge Jake, pointer male, went with the birds on his first find.

The fifth brace was short as Irish setter male Budd Reddog Taylor and setter male Howdy Doody went with the birds and were picked up.

Bitterark’s Royal Hoz, pointer male, ran a huge race and went with the birds on his second find. Unfortunately, Tracker’s Nickel Hawkeye, pointer male, had a good find and backed Hoz until he took out his birds and it was too much for the young dog. Schoenborn and Starnes picked up.

Doc’s Free Fall, pointer male, was doing well with five finds until he was picked up over a backing issue. High Regard, setter female handled by Jason Patty, had a short race with two good finds and three backs. Pointer male Shadow’s Flinthills Louie had a shorter brace and was picked up by handler Jim Fry when seen under birds.

Moline, Kan., March 1

Judges: Dr. Richard Steckley and Barry Ward


[One-Hour Heats] — 9 Pointers, 5 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

Winner—GUN’S PISTOL PETE, 1667396, setter male, by Barker’s Big Coon—Carpenter’s Daisy Duke. Colby Tackett, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—GREYPOINTE LIGONA, 1657318, pointer female, by S F McKenzie—Greypointe Gloriosa. Douglas F. Meyer, owner and handler.


In the companion Open Derby eight contestants toed the line. The winner was Strangercreek Lights Out, pointer female handled by Barry Ward. Lights Out ran a very nice race to the limits with two finds, one of which was a woodcock.

Second went to Lucy Reddog Tracker, Irish setter female which is a fine prospect with five finds and a nice race for Brad Taylor. T B’s Hawaiian Breeze, pointer female handled by Tyler Buche, took third with two finds and a nice race.

I want to thank all of the members of the Wichita Bird Dog Club who helped host this Championship. Starting with Frank Schoenborn, our president, who wears many hats — bird planter, cook, dog wagon driver and much more. Greg Gibson and Bob Lais marshalled the trial. Jacob Starnes was our championship photographer. Brad Taylor and Don Kimbell helped with the dog wagon.

The grounds are owned by Bill and Rita Delong. Without their generosity the trials at Moline would not take place.

We are certainly indebted to Nutra-Source for their strong support of all our trials.

As field trial chairman I want to thank the owners and handlers who supported this Championship and Derby making it a great success.

Judges: Bob Lais and Dr. Richard Steckley

OPEN DERBY — 3 Pointers, 3 Setters, 1 Irish Setter and 1 Vizsla

1st—STRANGERCREEK LIGHTS OUT, 1683244, pointer female, by Working Class—Nemaha Nell. Barry Ward, owner and handler.

2d—LUCY REDDOG TRACKER, 1677545, Irish setter female, by Aiken—Dynamic Dancer. Brad Taylor, owner and handler.

3d—T B’S HAWAIIAN BREEZE, 1678966, pointer female, by Miller’s Speed Dial—Jackson’s Silver Arrow. Tyler Buche, owner and handler.






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