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S F Bandwagon Wins 2017 Running; Dakota Nation is Runner-Up

Region 19 Amateur All-Age Championship

By Scott Jordan | Nov 14, 2017
S F Bandwagon Winner of the Region 19 Amateur All-Age Championship

Danbury, Wis. — The Region 19 Amateur All-Age Championship was held October 8-10 at the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area, Danbury, Wis.

The Namekagen Barrens are unique grounds with native grasses, some pines, young popple growth and lots of scrub oaks which in the South they call blackjack, but ours is taller and more lush  making it difficult to handle and see an all-age dog.

The grounds were in good shape this year with several successful spring burns and one experimental summer burn done by the Wisconsin DNR which does a great job managing the grounds. Sharptail grouse were plentiful.

The Region 19 Championship was preceded by the Region 19 Derby Classic which had a nice draw of 17 Derbies. Alabama professional Tom Hennes had several entries. Frank LaNasa ran a couple of strong prospects, Dr. Pat McInteer ran three promising youngsters and had good bird work with two of them.

Professional Rob Tomczak  and amateur John Mathys each had one entry that ran the country nicely, not quite having the all-age reach the judges were looking for.

Advertised judges for both the Derby Classic and All-Age Championship were Justin Burgen of Leesburg, Ga., and Ed Liermann of Palmyra, Wis. Both judges have years of bird dog experience and were attentive to all  the competing dogs. We greatly appreciate their time and effort.

Awarded first in the Derby Classic was Boumeester’s Duramax, pointer male for his owner-handler Rich Boumeester of Jordan, Minn. Second was Dakota Nation, pointer male owned and handled by Scott Jordan. Third was Bar P June, pointer female for owner-handler Bob Saari of Crystal, Minn.

Danbury, Wis., October 8

Judges: Justin Burgen and Ed Liermann


1st—BOUMEESTER’S DURAMAX, 1669447, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Bar P Fizz. Rich Boumeester, owner and handler.

2d—DAKOTA NATION, 1674370, pointer male, by Erin’s Full Throttle—My Minnie. Scott Jordan, owner and handler.

3d—BAR P JUNE, 1667780, pointer female, by Erin’s Redrum—Bar P Fizz. Bob Saari, owner and handler.

Championship Winners

Named winner was four-year-old white and orange pointer male S F Bandwagon, owned and handled by Larry Smith of Pleasant Hill, Ia. Bandwagon appeared in the third brace paired with Dr. Pat McInteer’s Nemaha Boot. It was an exciting brace for sure.

Both dogs broke away strong, Bandwagon taking the right side and Boot on the left. At 3 point was called for Boot. When handler Pat arrived to flush one bird left from behind the dog with two more birds leaving from the side of Boot, probably a covey trying to run away. All in order and stylish for the shot. Bandwagon had a short absence and was returning from far right side of course at 18. While fading to the front birds were seen in the air at 20; handler cantered up and called point. All was good for the shot.

Both dogs continued with a strong forward race. After both were gathered to make a U turn in the course, they were released to head southeast. At 30 point was called for Bandwagon as birds were in the air. All was in order for the big stylish pointer. Shortly after crossing Gumlak trail to head north point was called for Bandwagon. After an unsuccessful flushing attempt Bandwagon was taken on and both dogs made big swings through the mile long stretch heading north. At 48 point was called by Dr. McInteer. When judge arrived handler asked if birds were seen by judge. Unfortunately they were not and Boot was taken on. At 56 Boot was making game and pointed at the road crossing. Bandwagon came in for a nice back. While handler was flushing, marshal Scott Jordan stated he had seen birds leaving the area well before the dogs arrived. Handler shot and dogs were released for their finish. Smith took his dog to the left and headed west, perhaps taking a shortcut to the front. Dr. Pat stayed on course and both dogs finished to the front in heavy cover. Smith called point just before time but waved it off. It was an exciting brace with the bracemate’s performance close to the winner’s; perhaps a bit more lateral was the difference.

Runner-up Dakota Nation, 21-month-old pointer male owned by Scott Jordan, was paired with Rich Boumeester’s setter male Skydancer’s Firefleet. Both dogs broke away strong on course No. 1, Dakota more forward and responsive to handler. At 20 Dakota was being scouted as the course made a turn to the east. Several birds were seen leaving in the valley and when handlers rode in only Firefleet was seen in the area. He was picked up 25 minutes later. Dakota Nation, callname Dan, appeared on his own from the far left and continued running a strong forward race to the front. At 55 Dan was gathered up from the front to make a jog in the course. After maneuvering him through a couple turns he was sent for his finish. After entering the big open fields and not seeing the dog, scout Dr. McInteer was dispatched to the left. Right at time the faint call of point was heard and handler raised his hat. It was a long ride to the scout and dog and multiple birds were seen leaving when we were about halfway to him. When we arrived all was in order for the shot. An excellent scouting job by Dr. Pat who already had run a dog that was in strong contention.


Temperatures were mild for the first couple hours of the morning and then continued to rise throughout the day, testing the dogs’ endurance.

Erin’s Wild Rum (PM/Mark Johnson) and Boumeester’s Bar None (PM/ Boumeester). Wild Rum hooked right off the breakaway, not to return. Bar None ran a powerful forward race expertly scouted by John Mathys. He finished the hour and could have been a strong contender if rewarded with birds.

Fabius River (Gary Cowell) and Heartache Tonight, owned by Joe Bush and handled by Scott Jordan, cast off on course No. 1. Heartache ran a searching hard hunting hour with River being the wider of the two. Neither dog was rewarded with bird work.

Nemaha Boot and S F Bandwagon were noted earlier.

S F Trademark (PM/Cowell) and Southern Songbird (PF/LaNasa) cast off on course No. 3. Songbird hooked left off the breakway and the retrieval unit was asked for shortly after. Trademark was running a strong race but was a bit erratic and when he was not pleasing his handler the retrieval unit was asked for at 50.

Skydancer’s Firefleet (Boumeester) and Dakota Nation (Jordan) were detailed earlier.

Nemaha Night Hawk (PM/McInteer) and Restless Red Toolman (ISM/Bob Gove) were released on course No. 2. Hawk ran a fast forward race and when gone for a spell at 20 scout Scott Jordan was dispatched to the left. Scout called point at 25 and birds were seen leaving as judge and handler arrived. Hawk was stylish and mannerly for the shot. Toolman is a hard hunting seasoned  bird dog veteran. He was found standing at 30; no birds could be produced and he was taken on. Both dogs continued a forward hunting pattern with Hawk being the stronger of the two. Toolman perhaps starting to show some age shortened a bit but had a find at 50 with all in order. Hawk got a bit lateral and wasn’t seen for a spell. Scout went looking to the left and at 56 called point for the stylish Hawk. When handler and judge arrived birds left from directly in front, a nice find. Hawk did a tremendous job making decisions for the judges a tough job.

I’ll Have Another (ESM/Bob Schaffer) started strong then got lateral. Scout gathered him about half a mile off course and when getting him to the front handler acknowledged his horse had gone lame and asked scout Scott Jordan to handle Another. He continued running a strong race but when he wasn’t handling for his new handler Jordan elected for the retreival device at 45. Erin’s Prometheus (PM/Mathys) ran a moderate race hunting hard for the hour but came up birdless.

Nemaha Cinch (PM/McInteer) and Chiefs Smoke Signal (SM/Mathys). Smoke was scratched and replaced with bye dog Strut Nation (PM/Jordan). Both dogs broke away strong on course No. 1. After crossing St. Croix trail and heading east both dogs were reaching and powerful, perhaps a bit too powerful for these grounds. At 50 after only seeing Strut Nation periodically handler opted for the retrieval unit. Cinch continued but started to slow a bit from the heat. Cinch finished the hour without birds.


Winner—S F BANDWAGON, 1656543, pointer male, by Funseeker’s Rebel—Deep Creek Rose. Larry Smith, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—DAKOTA NATION, 1674370, pointer male, by Erin’s Full Throttle—My Minnie. Scott Jordan, owner and handler.

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