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Region 2 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Glendora Dvorak | Nov 01, 2018
Championship Winners. Front (l-r): Stacey Goodie with Momma’s Broken Heart and David Creagan with Lily An Creag. Behind: Judge Ashby Morgan, Marcus Ramseur, Judge Kevin Stuart, Matt Basilone and Bob Bergen. Roger Dvorak is in the back holding up the Purina sign.

Lacey Township, N. J. — The Region 2 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was held October 19-21 at the Greenwood Forest Wildlife Management Area, Lacey Township, N. J.

This event was sponsored and executed by the Delaware Pointer and Setter Club. On behalf of myself and Roger Dvorak, I would like to give a huge thank you to all the participants who came with their dogs to compete in this event. Without you there would not be a trial. Thanks to you we had a field of 31 dogs for our judges to choose from.

The weather for the most part cooperated. It was cold but not unbearable.

Judges Ashby Morgan of Hudgins, Va., and Kevin Stuart of Schenectady, N. Y., did a valiant job of sitting in the saddle for three days and paying due diligence to each dog that ran. Thank you both for your dedication.

We arrived at the grounds Thursday evening and were delighted to see the kitchen trailer provided by the English Setter Club of Medford, N. J. Thank you Hunter Wilcox and all the members of the club for your help and generosity; it was very much appreciated.

Joe Lordi, Jr., what can I say? You, sir, are a rare jewel. Thank you for running a water truck for us so everyone had plenty of water for their animals. And thank you for going above and beyond to type up and copy my brace sheets for me after the drawing.

Matt Basilone, dog truck runner and bird planter, you did an excellent job; thank you for working so tirelessly for three days. Without the help from all these volunteers, Roger and I could not have pulled this off because we are a very small club. I hope I have not left anyone out but if I did, believe me, it was not intentional.

Now let’s talk about the food and festivities. The Delaware Pointer and Setter Club provided luncheon and  Friday night’s dinner. Thank you Bart Hastings for your seafood extravaganza addition to Friday night’s dinner. The shrimp, oysters and clams were an unexpected treat for all of us. Saturday night’s championship dinner was provided compliments of last year’s winner, Barcelona Bull and his owners Karen and Ernie Saniga of Kennedyville, Pa. The beef, chicken and pork kabobs with all the trimmings were a smash hit.

I’d like to give a big shout of thanks to my kitchen helpers for this evening’s dinner. Casey King, you stick a mean kabob; thank you for all your help. Joe Cincotta, an impressive grill man; thank you for helping me cook all those kabobs.

Let me thank all of you who brought dogs to the starting line: Bob Bergen, Ernie Saniga, Lloyd Miller, David Creagan, Hunter Wilcox, Roger Dvorak, Joe Lordi, Jr., Chris Catanzarite, Brian Sanchez, Stacey Goodie, Dave McKay, Roger Boser, Bart Hastings, Larry King, Alex Smith, and Joe Cincotta. Without you and your dogs the judges would have had a very boring weekend. Thank you all for your interest and entries.


Out of a starting lineup of 31 dogs our judges had the task of narrowing it down to just two. Thank you again Ashby Morgan and Kevin Stuart for undertaking this daunting task for us. You did an excellent job. This brings us to the bottom line: the champion and runner-up.

Earning the runner-up spot was Lily An Creag, Irish setter female owned and handled by David Creagan of Swarthmore, Pa. Lily An had an excellent forward race resulting in finds at 18, 26, 33 and 56, looking good on the ground all the way.

Named champion was Momma’s Broken Heart, pointer male owned and scouted by Stacey Goodie of Marlborough, Conn., and handled by Marcus Ramseur. Showing style and grace from the breakaway he had finds at 4, 20, 35, an unproductive at 42, and more finds at 45, 48 and 52. Congratulations to Momma’s Broken Heart and his owner Stacey Goodie, well done. We’ll see you on Saturday night for next year’s dinner.

I hope you all enjoyed your time with us this weekend. I for one loved all the time we spent together. Until the next time we all meet, stay safe and keep them dogs running.

Lacey Township, N. J., October 19

Judges: Ashby Morgan and Kevin Stuart


[One-Hour Heats] — 25 Pointers and 6 Setters

Winner—MOMMA’S BROKEN HEART, 1654894, pointer male, by Erin’s Stone Cutter—A Whiskey Lullaby. Stacey Goodie, owner; Marcus Ramseur, handler.

Runner-Up—LILY AN CREAG, 1649594, Irish setter female, by Justified—Breakstone. David Creagan, owner and handler.

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