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Region 3 Amateur All-Age Championship

By Roger Duerksen, MD | Jan 14, 2021
Region 3 Amateur All-Age Championship Winners. From left: Champion Mohawk Mill Image with Ellen Winall and girls; Runner-Up Champion Mac’s Silver Chief with Tim McClurg. Behind: Gary Winall with Judges Randy Bradshaw and Alan York and friends.

Hoffman, N.C. — The Region 3 Amateur All-Age Championship was run December 17-19 at the Robert Gordon grounds, Hoffman N.C.

The first two days of the trial were exceptional bird-finding weather. To the handlers' additional benefit was the wonderful results of the bird program headed by John Ivester. John and his crew of Lefty Henry and Ted Riley have worked for years to bring back the quail at Hoffman.

The cover this year was excellent and the birds were plentiful, which gave all handlers bird-finding opportunities.

Alan Johnson provided lunches. Dinners were cancelled in view of COVID restrictions.

Alan York and Randy Bradshaw were our judges. They were attentive and are experienced judges and handlers who knew what an all-age dog is all about.

The stake drew a great entry of 42 dogs. The winner emerged in Mohawk Mill Image, six-year-old white and liver pointer male, owned and handed Gary Winall of Powhatan, Va. Runner-up was Mac’s Silver Chief, four-year-old white and orange pointer male, owned and handled by Tim McClurg of Fowler, Ohio.


The first day was overcast, misty and cool. Fourteen coveys were moved!

In the first brace, Master's Touch, pointer male handled by Tom Liesfeld, was picked up at 50. Stoney Run Rock, pointer male with Dennis Synder had two finds finds and an unproductive, and was picked up at 50. Game Trial (PM/Scott Griffin) had a covey find at 30. Runner-up Mac’s Silver Chief tallied a covey find on a relocation at 10. This was a very good brace with far-reaching races and good bird work. I’m Alley Cat (SM/Sammy Giddens) suffered two unproductives. Home Suits Me (PM/Paul Gadd) rendered a big race but had no birds.

Excalibur (PM/Derek Bonner) was credited with two finds and a back. Blue (Steve Mills) had one find and a back. In brace No. 5 was the winner Mohawk Mill Image which tallied one find and an unproductive. The judges liked this truly all-age race. Amazing Grace (PF/S. Giddens) had a find and a back but was up at 42. Hot Rize (PM/D. Bonner), a Derby, had four finds. A  great performance for this young dog with much potential.

Second day was cold in the morning but warmed up in the afternoon. Nine coveys moved

Dialing In (PF/Mills) backed bracemate Shadow (SF/Hilliard ) which had two finds. Bocephus (SM/Miller ) had one find. Eestors Yellowstone (PM/F. Grayson Francis) backed the setter's find. Good Advice (PM/Winall) was lost. Kid Rock (PM/T. Liesfeld) had one find. In No.10, Brown's Ace (PM/Brown) tallied two finds. Southern Natural (SF/S. Giddens) had one. Stony Run Joe (PM/D.Snyder) had two unproductives. Bucky (PM/P. Gadd) was picked up at 40. Dunn’s Hell and High Water (PM/Liesfeld) notched two finds but had two unproductives. L C  Smith (PM/G. Miller) suffered two unproductives.

Day No. 3 was cold but sunny. Five coveys were pointed.

Brace 13: Trial Warrior (PM/Winall) was lost on breakaway. Bad Prairie Billboard (PM/Q. Wiseman was picked up at 55. Marques Armed Robber (PM/Pendergest/Ivester) was lost. JCL’s Dal (PM/Adams) suffered two unproductives.  Bad Prairies Valley Girl (PF/Q. Wiseman) was up at 35. Mike (PM/J. Atkinson) also was up at 35.

Hitch (PM/G. Francis) notched three finds and good race. Dialed In (PF/Pendergest) also had three finds, but was up at 55. Pendy's Good Grace (PF/Pendergest) had an unproductive. Crockett (PM/J. Atkinson) had an uproducive at 35. Chipper Jones (PM/Ruthann Epp) was  lost Miller's Creative Cause (PM/Liesfeld) finished his hour but no bird work.

Day No. 4 it rained all morning and  the running was delayed until noon. In addition, it was cold.

Strut Nation (PM/S. Jordan) had  two unproductives. Talking Smack (PM/W. Parrott) likewise had a pair of unproductives. Walnut Tree Fred (PM/S. Mills) was lost and up at 30. Miss April (PF/Brown) was scratched.

In the final brace, No. 21, Confident Nation (PM/S. Jordan) had no bird work. Gone and Done It (PM/W. Parrott) had one unproductive.

Hoffman, N. C., December 17

Region 3 Amateur All-Age Championship

[one-Hour Heats] — 38 Pointers and 4 Setters

Winner—MOHAWK MILL IMAGE, 1657438, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Pirate—Bevy's Mean Girl. Gary S. Winall, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—MAC’S SILVER CHIEF, 1665549, pointer male, by Mac’s Silver Dollar—Hilo Southern Tea. Tim McClurg owner and handler.


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