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Region 3 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Jeff Smith | Apr 04, 2019
Region 3  Championship Winners, From left:  Nida Giddens with I’m Simple Pleasure and Tim McClurg with Harbor City Cruz. Behind are handlers Sammy Giddens and Tom Brigman. Next row: John Adsit, Jim Emerson and Judge Sean Melvin. Next is Gretchen Adsit and George Doyle. Far back: Larry McDonald and Judge Tony Bingham (far right).

Hoffman, N. C. — The 2018/2019 Region 3 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was held at the Robert Gordon Field Trial grounds in Hoffman, N. C., starting on March 1.

I’m Simple Pleasure, nine-year-old pointer male earned the championship title in the 16th brace with a forward easy handling race and one perfect find. He owned by Sammy and Nida Giddens of Raleigh, N. C., handled by Sammy and scouted by Nida.

Runner-up was earned by Waybetter Billy, owned and handled by Tom Brigman. The five-year-old pointer male had two finds in brace No. 19 with a strong race.

Interestingly, the winners came on day four of the trial. The first day’s running was delayed by three hours because of fog and ended after three braces due to heavy rain. Days two and three were both cloudy; day four was breezy with plenty of sunshine.

Other notable dogs were Ace, handled by Joe Edwards with one find in the first brace. Nosam’s Rock Creek was handled by Ray Wheeler in brace No. 5 and had a very good race, but only an unproductive to show for it. Birds were seen lifting by the gallery before the handler and judges arrived, but unfortunately not observed by either.

In brace No. 6, Hunter Wilcox handled his pointer  female  Desiree to one find. Lester’s Ritz (Derek Bonner) had a great race in No. 10, but no birds. J C’s Stony River, pointer male handled by Chad Adams, had a find in brace eleven. Jesse Brown’s pointer male Jesse’s Cold Shoulder had a find and forward race in No. 11. Tom Brigman had one find with Harbor City Cruz in the last brace.

Finding birds, pointing them, and having them stay until the judges and handlers arrived was a challenge. There were many unproductives. There have been many trials on the grounds, the birds have seen many dogs, horses and handlers. Some people believe the birds hear everyone coming and either leave before the dog can point them, or before being seen by the judges.

On behalf of Region 3, I would like to thank the judges, Sean Melvin  of Garland, N. C., and Tony Bingham of Shelby, N. C., for the fine work they did. They were attentive and punctual.

I would also like to thank George and Julie Kimbrell for hosting the Saturday night dinner in honor of last year’s champion, At’A Boy Roy.

I thank George Doyle for fixing the lunches every day and the Friday night dinner; J. J. Doyle for the quail print she donated as a gift to the winner; John and Gretchen Adsit for the help cleaning the clubhouse, and Larry McDonald for driving the dog wagon.

A special thanks to Purina for their sponsorship support, paying for the  ad in The American Field and the gift of Pro Plan for the winners.

Congratulations to the winners. I hope everyone had a good time.

Hoffman, N. C., March 1

Judges: Tony Bingham and Sean Melvin


[One-Hour Heats] — 41 Entries

Winner—I’M SIMPLE PLEASURE, 1622096, pointer male, by Hobbs Pete Rose—Bob’s Elhew Maggie. Hunter’s Creek Kennels, owner; Sammy Giddens, handler.

Runner-Up—WAYBETTER BILLY, 1652782, pointer male, by Brown’s Tom Tom—Waybetter Reba. Thomas Brigman, owner and handler.


[Word from Nida Giddens as this issue was prepared for press: “Our hearts broke on April 1. I’m Simple Pleasure unexpectedly lost his life. Internal tumors.”]

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