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Region 3 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

By Jameson Crandall | Feb 23, 2021
The Winners. From left: Grace Anne Lawson, judge; Dennis Kivikko with Sadie Ridge High Cotton, Ashby Morgan, scout, with Islander, Pedja Kazic, owner; and Dave Pomfret, judge.

Caret, Va. — Historic Blandfield Plantation is located in Essex County, Virginia, on the Rappahannock River. Blandfield consists of approximately 4000 acres. 600 acres are pristine marshland, part time residence to migratory waterfowl; 700 acres are open farmland, and the remainder is mature timberland and thinned open pine stands.

Originally 100,000 acres, Blandfield was land granted by the English Crown in 1683 to one Major Robert Beverly. It remained in the Beverly family for nine generations.

In 1983 Blandfield was acquired by the Wheat family who have been intent on preservation of the historic mansion, good stewardship of the land, and improving wildlife habitat. They also built a modern but rustic hunting lodge on the banks of the Rappahannock for patrons to stay in.

Upland manager Dave Pomfret has created exceptional quail habitat on the plantation. Pomfret also consults for other plantations and preserves on habitat management for quail. Blandfield boasts some of the best upland and waterfowl hunting on the East Coast. It is also often used for weddings and corporate events.

Grace Anne Lawson and Dave judged the Championship. Grace Anne and Dave campaign dogs throughout much of the country, from Dave’s training grounds in North Dakota, to most of the East Coast and in between. Their watchful eyes and experience must be appreciated. They rode for two full days on what was likely one of the coldest, windiest Virginia weekends of the year.

Sharon Townley prepared lunch, Garrett Preis roasted oysters over a warm fire, and a gallery wagon followed each brace. Handlers and dogs attended from Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.

All of the handlers commented on how nice the course was for showing a one-hour walking dog. Purina provided six bags of food for the champion, and three for the runner up. Their undeviating sponsorship is very appreciated.


Sadie Ridge High Cotton, five-year-old male pointer owned, trained, and handled by Dennis Kivikko won the champion title. Buddy, as his owner calls him, began his life on an all-age string and is a brother to the well-known Touch's Mega Mike. He came to Kivikko after it was decided that this wasn’t the circuit for him.

Buddy's His new owner has developed him into a polished walking shooting dog, which is clearly Buddy’s niche. Dennis says that Buddy's run was a little slow to develop but with some confidence it came. He hunts at Orpax Hunting Preserve and is a good grouse and woodcock dog, too, but hit the field trial courses knowing the difference. His build is well proportioned and muscular. He is mostly white with some orange markings around his head.

His winning performance came in the fifth brace on Friday after lunch. By then it was still in the 20s and the wind was fierce and bitter. At 7 Buddy and his bracemate were found pointed at the end of the breakaway field in a patch of sorghum. A single was flushed and both were taken on. Buddy and the male setter he ran with, Chippoke’s Hoss Man, then made a big move through part of the course called “the all-age field”, crossing a dirt road and hunting the edge of a second big field. At 24 in a five-acre feed patch of Egyptian wheat, sorghum, and lespedeza, Buddy went on point and his handler flushed for him. He remained staunch. A few moments later he stood again. After a flushing attempt Kivikko chose to relocate. Buddy moved up, Kivikko flushed again and a covey was produced.

The last twenty minutes of the course is a beautiful forest of long leaf pines. At 40 Buddy entered the pines and stood once more. Another covey was produced and Buddy and handler moved on to finish the hour. Buddy was seen through the piney vista hunting well to the front when time was called.

The runner-up was the well know setter male, Islander. At nearly eleven years old, Islander still puts down what owner-handler Pedja Kazic of Long Island calls “A Pedja race”. A race it is. “Jesse” always reaches the most distant objectives with surprising speed, but is still a true bird dog; always found pointing!  Jesse ran in the last brace of the stake on Saturday afternoon.

After a big breakaway he was found standing in the right corner of the all-age field at 15. It must have been pointed there waiting for his owner for a longtime because he had not been seen since the start. After the shot and some water, he made another cast and was seen in the distance hunting the large cover field. He was found on point at 24 at the end of a long strip of wildlife feed. All was in order and he was released then found by his scout at 37 standing in the pines. Kazic flushed and a covey came out of a briar thicket. Not much longer Jesse went on point for a fourth time. Steady to wing and shot as always, he went on to finish his hour with a cast reaching into the deep Virginia pines. I recently heard an admirer of Jesse say that he has “concrete feet” when on point. He never moves a paw, from point to flush to shot.


Faith's Maximum Justice (Kenny DeLong) started the day with a covey find at 7. The birds flushed right toward Justice flying within inches of his face; however, not one part of his body flinched. Not long after he suffered an unproductive before a pleasing find at the half way mark. Hatszel’s Z Bullet (Mark Copolla) was backing his bracemate at 7. He went on to have a pheasant find in the sorghum. He was found on point after a big move at 34 near the pines. Both finished the hour with a consistent medium ground race.

Bob’s Elhew Sushi (Bobby Phillips) was found on point three times and was seen going on point three times, one of those being an unproductive, for a total of five finds. At 58 she unfortunately decided she’d like to catch her quarry. Victory (Jamie Nee) made the same decision early in the hour on a pheasant find.

Tenacee Cooper (Greg Isenberg) scored two finds but on his second marked the bird a little too enthusiastically. Bluecreek Pearl (Allen Raiano) backed Cooper’s first find but pursued the bobwhite after the shot.

Ringo’s Sweet Heart (Verlene Stephenson) scored three well spaced and stylish finds but unfortunately fell victim to two unproductives. August Sky (J.C. Hudgins) failed to back Heart at 9.

Sadie Ridge High Cotton’s champion worthy show is noted above. Chippoke’s Hoss Man (Lee Flanders) shared a divided find with his bracemate and then had a dug-in find in a deep pocket of a crop field before blinking a back at 24.

Maximum Restistance (Owner Matthew Phillips, handler Pedja Kazic) was leashed at 2 for passing up an opportunity to back. Greg’s Wild Ivy (Greg Isenberg) finished her hour with an unproductive, four finds, and pointed a hawk kill.

Mohawk Mill Charmer (Ashby Morgan) and Pirate’s Mean Louise (Dennis Kivikko) hunted and ran together as a team scoring three divided finds. Louise pointed at the end of the breakaway field where a bird was produced and all was in order. She also had an unproductive at 48. Both dogs finished.

Stargell’s Money Penny (Kirk Regensberg) backed bracemate Bob’s Elhew Sage (Bobby Phillips) at 8. She went on to have two finds, two dead bird finds, and one unproductive. Sage scored three well-spaced finds and hunted the course at a foot handling range. Within five minutes of the finish she took a few too many steps on her last find.

Grouse Hill Bulletproof (Jamie Nee) had three clean finds and a decent ranging run but succumbed to temptation at the half hour mark. Hatzel’s Touchdown Gail (Mark Coppola) had a big breakaway. She wasn’t seen until 17 minutes where she was found standing in the woods behind the all-age field. She also succumbed to temptation.

Lancaster’s Hit Man (Jimmy Crandall) began with a big breakaway and two well spaced finds. After the half way mark upon entering the cover field his race shortened. He went on to have two more finds, two unproductives and finished the hour.

Tenacee Shelby (Greg Isenberg) had one impressive back where she stood for at least 5 minutes waiting for Crandall to reach his dog who was on point. She also had two more backs and three finds at objectives others had failed to search. Both finished.

Back Creek Lucy (Steve Graham) began with an unproductive first and then a find, both mannerly. The second find was not so mannerly and ended her run. Mohawk Mill Rebel Pirate (Ashby Morgan) began with two spaced out finds at 9 and 29 and a strong ground race before pushing a bird out during a relocation.

Chippoke's Little Buddy (Lee Flanders) was up after 15 minutes, being charged with two unproductives. Mike’s Westwind Cindy (Mike Moeller) refused to back at 5.

Beechwood’s Samuel Colt (Sharon Townley) and Glassilaun War Paint (Jamie Nee) shared a divided find at 6. Colt had a big motor and two more finds before an accident during a relocation near the end. Glassilaun War Paint went on to have three more finds after the shared find with Colt. He was also found backing once and encountered one unproductive. He finished the hour strong, with a reaching cast into the pinewoods as time was called.

Westwind Kylee (Mike Moeller) enthusiastically perused a pheasant not long after the breakaway. She was braced with runner-up winner Islander.

Caret, Va., January 29 — One Course

Judges: Grace Anne Lawson and Dave Pomfret


[One-Hour Heats] — 16 Pointers, 1 Setter and 2 Vizslas

Winner—SADIE RIDGE HIGH COTTON 1669737, pointer male, by House’s Ring of Fire—Touch’s Blaylock Bess. Dennis Kivikko, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—ISLANDER, 1641545, setter male, by The Insider—East Coast Bella. Pedrag Kazic, owner and handler.


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