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Region 4 Brittany Amateur All-Age Championship

By Jack Alexander | Jul 11, 2019
Championship Winners. From left: J W B Arctic Cat with owner-handler Jack Alexander and Crystal Alexander and Ru Jem’s Last Penny with owner Jerry McGee and handler Stan Williamson.

Dresden, Ohio — The Ohio Brittany Club hosted the Region 4  Brittany Amateur All-Age Championship at the Tri-Valley grounds in Dresden, Ohio.

The weather in Ohio this time of year can still be brutal and cold; however, Mother Nature was fairly kind to us on the weekend of the trial, allowing us clear skies and temperatures in the 30s and 40s. There was no precipitation to impede the trial and the birds were active and plentiful.

Invited to judge the Championship were Ohio natives Cliff Mesnard and Justin Allen. Both men are very active in the field trial world and enjoy this sport to the fullest. They brought a lot of knowledge and laughs to the weekend and we appreciated their presence and attention provided.

The Ohio Brittany Club cannot thank our judges, Tommy Tracy and all of our amateur participants enough for the support received throughout the weekend to make this trial a success.

We  also thank Purina for the support year after year, aiding us all to continue to enjoy this sport.


Tre (Three/ Haines) and Marjo’s Leftover (Haley/Perry) broke away strong and forward following the course up the hill out of sight. Haley could be seen standing as the gallery came up over the hill at 5 on point. Tre failed to back and was picked up after the bird was produced. Haley was able to finish the full hour, however, had a difficult time maintaining a forward application.

J J’s Diablo With Rusty Tears (Williams) and C V K’s Spartan King (Leo/Alexander). Right off the breakaway these two powerful dogs took the front capturing the judges’ and gallery’s attention. The dogs crossed the valley, about 300 yards away, standing for a divided find at 11. Leo proved his confidence and assertiveness on the course for the next 25 minutes requiring hard work by both the scout and handler to keep him within reach. Leo stayed forward with his remaining time on course, however, was unable to match his range from the beginning toward the end of the hour.

Alder All Tundra Devil Tuktu (Tucker/Puener) and Perfect By Nature (Nate/Rosevear) went birdless despite their desperation and hard work.

J W B Arctic Cat (Kimber/Alexander) and Jagoub’s Spell Caster (Tabu/Jagielski) climbed the breakaway forward and excitedly off to the east. At 5 Kimber had an unproductive. The dog continued on determined to satisfy her owner and produced two small coveys at 11 and 35. Kimber demonstrated a very independent and smooth forward application throughout the challenges of this course for the full hour. At the end of the hour the judges called time and the dog was found standing stylishly, solidifying her spot in the line-up for placements. Tabu was picked up at 32 for failure to please her handler and the retrieval unit was requested.

Ru Jem’s Last Penny (Williamson) and Brigadoon’s Hi Proof Moonshine (Hootch/Perry). As expected with Penny, she remained forward and stylish, demonstrating comfortable application throughout the hour with back- to-back finds at 42  and 46. Hootch was out of sight from the beginning. Perry requested the retrieval device  at 10.

At 19 Roustabout Pumpkin (Rosevear) and Diamond Hill Ain’t My Fault (Scout/Pollock) were found under a bird with a failure to stop to flush.

Both Kashmir (Cash/Alexander) and J J’s Levi The Lion Heart (Williams)  powered forward right off the breakaway making nice forward moves through the first valley and across the creek. They shared a divided find at 12. Levi continued on to deliver three more proud finds at 24, 34 and 42. He demonstrated a mature and forward race through all the hills and turns that this course has to offer. After the first find, Cash eagerly seized up as much ground as he could and was lost to the front at 32.

Two (Wade Haines) and High Velocity Copper Magnum (Colt/Anderson). Two had Mr. Haines busy right off the bat with a productive find  at 6 on the side of the hill and a productive find at 8. The dog continued forward through the course, having two more finds at 20 and 38. Unfortunately, the dog was unable to maintain a stylish composure during the last find and  handler elected to pick up. Colt had a nice race delivering a total of three finds; at 16, 20 and 43 with an unproductive at 52.

Castaway Wilson (Alexander) maintained great range and independence throughout the brace; however, during his find at 43 he was unable to contain his excitement and moved while the handler was flushing. Diamond Hill Traveling Doc (Pollock) was an exciting dog to watch throughout the first half of his hour, catching the attention of judges. He produced three finds — at 28, 42 and 51 — with an unproductive at 9. Unfortunately, all the temptation from the previous finds was too much for Doc to handle and he eagerly chased after the birds his handler produced with minutes left to his hour.

Alleycat Drought (Williamson) had a stylish find right off the breakaway at 3, however, was found under a bird with the second find at 13. Roustabout’s White Knight (Lance/Rosevear) finished the hour, challenging his scout and handler for the majority of his run. He produced a bird at 39 after a relocation.

Bretagne (Brie/Perry) proved to be a tough component throughout the first half. She had a great nose and produced multiple solid finds at 4, 29, 38, 42 and 51 with an unproductive at 21. She lost her stamina about halfway through the hour shortening her range but remained forward. Bracemate Lapat’s Cody (Larry McDonald) was picked up for failure to back at 29.

Dresden, Ohio, March 16 — One Course

Judges: Justin Allen and Cliff Mesnard


[One-Hour Heats] — 22 Brittanys

Winner—J W B ARCTIC CAT, 1671900, female, by Maxwell’s Over Limits—Chancey’s Frozen Asset. Jack & Crystal Alexander, owners; Jack Alexander, handler.

Runner-Up—RU JEM’S LAST PENNY, 1621183, female, by Trademark’s A T M—Red Bud Zipper. Ruth & Jerry McGee, owners; Stan Williamson, handler.

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