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Region 5 Amateur All-Age Championship

By Jason Kemna | Dec 23, 2015
Erin's Redrum Winner of the Region 5 Amateur All-Age Championship

Grovespring, Mo. — Thirty-four dogs were drawn to run in the Region 5 Amateur All-Age Championship held October 23-25  on the Sportsmen’s Association grounds near Grovespring, Mo. The grounds were in great shape this year with ample cover and birds were plentiful. There were several nice coveys pointed on each of the three courses throughout the trial.

Dogs and handlers traveled from seven different states to make their bid for the championship title. Throughout the event, Region 5 members such as Tony and Cora King, Kendall Schmidt, Hank Jansen, Kay Morrison and Jay Lewis stepped up to help run the event. Gary Cowell assisted in the dog wagon duties.

A big thank you to Kendall for hosting a fish fry Saturday evening; it was delicious! I can’t thank everyone enough for pitching in and helping to make the trial a great success.

Judges Howard Burbach of Missouri and Mike Martin of Arkansas presided over this year’s titular stake. They spent three days in the saddle giving every participant their undivided attention. A big thank you goes out to these two gentlemen as their decisions were well received.


Named champion was Erin’s Redrum, white and  orange  pointer male that ran in the 13th brace for handler Sean Derrig. Redrum had four finds spaced throughout his hour, showing tremendous style on point with a high head and tail and exceptional muscle intensity. He was extremely powerful in his race, always big to the front, covering and hunting every bit of real estate in front of him.

One of the judges stated: “He ran like hell, covered every bit of the course, always to the front and looked tremendous doing it.” Redrum capped the performance off with a strong, powerful finish, far to the front and ready for more!  He started strong and got stronger as the hour went on.

Erin’s Whiskey River, also handled by Sean Derrig, was named runner-up,  competing in the 6th brace. Whiskey River tallied two nice finds and a back while always strong to the front with a very nice finish. He started strong and finished strong, very consistent throughout the hour.

The judges also mentioned two other dogs that had great performances and would have been sitting at the top in a lot of other trials. Westfall’s Black Ace and Erin’s Kentucky Gambler, running in the first brace of the trial, set the bar high. Both dogs had very consistent forward races, notching finds each, with Kentucky Gambler showing great manners with a back of his bracemate.

I want to thank everyone who helped out keeping the trial running smoothly, the judges for a job well done and all the owner/handlers who entered dogs. It takes so many pieces to come together to make a successful trial and all were definitely on display at Region 5!

Grovespring, Mo., October 23

Judges: Howard Burbach and Mike Martin


[One-Hour Heats] — 29 Pointers and 5 Setters

Winner—ERIN’S REDRUM, 1655012, pointer male, by Erin’s Whiskey River—Erin’s Wild Rose. Sean Derrig, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—ERIN’S WHISKEY RIVER, 1605957, pointer male, by Erin’s Bad River—Erin’s Gypsy. Maeve Derrig, owner; Sean Derrig, handler.

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