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Region 5 Amateur All-Age Championship

By Jay Lewis | Jan 13, 2020
Touch's Grey Street Winner of the Region 5 Amateur All-Age Championship

Grovespring, Mo. — The Region 5 Amateur All-Age Championship started December 6 at the Sportsmen’s Association venue in Grovespring, Mo.

Judges for this renewal were Don Kimble of Andover, Kan., and Jim Lawless of Sparta, Ill.

The fabled Sportsmen’s grounds were in excellent condition and an abundance of pre-released coveys were found. At each find a covey boiled from the cover. No stomping around searching for that single running libby. Over 34 coveys were pointed by a field of 28 entries.

I can’t say enough how good it feels to walk in front of your dog and watch a covey of twenty birds launch. This happened often during the running.

We thank our sponsor Purina for their continual support of the field trial sport across the nation.

The weather was cooperative during the running and all braces had bird work.


Our champion and runner-up came from the same kennel. Championship honors went to three-year-old pointer male Touch’s Grey Street for owner-handler Keith Wright of Covington, Ind., and runner-up laurels were awarded to Touch’s Indiana Joan, five-year-old  pointer female for Wright as well.

Champion Grey Street ran in the 8th brace on course No. 2 Saturday morning with Windy Hills Living Large (Merryman.) Living Large was loosed and faded away to the front never to be seen again under judgment after 10.

Grey Street had a find at 37 for Wright on a large bevy in the sycamore bottoms, shot fired, all in order. Street was found again to the front at 44 standing with head and tail high. Birds were flushed and he was taken on to finish the hour strong, laying on the edges with extreme range.

It was obvious that this was the dog to beat when time was called.

Runner-up Indiana Joan came from the second brace Friday morning on course No. 2 as well, braced with Bocomo Rose (Lewis).

Joan scored at 10 with a find and birds were flushed as she stood tall. Starting slow but gaining speed and momentum Joan carded her second find at 25. An unproductive stand at 20 did not hinder her presence of mind. At 42 Joan stood again for Wright in the entrance to bull pasture. At 60 Wright took off his hat for a brilliant find at pickup to secure the runner-up title. Joan is no stranger to the winners’ circle.

Bocomo Rose ran wide and listened well to handler but slowed her race due to sore feet and finished her hour with no bird work.

The first brace broke away at 8:00 a. m. on Friday morning with Small’s White Stryker (Small) and Worsham’s Silver Comet (Worsham). Stryker suffered an unproductive at 18 with Comet backing, followed with a nice flowing race and a find at 47. Worsham pulled the retrieval device to end his bid at 40.

The second brace had Touch’s Indiana Joan and Bocomo Rose.

Rester’s Cajun Charlie,  fresh off his win the day before of the Derby Super Qualifier for Rester, went birdless. S F Strongwind (Berendzen) started strong and wide. At 25 hat was off for Wind with a covey perfectly located. He was found far to the front on point. Loosed again, point was called at 28. Wind displayed style and manners and birds were flown and shot fired. Wind continued his hour running fast and wide to the front. Fading away to the front at 50 but pointed out by handler, Wind crossed the road into Davis bottoms and time was called. Judges did not see him when handler last called sight and the clock ran out before he could return. It was a shame because Strongwind had a great performance today, but time was not on his side. Handler was all smiles with his performance even though it was not rewarded.

Double Rebel Cowboy (Oxendine) and Nemaha Boot (McInteer) started the afternoon off. Cowboy was erratic at the start and then slowed. He was not behaving as we all know he can and handler opted to pick him up. Boot scored a find at 6 in the breakaway bottoms, all in order. Another hat off at 15 before the road crossing for Boot. Birds were flushed and Boot stood with manners. Boot was recently invited to the Shooting Dog Invitational in Georgia. He has shown that he can perform on both courts over the past year. Boot suffered two unproductives at 25 and 53 to end his bid this day.

Nosam’s Full Ride (Ashburn) and Ready’s First Pitch (White) began their bid at little vine loop. Full Ride was not suiting handler and was up at 15. Pitch had birds at 20 and another find at 27 all in order. Showing he could dig up birds in the cover. Following his finds he stood barren at 37 and again at 45 to end his bid. [This was handler Kevin White’s first visit in a long time to the Sportsmen’s grounds. It was great to see him return with nice dogs in tow. Thanks for bringing friend and handler Jason Reed with you. We hope you both return soon to try your luck here again.]

Phillips Off Line (Small) and Touch’s Smooth Rider (Wright) began the last brace of the day heading up into the clubhouse loop. Off Line started strong past the clubhouse and up the hill. Smooth Rider stayed on top and point was called by scout at 7. Birds were flushed and shot fired. Up the hill toward the pond at 10 point was called again for Rider. All in order. Off Line disappeared into the bottoms and the retrieval unit was pulled. Rider continued on to have an unproductive at 24 and another at 36 in a known location. The day’s running was over early.

Saturday morning brought heavy frost with a light breeze.

Brace No. 7 had I’m A Redneck Flirt (Babbel) and Erin’s Irish Rebel (Derrig). At 27 both dogs were on point in the front on both sides of the bottoms. Rebel moved at flush to end his attempt. Flirt stood mannerly to be loosed again. Flirt hunted the edges and handled, flowing through the course until 50 when point was called again. No birds were found after a relocation and handler took her on. At 59 point was called by Babbel; he walked in front of the dog. No birds were found and a relocation was to no avail. The brace ended with both dogs out of contention.

No. 8 had the winner Grey Street and Windy Hills Living Large.

Erin’s Wild Rum did not seem to fire in the first 20 minutes and Johnson opted to pick him up. She’s A Knockout (Curtsinger) had a find at 9.  Birds were flushed, all in order. At 20 point was called again by Curtsinger and birds were located and flown and shot fired. At 38 a final find was carded for Knockout but her race and style kept her from being considered this day. Knockout is a 1x champion and 1x runner-up and is always a threat.

Worsham’s Super Sport carded a find at 15 with all in order and continued running but did not look like himself and Worsham opted to end his bid at 40. Rester picked up Rester’s Amazing Grace as she was not suiting him.

Stylish Twice’s Nice Taz (Curtsinger) had a find at 13, Bromance (Humphrey) backing, all in order. “Bro” had a find at 33 with good style. At 44 both dogs stood with Bro backing. Both dogs were released and continued until 50 where Nice scored again with Bro backing. Neither dog had its running shoes on today and each finished to the front but not covering the ground the judges were looking for.

Frontline Little Bud found birds at 20 and moved during the flush to end his bid for Livingston. Django (Babbel) had birds at 36 standing high. Loosed and running shorter than usual, he continued on to the front and had a mannerly find at 50 across the road. He had another  at 57 but not enough to move the winners.

Everyone retired to the clubhouse for happy hour and snacks prior to the delicious home-made lasagna served by the chairman Chris Gebhardt, who really knows how to put on a feed. His day job revolves around the food business and his bride is the owner of a wonderful eatery in downtown Columbia called Tellers. She generously lets us hold our summer meetings there.

After dinner the Region 5 held its winter meeting. Minutes are available by contacting Secretary Kay Morrison.

Day No. 3 began Sunday morning with three braces left.

Westfall’s Quick Trick (Lewis) and Crouse’s White Dragon (Schalk) were loosed at 8:00 a. m.  Both dogs took the right side and faded away into the bottoms toward the creek crossing. At 14 Trick had birds on edge after a big swing by the road gate. Birds were flushed as she stood high for handler Jay Lewis. Owner Rich Lewis could see the action from the wagon on the road. Loosed to catch the front just in time to see Dragon on point into the Davis bottoms at 26. Mary Sue flushed birds for her dog and headed back to the front. Trick took the far side of the creek and rolled through the island field while judges and gallery stayed on course. Handler Lewis rode to the creek to view the swing and called point for Trick at the entrance to the island field. These birds had not been seen during this trial. She stood tall for flush and shot. Lewis waited for the other handler to catch up and they were off again. At 40 Schalk called point for Dragon along field edge before Little Vine Loop. Shot was fired and all was in order. This was becoming a brace to behold with both dogs laying on the edge and flowing forward. Trick took the front and lapped the loop and came from behind to catch the front just at pickup. Knocking on the door but the trip through the gallery was too much and judges couldn’t use her as she was starting to show signs of fatigue.

No. 14: White Knight’s Prophecy (Berendzen) and Windy Hills Ray Ban (Merryman) were loosed into sycamore bottoms. At 14 Merryman called point and shot was fired. At 34 hat was off again by Merryman near the twin barns. This time Ray Ban decided to go with the birds and his bid was up. Berendzen elected to pick up Prophecy as he was not suiting him.

Crouse’s Equalizer (Crouse) and Erin’s Coin Toss (Sheehan) headed to the front. Toss was not running the race we have come to expect and looked sore. After her run she was found to have shredded feet. This explains why she did not display her normal wide race and excellent bird-finding ability. Equalizer had birds along road at 20 with all in order. Again at 25 Equalizer stood but no birds could be raised. Off to the front after extended flushing in a known location. At 40 Crouse called point again for but no birds could be found for his second unproductive and he was harnessed.

The running for the Championship came to a close. Birds were plentiful and the judges had several to surmise. Races were run, style was seen, manners exhibited and a good time was had by all. If you have not made the journey to Grovespring to enjoy all it has to offer you need to put that on your bucket list. Once again a great championship was witnessed on these grounds. Come on over and see us and enjoy our hospitality. New horse corrals and dog pens have been added, the clubhouse is in fine order and the grounds were impeccably manicured. This makes it easy to enjoy yourself and the company of other sportsmen from around the country.

May 2020 bring you all good fortune. God bless us, one and all, that we may live to compete another day.

Grovespring, Mo., December 6

Judges: Don Kimble and Jim Lawless


28 Pointers

Winner—TOUCH’S GREY STREET, 1680120, male, by Touch’s Knight Rider—Touch’s White Assault. Keith Wright, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—TOUCH’S INDIANA JOAN, 1661285, female, by House’s Ring of Fire—Touch’s Maswood Anne. Keith Wright, owner and handler.

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