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Region 5 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Eddie Berendzen | Mar 20, 2017
Championship Winners. From left: Jim Lawless, Eddie Berendzen with Nemaha Boot, Judge Stan Wint,  Dr. Pat McInteer, Judge Larry Smith, Tony King with Hale’s Southern Touch and Dr. Jeffrey Hale.

Grovespring, Mo. — The Region 5 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was hosted at the Sportsmen’s Club of Southwest Missouri’s Grovespring grounds. The trial began on Friday morning, December 16.

All field trials are a lot of work to put on and team Berendzen came together to handle the Region 5. As the sun was coming up over the hills, Eddie Berendzen was returning from planting birds. Ashley Berendzen had prepared coffee, biscuits and gravy. The judges were ready and the contestants were saddling their horses.

At 8:15 a. m. Eddie Berendzen welcomed everyone to the field trial, had a few brief announcements and introduced judges Larry Smith of Gentry, Mo., and Stan Wint of Gardner, Kan. The judges would attentively watch the 24 dogs from six states who were vying for the title. Although it was a partly cloudy day and it was warmer than normal for this time of year, the wind was still out of the north and had a little bite to it. An indication of things to come before the trial would end.

Entries came from Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and Arkansas. On Friday six braces were completed. Several nice performances were seen. Setter female Traveler’s Prairie Souix, handled by Greg Sand of Hill City, Kan., was down in the third brace and is no stranger to the winners’ circle.  Westfall’s Black Cloud ran in the fourth brace, handled by Jay Lewis of Ashland, Mo., and Wild Covey Shockwave, a young dog with a lot of promise, handled by Tony King of Thompson, Mo.

After the running on Friday night, Robert Berendzen prepared a sumptuous meal of pork steaks and all the trimmings. Following dinner the Region 5 meeting was held in the Grovespring clubhouse. President Jim and Secretary Kay Lawless discussed the future trials Region 5 would be having, possible locations and possible alternatives for awards. All business being concluded, the evening continued compliments of Robert Berendzen and his private stock and soon to be on the market Walking Horse Whiskey.

When Saturday morning arrived, after another great breakfast, we got ready to run brace No. 7. The threat of a change in the weather became very apparent. By the end of the day the warm conditions of the morning would turn into a nice mist of cold rain and sleet which would make traveling home almost impossible. In the eighth brace, Laura Miller ran Lundy’s Red Bull, the only Viszla to ever make it to the Shooting Dog Invitational. Bull had a very creditable performance with two finds.

Runner-up Hale’s Southern Touch, a snappy pointer female, also ran in the eighth brace, having finds at 9, 11, 22, a back at 32, and an unproductive at 49. Hale’s female was great on her game and had a very consistent forward race.

Champion Nemaha Boot is no stranger to the winners’ circle. Dr. Pat McInteer of Falls City, Neb., handled Boot in the 9th brace and Boot had finds at 12, 25, a back at 35, and a find at 45 with an excellent relocation. Boot had a strong forward ground race with a smooth seamless run which was indicative of what the judges were looking for. His bird work was excellent and he is a very attractive dog on point.

The Grovespring grounds proved an excellent venue with plenty of birds with the right amount of cover for this time of year. The judges’ decisions were well received. The only problem was the weather was not co-operating and a nice layer of ice had developed all over Missouri, Kansas and Iowa. This made the roads impassable and caused everyone to delay their trips home until midday on Sunday when the sun came out and things became a little safer. Region 5 would like to thank all who have made this event a success.

Grovespring, Mo., December 16

Judges: Larry L. Smith and Stan Wint


CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 24 Entries

Winner—NEMAHA BOOT, 1651910, pointer male, by Nemaha City Slicker—Nemaha Tinker Bell. Dr. Pat McInteer, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—HALE’S SOUTHERN TOUCH, 1644260, pointer female, by Whippoorwill War Dance—Whippoorwill G M A. J. A. Hale, owner and handler.

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