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Region 6 Amateur All-Age Championship

By Tessa Hughes | Jan 02, 2018
The Winners. From left: David Williams, Brad Kennedy, Judge Joe Hughes, Cole Train with Dr. Fred Corder, Touch’s Fire Dancer with Keith Wright, John Vanada and Judge John Lam.

Blue Mountain, Miss. — Cole Train five-year-old white and black pointer male, with Mississippi medico Dr. Fred Corder in the saddle as handler and owner, swept a field of 30 dogs to seize the 2017 Region 6 Amateur All-Age Championship held December 8-10. Touch’s Fire Dancer, white and liver pointer female, owned and handled by Keith Wright of Covington, Ind., took the runner-up honors.

It was an exciting trial, with 56 game contacts in the two and a half days of running at the Hell Creek WMA, Blue Mountain, Miss.

The running opened on a chilly Friday morning. The temperature did not climb above 40° and the day was largely overcast.

John Lam of Makanda, Ill., and Scott Little of Woodlawn, Tenn., started in the judicial saddles, but the tragic death of Little’s father caused him to have to leave Friday night, and Joe Hughes of Locust Fork, Ala., stepped in to complete the judicial duties. All judges gave every dog their full attention.

Greg Bain, secretary of the Alabama Field Trial Club, and Hughes, president, were on hand to assist Angie Williams, secretary/treasurer of Region 6, with the running of the stake.

Hughes, Bain, and Brad Kennedy served as marshals, capably helping handlers and judges.

Jack Griffin, game technician, was, as always, very helpful, moving the dog box, making sure the clubhouse, grounds, stables, and kennels were in great shape, and guarding the road crossings.

Sportsman’s Pride dog food company also graciously sponsored a dinner on Saturday night for all the participants. Sportsman’s Pride also generously donated twelve bags of feed for the winner, and eight for the runner-up. Many thanks go to Brad Kennedy with Sportsman’s Pride for all he and his company do for our sport!


Cole Train wowed everyone with his extremely fast and aggressive race on Friday afternoon. A handsome dog, it was clear he knew what he was there to do, find Dr. Corder some birds, and he made it happen!

Cole Train swept through the course on the first hour after lunch, garnering an impressive four finds at 37, 45, 56, 59, and a back of his bracemate, Phillips Off Line. Cole Train handled all his game in breathtaking fashion, looking like a master on his birds, with his head and tail held high.

Touch’s Fire Dancer put on a dazzling effort to garner runner-up honors with finds at 17, 26, 38, 44 and 48, and a back of her bracemate, Pendy’s Good Grace, at 32. She also ran an impressive ground race for handler Keith Wright, and was on the second course after lunch with a breakaway from the game warden’s house, concluding at the clubhouse. Fire Dancer was very mannerly on all her birds, and looked lovely on point.

S F Bandwagon PM/Larry Smith) and Mohawk Mill Pirate’s Legacy (PM/Gary Winall, started off the Championship. Away from the clubhouse, both showed themselves as fleet of foot before Bandwagon went on to have five finds in his hour. Pirate’s Legacy was up at 56, however, after a breach of manners.

Misty Morn Masked Man (PM/Joey McAlexander) and Small’s White Stryker (PM/Mike Small) were away from the game warden’s house. Masked Man put on a show of a ground race but was lost by the time the course crossed the creek into the long bottom heading toward the clubhouse. Stryker had a strong finish and excellent bird work with finds at 35, 45, 49 and 50.

Traveler’s Prairie Souix (SF/Larry Smith) had one nice find but suffered her second unproductive at 28 and was up. Pointer male Game Bo ran big, had two well-executed finds and showed well for Fred Corder.

Phillips Off Line (PM/Mike Small) and our champion Cole Train were in the first brace after lunch. Off Line ran a hard race with two finds at 5 and 26 and an unproductive.

Hendrix’s Signature (PM/Burke Hendrix) and Mohawk Mill Image (PM/ Winall) were in the fifth brace on Friday, leaving from the game warden’s house. Signature had a stop to flush at 4, a find at 44 and an unproductive at 19. He ran an impressive race. Image was also very stylish in covering country. He honored the stop to flush very well, but had no birds of his own.

Rester’s Super Chief (PM/Cecil Rester) had a startling find right at the breakaway which he handled very well. He then went on to make some very nice casts in his hour. Hodges Beast-mode (PM/Brian Hodges) ran well but encountered no birds in his hour.

Ascension (PM/Jim Pendergest) and Erin’s Full Throttle (PM/John Ivester) started us off on a very cold Saturday morning, with highs only in the 20s. Both dogs ran very aggressive ground races, with Ascension handling a nice piece of bird work at 8. Throttle had a very mannerly find at 42.

Rebel Maiden, David Williams’ in season pointer female, hunted hard and had a stylish find at 44. Pennie’s Shadow (PF/Blake Kukar) handled her birds well at 32.

Marques Armed Robber (PM/Ivester) was up after a miscue on birds. Reloaded (PM/J. Pendergest) ran well until he was deemed lost and out of judgment.

Quintin Wiseman traveled all the way from Georgia in very snowy and hazardous conditions to join us for the next brace with his pointer male Bad Prairie Billboard. Ruthann Littell was his bracemate with pointer male Chipper Jones. Jones worked hard in his hour but had no bird contact. Billboard ran well, had a nice find at 16, but was up after a miscue on his birds.

Touch’s Fire Dancer, runner-up, was covered. Pendy’s Good Grace (PF/Matt Pendergest) blew the front end out on the big bottom heading toward the clubhouse and showed us all why she has already garnered a lot of honors in her young career. She had three very nice finds at 20, 32 and 38.

Pointer male Touch’s Smooth Rider ran hard for Keith Wright, scoring finds at 30 seconds, at 6, 38 and 55. Rebel Pirate (PM/Williams) was up shortly after the breakaway after bad luck on a find.

With the weather still bone-chilling, Wright started us off on the first brace Sunday morning with Touch’s Indiana Joan, pointer female, as a bye dog after Danny White had to scratch pointer male White’s Scattergun. Joan had a nice forward race and a pretty find at 59.

Our second brace of the morning was two pointer males, Hendrix’s Dak Attack (Burke Hendrix) and Rebel Patriot (Williams). These dogs ran hard and had a divided find at 35. Attack was up at 55 after not pleasing his handler. Patriot finished quite strongly.

Rebel Dreamer, pointer female in season, with Williams in the saddle again, and Cocklebur Drama Queen, also pointer female in season, with Bubba Spencer handling, were our last brace of . Queen had a snazzy find at 3, with Dreamer backing nicely. Both dogs ran well the rest of the brace, with Dreamer garnering additional finds at 26 and 35.

Blue Mountain, Miss., December 8

Judges: Jon Lam, Scott Little and Joe Hughes

REGION 6 AMATEUR ALL-AGE CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 29 Pointers and 1 Setter

Winner—COLE TRAIN, 1651709, pointer male, by Lance’s Last Knight—Quinton’s Pretty Baby. Dr. Fred Corder, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—TOUCH’S FIRE DANCER, 1651102, pointer female, by Touch’s Pond Dam—Whippoorwill G M A. Keith A. Wright, owner and handler.

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