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Dub Emde Challenge

Region 8 Amateur All-Age Brittany Championship

By Linda Milam | Mar 13, 2018
The Winners. Front (l-r): Linda and Tom Milam, Joey Rogers with S S Rig’s Colorado Gun Runner, Judge Robbie Gulledge, Dr. Robert Rankin, Frank Campbell with Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper and Judge Keith Gulledge.

Ardmore, Okla. — This Championship is named for Dub Emde. Through the years he became a good friend to me. I had only been to a couple of trials and showed up at the Sooner Brittany trial at Lake Murray. I was still “wet behind the ears”. I was braced with an expierenced trialer and a good dog. I asked a couple of other participants if they would scout for me. They both told me they were helping my bracemate. The marshal did not know the course and stuck us into a few dead ends. I had to dismount and help my bracemate back out of one.

In those days a birdfield was used. My dog was immediately on point but both judges were watching my bracemate’s dog. I flushed, fired and collared my dog. Steaming is a conservative word for my feelings. Dub came over and talked to me. When the conversation ended I had calmed down and even  laughed at what had transpired. He was a man that was as good as gold. That is why this Championship is named for him.

There are a lot of good dog food companies. None of them give support to field trials approaching what Purina does.

Purina’s products cannot be beat. Everyone who enjoys and participates in this good sport should consider the dedication and quality of products when purchasing dog food.

Our advertised judges were both down with the flu. I was able to obtain the help of Robbie and Keith Gulledge of Madison, Kan., at the last minute. This is a successful husband and wife team that trains and compaigns German Shorthairs. They graciously agreed to stay over from the preceding GSP Championship.


Maxwell’s Legal Tender (Faith/ Rogers) and T L M Tejano Bob (Milam) broke away from camp. Bob took a wrong turn early and was gone. Faith continued on course making some good forward moves. After crossing pond damn No. 2, Faith was found standing at the beginning of cedar point. Birds were flushed with all in order to end the hour.

T L M Pete Nocona (Milam) and Kinwashkly Tempo (Rankins) began at the double motts. Opening casts were big and through the bear trap; both dogs were forward at good range. Tempo established point at the feeder north of the firework area. Unfortunately he took steps during the flushing attempt. Pete pointed at the north end of bird valley. A small covey was flushed. Pete had his second find at little pond point. He scored a third time across the ridge from Linda’s Crossing. Pete continued a forward race but tired in the last 15 minutes.

M K’s Magnificent Bandito (Chico/ Lincoln) and Highpoint Blazing High Noon (Cooper/Trey Baer) broke toward rocky crossing. Both dogs made the turn toward Manck’s Crossing with Chico being wide right. He joined back up

before the crossing and then went right again. He was found on point by a scout at little pond point. All was in order through the flush with one bird flying over his head. Chico again went right after being released and was not returned to judgment. Cooper was active and forward during the first half of the brace. He was out of pocket at pond No. 1 but good scouting produced him as we left tent pad point. He headed north and suffered the same fate as Chico.

Away from camp after lunch were Arrow’s Tequila Rustler (Rusty/ Milam) and Carpe Diem (Lincoln). Both dogs had their running shoes on. Carpe was not present as we crossed Lem Roberts Road and the retrieval unit was pulled. Rusty displayed forward application at moderate range but was not rewarded with bird work.

Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper (Campbell) and Rammer Jammer Jax (Baer) were loosed going south toward cedar point. Jax broke hard and Ned took the right side line. Through the point and on to the double motts both dogs continued forward toward the bear trap. Jax disappeared into the bear trap, not to be returned. Ned was forward the entire brace and tallied an impressive five pieces of bird work. His race became moderate in range as he hunted every likely spot. He finished at the third meadow next to the west country. He is a good bird dog.

Ocaje (Grace/Gowin) and Maxwell’s Quick Silver (Rogers) began in the third meadow toward pond No. 4. Both dogs broke with gusto. Silver was missing at the pond damn but caught the front halfway down the meadow. I think Grace had an unproductive before the two track but had a find before rocky crossing. She broke right into the gully. At the head of the gully she didn’t show. After several minutes Gowin pulled his retrieval unit. A call of “point!” by the scout was heard in a couple of minutes before the retrieval unit received a signal. This was a shame because Grace had it going. Silver made some good moves and finished the hour. Unfortunately she had no bird work.

Crossed the Line (Ty/Rankin) and S S Rig’s Colorado Gun Runner (Milam). Sunday morning was chilly with little wind. Breakaway was from camp, both dogs to the front. Runner then turned right on the south side of the gully. Milam gathered him as he emerged. Both dogs crossed Manck’s Crossing and went right. Ty was returned to the handler and crossed Lem Roberts Road. Joey Rogers, scouting for Runner, found him standing in the treeline 100 yards south of little pond point. Milam arrived and entered the treeline, saw a bird, took a step to flush and tripped to his knees, flushing a large covey. Milam got to his knees and fired. Runner was rock steady through all this fiasco. Runner caught the front at Girl Scout point and continued his forward application throughout the brace, showing at the double motts and finishing at the bear trap.

Tequila Scorcher (Lincoln/Rankin) and Campbell’s Razz Ma Tazz (Campbell) were loosed at the bear trap. Both dogs broke smartly to the front. Razz had a find early, with good style, all in order. Halfway through bird valley Razz stopped in the horse path and Lincoln went by him flushing a nice covey. Razz stayed put. Razz had three other pieces of bird work with no mistakes. His race, however, was not sufficient to earn a placement.

Maxwell’s Heavy Hitter (Rogers) and J R Cool Hand Luke (Harris) were released toward pond No. 4 in the west meadow. Both dogs made the dam crossing. Luke was on course but Hitter was missing. He returned halfway through the next meadow. Luke and Hitter went through rocky crossing and turned right. Luke’s compass failed him and he went left to camp. Hitter had a competitive race but no birds.

Highpoint Southern Gal (Baer) and Alar’s Dirty Dancer (Dani/Milam) were loosed after pond No. 2. Dani went right and had bird contact way too early. Girl had a forward race but was missing at Manck’s Crossing. She returned near Linda’s Crossing but had no bird work.

We gathered at the clubhouse for placements. S S Rig’s Colorado Gun Runner was named champion, and Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper garnered the runner-up title.

Ardmore, Okla., January 27

Judges: Keith Gulledge and Robbie Gulledge


[One-Hour Heats] — 20 Brittanys

Winner—S S RIG’S COLORADO GUN RUNNER, 1663597, male, by Eleet’s Colorado Blue—Gun Runner’s Diamonds Forever. Tom & Linda Milam, owners; Tom Milam, handler.

Runner-Up—JUST CALL ME LUCKY NED PEPPER, 1653826, male, by Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper—Caney River Tnt’s Special. Frank Campbell, owner and handler.


Judges: Tim Hidalgo and Tom Milam

OPEN ALL-AGE — 22 Brittanys

1st—CROSSED THE LINE, 1613155, male, by Makin R Point—Windtuck’s Enough Said. Andrea Christensen & Vickie Rankin, owners; Ed Tillson, handler.

2d—TOUCH OF BOURBON LITTLE CHUG, 1629254, male, by Ru Jem’s Touch of Bourbon—Lost Creek Kate. Tom & Jane Wonderling, owners; Scott Johnson, handler.

3d—ALMADEN’S UNDER LOCK AND KEY, unreg., male, by Masked Jack of Diamonds—Almaden’s Lone Shadow Dancer. Emmy & Noah Wollenburg, owners; Ed Tllson, handler.

Judges: Trey Baer and Robbie Gulledge

OPEN DERBY — 16 Brittanys

1st—FRIEDRICH’S ANNIE OUT OF FIRESTARTER, unreg., female, by Crossed The Line—Sniksoh Tequila Caliente. Dennis Friedrich, owner; Vic Carrington, handler.

2d—B AND T’S HOOCH WITH A TWIST, 1675447, male, by Hoochie Coochie Man—Tequila Twister. Trasa Shinpoch, owner and handler.

3d—DYNAMITEMAKEIT, 1676167, female, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Blew By Yet. Peggy Jean Doiron, owner; Claude Kilpatrick, handler.

Judges: Trey Baer and Matt Harris

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 16 Brittanys

1st—FIRESTARTER’S ALL IN, 1656588, male, by Ugh Stumblin From the Shadow—Decan’s Bitteroot Bridgette. Andrea Christensen, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

2d—GRADE EIGHT BOLT, 1651491, male, by Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper—Tsunami. William Oliver, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

3d—ALMADEN’S UNDER LOCK AND KEY, unreg., male, by Masked Jack of Diamonds—Almaden’s Lone Shadow Dancer. E. & S. Wellenburg, owners.

OPEN PUPPY — 16 Brittanys

1st—FIRESTARTER’S PACKIN HEAT, unreg., female, by Sunnyvale Point of Interst—Pursuit’s Spotlight. Andrea Christensen, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

2d—MY LIL TOUCH OF DIAMOND, unreg., female, by Touch of Bourbon Little Chug—Sniksoh Little Diamond. T. & J. Wonderling, owners; Scott Johnson, handler.

3d—M K’S MY LIL CLASSIC, unreg., female, by Sniksoh Spank’s Hank—M K’s My Lil Animo. Matt & Melinda Kitchens, owners; Scott Johnson, handler.

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