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Region 9 Amateur All-Age Championship

By Jeremy Skousen | Aug 02, 2018
Region 9 Amateur All-Age Championship Runner-Up Painted Owyhee Sagebrush is posed by Jim Ledington, joined by, from left: Bill Owen, Jeremy Skousen, Mark Kirkland, Larry McConnell, Judge Talmage Smedley and Judge Rich Robertson.

Payette, Ida. — The Region 9 Amateur All-Age Championship was again a time to renew friendships from all of the West. This reporter appreciates the long distances traveled by the competitors to come to Idaho and enjoy the beautiful western Idaho scenery.

All trialers and lovers of bird dogs in general are fortunate to enjoy this venue and the Boise Valley Pointing Dog Club can’t thank Keith and Bobbi Richardson enough for allowing us the opportunity to run this trial on these grounds.

The BVPDC would also like to thank Rich Robertson who continues to do any and everything needed, and also Anita Robertson for the wonderful lunches. We in the BVPDC extend our deepest gratitude to Purina and SportDog for the continued sponsorship of our trial and for trialing in general.

The champion and runner-up were repeats from last year, which speaks to the caliber of the dogs and the consis- tency of the owners involved. The champion was Rio’s Rising Renegade, German Shorthair male owned by Ray and Tami Larrondo of Nampa, Ida. The much-deserved runner-up was Painted Owyhee Sagebrush, pointer female owned and handled by Bridget Leding- ton of New Plymouth, Ida. Both dogs showed range and bird-finding abilities to best the rest of the field.

Jim and Bridget Ledington chaired the trial once again and their efforts are also very much appreciated. The entries were again low this year, and many of those who have usually attended this trial were argument with her husband, and Mark stayed to complete the day as dog truck driver. Bridget is healing nicely and is anxious to start riding again soon.

Judges were Rich Robertson of Payette, Ida., and Talmage Smedley of Farr West, Utah. Their decision was well received. Despite the lower than ex- pected number of dogs, great dog work was regularly witnessed. Large coveys of chukars were seen throughout the courses, and fun was had by all.


The trial began on a beautiful, early spring morning with the weather being cool to start but with the forecast calling for above average afternoon tempera- tures. The first brace was cast off with dew on the grass. The course started in the planted native grasses field that had enjoyed the pleasant spring and was tall and held more than a few pheasants.

Storm’s Timeline (Larry McConnell) and Tucalota’s Blew (Ed Mayhew) were quickly to the front, with Timeline high on the hill to the east making it difficult with the sun in the faces of the handler and scout. After 25 the retrieval unit was requested for Timeline, ending his hour early. Blew ran a consistent race with multiple finds.

Northwoods Charles (Bill Owen) and Tucalota’s Rebel Rush (Mayhew) started their brace heading across the hillside, both hunting hard. Both dogs had bird encounters and were able to finish their hour. Each dog had nice moves and each was out to find birds this morning.

In the third brace was the eventual runner-up, Painted Owyhee Sagebrush, braced with Loan Tree Splish Splash (Owen). Sagebrush pointed quickly and due to a breach of manners Splash was not able to showcase her talents any fur- ther. Having the course to herself, Sage- brush continued on to have multiple finds, with a big race down Big Springs and capping her hour by getting pointed seconds after time was called. She took full advantage of the situation. Her time down was consistent with moments of great excitement and good bird work.

Painted Molly (J. Ledington) started strong and pointed quickly but no birds were produced, but she was pointed again soon after. Horizon’s Jetsetter (Terry Erickson) was seen backing but was unable to contain her enthusiasm so her hour was cut short. Molly went on with a few more finds but was picked up by her handler as he was unhappy with her time on the ground up to that point.

Rio’s Rising Renegade (Larrondo) and Painted Mad Max (J. Ledington). This brace was without Bridget. We did not stop for lunch but we all had to swap horses and that is when Bridget was off to the hospital. Renegade was off and hunting and was pointed at the quarter hour. The first dog of this stake that fell to the aptly named suicide tree was Max so Jim was done early. Rene- gade continued to hunt the big hills hard and at long range. His next find was high on the hill on the right side of the creek, handler hiking his way to the perfectly mannered dog and the pair of chukar he had pointed. Renegade finished high above the pond still hunting hard. His hour was punctuated with extreme casts and perfect manners, the type of performance that is obvious to all who witness it that it wins championships.

Painted Nickel Mac (J. Ledington) and Buck (Mayhew) were not pleasing their handlers and were up early.

The next brace was exciting as Painted Owyhee Toad (J. Ledington) and Scooter’s Rebel Repeat (Owen) were off to a fast start with birds being pointed inside of 10 minutes. Toad was unable to resist the temptation of the big covey of chukar. Rebel Repeat was running the hills as a bird dog should, but was under birds at chukar rocks. This reporter will keep this young dog in mind for the future as he looks like a good one.

Painted Owyhee Bandit (J. Leding- ton) and Knight’s White Lady (Owen) both looked to be on their game early while hunting hard and in the right places. White Lady was soon pointed with Bandit backing. Bad luck was to befall this picturesque scene of rigid pointing dogs and handler flushing in front. The handler had flushed birds in front of the dogs and was coming back to release White Lady but a bird was hiding virtually under the dog’s chin! As the handler approached the chukar had no choice but to fly and the closeness of the flush and the obvious temptation were too much for both dogs. The saying “Every dog has his day” was certainly applicable to this situation, but unfortu- nately it was to the contrary.

Payette, Ida., May 5

Judges: Rich Robertson and Talmage Smedley

REGION 9 AMATEUR ALL-AGE CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 14 Pointers, 1 Setter and 1 German Shorthair

Winner—RIO’S RISING RENEGADE, 1643567, German Shorthair male, by Storm Over Rio Grande—Little Lady Lexi. Ray & Tami Larrondo, owners; Ray Larrondo, handler.

Runner-Up—PAINTED OW YHEE SAGE- BRUSH, 1652799, pointer female, by White Powder Grip— Tucalota’s Rubee. Bridget & Jim Ledington, owners; Bridget Ledington, handler.


In the accompanying Open Derby, Rich Robertson placed first and third with pointer females Idaho’s Indian Summer and Searchin For A Rainbow. Jim Ledington handled pointer female Painted Owyhee Breeze to second. All three are exciting young dogs that kept everyone sitting high in the saddle.

Judges: Bill Owen and Talmage Smedley

OPEN DERBY — 5 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—IDAHO’S INDIAN SUMMER, 1671972, pointer female, by Utah’s Red Rock Express— Little Willow Aaron. Rich Robertson, owner and handler.

2d—PAINTED OWYHEE BREEZE, 1669636, pointer female, by Utah’s Red Rock Express— Little Willow Aaron. Bridget & Jim Leding- ton, owners; Jim Ledington, handler.

3d—SEARCHIN FOR A RAINBOW, 1676228, pointer female, by Utah’s Red Rock Express— Rivertons Funseek’n Abby. Rich Robertson, owner and handler.

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