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Region 9 Amateur All-Age Championship

By Jeremy Skousen | Jul 11, 2019
Championship Winner. From front left: Terry Reinke, Jeremy Skousen, judge; Anita Robertson, Bridget Ledington, Jim Ledington with Painted Owyhee Toad, Larry McConnell, June McConnell and Rich Robertson, judge. Behind: Travis Gellhaus, Bill Owen, Todd Schaaf, Jim Emerson, Alex Mauck, Kristina Wall, Ed Mayhew, Mark Kirkland and Mike Wilkin.

Payette, Ida. — The 2019 renewal of the Region 9 Amateur All-Age Championship was a little different this year.

The inclement weather throughout the spring months that much of the West experienced resulted in the Chukar Championship to be run at Prairie Wind Ranch along with the Amateur Championship.

We are extremely fortunate to enjoy this venue and the Boise Valley Pointing Dog Club can’t thank Keith and Bobbi Richardson enough for allowing us the opportunity to run this trial on these grounds.

The BVPDC would also like to thank Rich Robertson who continues to do any and everything needed, and also Anita Robertson for the wonderful lunches.

We in BVPDC also  extend our deepest gratitude to Purina and SportDog for the continued sponsorship of our trial and for trialing in general.

This reporter also wants to acknowledge all the work and time it takes to put on a trial. Jim and Bridget Ledington do an outstanding job of organizing and running the trial.

Named champion was Painted Owyhee Toad,   four-year-old white and liver pointer male handled by Bridget Ledington and owned by Bridget and Jim Ledington of New Plymouth, Ida. Unfortunately, the judges withheld the runner-up title.

Judges were Rich Robertson of Payette, Ida., and Jeremy Skousen of Ontario, Ore. Their decision was well received by all.

Every dog and handler got to see beautiful country, lots of birds, and fun was had by all.


The trial began on a beautiful early spring morning, the weather being unusually cool to start the day but with the promise of possibly too much sun later.

The course started in the planted native grasses field that had enjoyed the pleasant spring and was tall and held more than a few pheasants.

In the first brace were Lone Tree Splish Splash (Bill Owen) and Painted Owyhee Sagebrush (B. Ledington). Both dogs started strong and filled the beginning of the course with wide searching casts. Sage was found pointing at suicide tree with Splash stylishly backing at 23. Both dogs were then found pointed on a high knob with a steady breeze, but only a pile of feathers were found at 37. The last 20 minutes was hard hunting dogs and both finished within sight of the judges.

L V’s Western Express (Aaron Bolli) was first to birds but in his excitement decided to put them up himself at 9. S F Bandwagon (Larry Smith) enjoyed the course by himself, notching a find at 17. Then he charged forward and was soon at the extreme range hunting hard. He was found standing at 26 and with all in order was released and again was seen far to the front. His next find at 34 was difficult to get to but he handled the chukar well. He quickly pointed again but the chukar was too much temptation and his hour was over early at 37.

Far West Ridge Runner (Mike Wilkin) was seen briefly, then decided he would go his own way. Handler requested his retrieval unit at 25. Painted Molly hunted hard down big springs but maybe too hard. Jim picked her up at 40.

The fourth brace started off good with both dogs running hard to the front. Northwoods Charles (Owen) and Luke’s Fly By (Jim Emerson), both stylish setters, were pleasing to see on this afternoon. Charles was seen under birds at 25 and his day was over. Luke ran hard, encountered a coyote, but finished his hour without any birds.

Painted Owyhee Toad (B. Ledington) was off to a very promising start with his first find at 12. He stood tall as Gotta Little Project (Todd Schaaf) backed while Bridget flushed with all in order. Toad’s second find was in the bottom draw at 21, and Project backed again. Project had a find on the side of a hill. Despite the handler’s efforts no bird was produced. Toad’s final find was at 41 in a thick boggy area and he had the bird located perfectly. Toad ran hard and forward for the last 20 minutes of his hour finishing forward.

Knight’s White Lady (Owen) and Far West Cowboy Slim (Mike Wilkin) hunted and were wide ranging as they searched big springs. Lady hunted high in the rocks but was picked up by the handler at 25 after she was clearly favoring her feet. Slim completed his hour with wide moves and handled kindly, while always running to the front.

The seventh brace was over early despite a promising start. Painted Mad Max (J. Ledington) and Tucalota Blew (Ed Mayhew) both started strong off the line. Max was seen high on the top of the hill to the right and moving stylishly. Blew was hunting the rocks and searching for game. Max was running wide to the left and went up a small hill and was seen pointed near the top. Blew was headed up the hill as well but from a different angle. Blew failed to back and when he put up the chukars that Max had pointed both dogs’ hours ended when  both forgot their manners.

S F Stetson (Smith) did not last long;  he was quickly pointing at 10 but failed to stay pointed and was harnessed. Tucalota Bandit (Mayhew) hunted for the majority of the hour with some wide moves and forward casts. He encountered birds at the end of the lake and failed to stay pointed as well ending the brace.

Payette, Ida., May 4 — One Course

Judges: Rich Robertson and Jeremy Skousen


15 Pointers and 2 Setters

Winner—PAINTED OWYHEE TOAD, 1662873, pointer male, by Painted Nickel Mac—Painted Molly. Bridget & Jim Ledington, owners; Bridget Ledington, handler.

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