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Field Trial Report

Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

Everton Derby Classic
By Doug Favor | Nov 29, 2018
Region 9 Amateur Championship Winners. From left: Chris Perkins with Perkins Lakeside Wild Child, Talmage Smedley, judge; Austin Turley with Rebellita, Charlie Frank Bryan, judge, and Glenn Conover.

American Falls, Ida. — September 13, 2018, near American Falls, Ida., the Eastern Idaho Bird Dog Club welcomed field trialers from throughout the West to the annual running of the Everton Derby Classic and Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship.

Slight modifications were made to the six one-hour courses to accommodate ongoing farming practices and changes.

Despite an exceedingly dry summer, the cover was generally excellent for the abundant native Columbian sharptailed grouse, Hungarian partridge and pheasants. Conditions continued to be extremely dry and dusty throughout the contest, making for difficult bird-finding despite the abundance of game. Birds were moved during every brace of the Amateur stake and no single course seemed to have significantly more game than others. Course No. 2 seemed to provide the best combination of birds and scenting conditions.

The Eastern Idaho Club and trial participants were all in deep appreciation for the continued opportunity to participate in what is becoming a rarity in modern field trialing — competing on multiple courses with abundant native game. Made possible by the gracious and accommodating landowners: Kent and Francine Rudeen, Lamaar Isaac, Kyle Matthews, Albert Hornbacher and Henry Hornbacher. Their contributions go beyond simply the granting of permission for us to be there. It is their attention and devotion to maintaining large portions of their contiguous properties in habitat programs that foster health and growth of multiple upland game species as well as other wildlife.

Participants take part in a trial that wanders over ridges and steep hills, through shallow valleys and steep ravines, to comprise the six one-hour courses. Participants never cross a fence or go through a gate on these grounds. Encounters with mule deer, elk and moose are typical, adding to the increasingly unique field trial experience.

The driving force of the Eastern Idaho Club is Lillian Favor. Titled as club secretary, she essentially does it all —   landowner liaison, club secretary duties, cook, course marshal, and dog truck driver. Her efforts are appreciated by both club members and trial participants.

Multiple club participants as well as trial participants contributed to the smooth running of the stakes, pitching in with duties whenever and wherever needed. Thank you to all.


Thirty-four dogs were drawn at the advertised time and place by the club secretary. The draw was performed on Facebook Live for remote participation and viewing by participants and other interested individuals. This club practice of transparent, public drawing, although remotely by many, has been well received through the years.

Participants were treated to the undivided attention of Charlie Frank Bryan of Moscow, Tenn., and Talmage Smedley of Ogden, Utah. Charlie Frank Bryan has judged bird dogs for many years, most notably judging many of the sport’s best at the National Championship. Talmage Smedley has been enjoying bird dogs on a personal and professional level for many years. He has had dogs successful at the highest level as well as been well received judging this stake and others in years prior. The club and participants were honored to present their dogs to these gentlemen and are thankful for their attention and efforts.


Named champion from brace No. 14 on course No. 2 was Perkins Lakeside Wild Child, pointer female owned and handled by Chris Perkins of American Falls, Ida. Wild Child worked well with her handler to hunt the limits of the opening basin but yet maintained contact well while traversing the tough, steep, reversing switchbacks that are the price of entry into the fine bird ground at the top. Once gaining the high sweeping plateau, Wild Child had solid finds on three different bunches of sharptails and finished off with a stylish find on a covey of Huns. She finished her hour with plenty in the tank still hustling in her quest to find birds down through the closing draws.

Runner-up was awarded to Rebellita, pointer female owned and handled by Austin Turley of Molt, Mont. From brace No. 8, also on course No. 2, Rebellita filled up the opening basin. Gathered up after the switchbacks, she maintained a nice, stylish, forward effort that rewarded her with finds on sharptails while making the traverse around the high plateau. She widened her search making the final swing, finishing strong down through the closing draws.

The Running

Knight’s White Lady (PF/Owen) and Hard Wired (SM/Heaton) kicked off the stake. Wired made wide swings through the available ridges and draws of course No. 1, showing well with attractive hunting style. He had an unproductive at 13, a find on a sharptail at 15 while regaining the front and a second unproductive at 50. Lady was more moderate in her application initially but gained momentum. Birds were seen in the air near Lady at 15, the exact details unclear, and she had an unproductive at 20. Swinging wide to course right onto the long high ridge, she pressed on and was not returned to judgment from this far reaching effort at 40 minutes.

Tucalota’s Rush (PM/Mayhew) and I B Sweet Jane (PF/Favor) were turned loose into the opening wide basin of course No. 2. Jane had a quick unproductive high to course left at 10. Regaining the front after the switchbacks, Jane made a good cast over the high ridge top, found by scout with a find that produced three sharptails. Jane had a second unproductive at 40 and was harnessed. Rush made attractive, powerful, sweeping casts around the high limits of the opening basin. Gathered after taking a wide turn at the switchbacks, he settled to a more moderate effort across the high plateau. Rush moved with sharptails at 45, taking along a covey of Huns as well in his pursuits.

Perkins Renegade Jade (GSPF/ Perkins) had a stop to flush on sharptail at the first turn of course No. 3. Jade had an unproductive at 20 on the high brush edge. She showed well with good snap and effort. Jade was found standing in the brushy notch at 40, a large covey of Huns produced with excellent manners and style maintained. Jade had a mannerly stop to flush at 55 on a sharptail on the closing ridges to complete a nice effort. Rebel Stoke (PM/Puggiari) made quick work of the opening sidehill to the first turn but could not control his enthusiasm on flushing sharptails at 10.

Tackling course No. 4 in the warming afternoon, Touch’s Katrina (PF/Turley) and Lone Tree Splash (PF/Owen) proceeded with initial moderate efforts crossing the road and up the back valleys. A shared stop to flush on a covey of Huns at 39 put a bit more fire in Katrina and she widened her application through the end of her hour but no further bird contacts for her efforts. Splash continued at moderate range to finish the hour. Multiple birds were seen during the hour along with a significant increase in dust and heat likely contributing to the difficulties.

Split Rail (SM/Sand) and Touch’s Diamante (PM/Turley) made nice moves up the opening hillside benches to the plateau. Gaining the top Rail seemed to lose fire in the dusty, warming afternoon and was in harness at 20. Diamante was wide and required some effort to come across the plateau. Regaining the front he picked up a find on Huns along the heavy brush of the connector path. He continued to show well up the steep hills to the high valley then down through to course finish without further bird contact. Again multiple birds noted in this hour by the gallery including sharptails, pheasants, and Huns. Increasing dust clouds trailing the dogs were also noted and considered by most to be hampering their efforts.

Emmalita (PF/Turley) and R C’s Batman (PM/Mathews) scampered around the opening hillsides into the brushy draws at the turn. No birds present in the “honey hole” on this day. The dogs showed well around the hillsides and down to road crossing. Emma had a find on sharptails in some heavy sage 40. Batman encountered a covey of Huns shortly after and ended up in harness. Emma crossed the road to finish her hour without further contacts finishing up on the ridge above camp.

With cooler morning temperature and dew on the grass Touch’s Hailstone (PM/Rickert) and Redrock Rebar (PM/ Mathews) were turned loose on course No. 1. Rebar struck a nice pose at 15 then was moved on by handler, birds noted exiting as gallery passed. Both dogs swiftly covered likely areas to the water tank without reward. Sent on from the water tank Hailstone had a find on tight holding Hungarians midway up the climb at 55. He finished going over the top without further contacts. Rebar worked the hillside steadily to top then had flash point and bump of sharptails at 56 that ended his effort short of the hour.

Wiggins Miss Fernie (PF/Puiggari) and Rebellita (PF/Turley) showed well through the opening basins of course No. 2, making the switchbacks with handlers, Fernie electing to take the more direct route to the top with handler in tow. All were united at the top and both dogs pressed on around the high plateau. Rebellita’s effort was reported previously with finds on sharptails at 15 and 36. Fernie settled into a nice hunting effort, garnering a good find on scattered sharptails at the high corner at 36 then a find at 50 on a small bunch of sharptail brushed up on the brow of the large drop off to course right. Fernie finished her efforts down the closing benches to finish above the course breakaway.

Gotta Little Project (PM/Schaaf) and Tekoa Mountain Jamie (SM/Owen) made quick work of the opening benches of course No. 3. Project was found standing with great style in the first draw at the turn, handler calling flight of Huns but none noted by judge or reporter. Both dogs continued with moderate efforts around the high edges and down through the tight sagebrush notch without bird work. Project had an unproductive at 50 at the old field edge and finished with a steady effort down the closing draws. Jamie took some handling to hold the front throughout and did garner a stop to flush on sharptails at time on the brow of the hill above the closing grain field.

T A K’s Hail on Wheels (GSPF/Kosmack) and H B V’s Twisted Sister (GSPF/L. Favor) took on the warming, dusty course No. 4 with the unwelcome addition of escalating severe winds. Both dogs were game in their efforts but handlers threw in the towel before the second road crossing without bird work.

West Mountain Lucky Luke (PM/ Heaton) and Northwoods Charles (SM/ Owen) tackled the vertically challenging course No. 5 in the warm afternoon with the added severe high winds. Birds were heavily concentrated in the opening brushy draws with too many to count sharptail and Huns exiting as the field trial party passed. Unfortunately neither dog was able to score in the difficult conditions. Luke had an attractive game effort throughout his hour without reward. Charles had a find on a very large covey of Huns at 56 right at the road crossing water tank. He completed his hour pressing on up the closing basin.

H B V’s Ramble On (GSPM/D. Favor) and Scippio (PM/Turley) tackled the heavy winds into course No. 6. A stop to flush on staggered flushing sharptails in the heavy brush bottom by both dogs came at 10 in the “honey hole.” Ramble was picked up at road crossing. Continuing on with moderate range, Scippio carded a second stop to flush on sharptails at 45 along the high sage edge before the second road crossing. Scippio finished just beyond the steep ditch crossing to end the course without further contact. A tough afternoon for running bird dogs completed.

Morning dawned cool, with calm conditions. Traveler’s High Point (SM/ Sand) and Northern Prairie Edition (PF/Conover) were turned loose into the rising sun, covering the opening ridges attractively. High Point suffered an unproductive at 20 with sharptails noted exiting opposite hillside after handler moved on. A second unproductive at 45 before the water tank had High Point in harness. Edition had an unproductive in the light sage where birds had been noted almost daily. She backed High Point at 45. She finished her hour with a big race that reached to all parts of available course but handled kindly.

Perkins Lakeside Wild Child (PF/ Perkins) and Jocko (PM/Lundgren) tackled the now favorite course No. 2 with both showing well through the opening basin and switchbacks. Wild Child’s efforts were covered previously with finds noted at 30, 35, 40 and 50. Jocko was brisk up the ridge to the heavy brush after the switchback then got hung up working a large bull moose for several minutes. Returned to the front by scout, Jocko worked the high traverse well with a stop to flush at 30 on sharptails and a find on Huns at 50. He completed his hour just short of the water tank at course breakaway.

Elhew Upland Dakota (PM/Robbins) and Perkins Trace Snow (PF/Perkins) swiftly covered the opening hillsides to sharp corner. Snow had a stop to flush on sharptails at 15 and followed with an unproductive at 25 along the high benches. Snow showed nicely through the steep sagebrush notch then picked up a second unproductive in the wide open valley at 45. Dakota made wide, sweeping casts through the high benches, garnering a stop to flush on Huns along the ravine edge below the high pass at 30. He continued to take in big chunks of country, handling well and finishing with power above the final grain field.

Dominator’s Rebel (PM/Jones) and Prairie Tank (PM/Conover) took on the notoriously dusty and bird stingy course No. 4. Rebel showed well forward across the road then collected unproductives at 15 and 25. Tank performed well throughout his hour in the warming afternoon, leaving a trail of dust in the air to mark his path. Birds were encountered throughout the course by the gallery but the tough conditions made them hard to pick up by the contestants.

R C’s Bobtail (PM/Mathews) and Tucalotta’s Blew (PM/Mayhew) gamely took on the steady long climbs of course No. 5 but did not figure in the running, my notes lacking in the details unfortunately. Apologies to the handlers.

American Falls, Ida., September 13

Judges: Charlie F. Bryan and Talmage Smedley


[One-Hour Heats] — 26 Pointers, 4 Setters and 4 German Shorthairs

Winner—PERKINS LAKESIDE WILD CHILD, 1665718, pointer female, by Busterado—Carbonado Triple Play. Chris Perkins, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—REBELLITA, 1662907, pointer female, by Busterado—Carbonado Triple Play. Austin Turley, owner and handler.

Everton Derby Classic

Kicking off the proceedings was the popular Everton Derby Classic. Three half hour courses were utilized in the running allowing the young dogs to show well but requiring handling to reach course ends. The club and handlers are tremendously grateful to Alex Rickert of Bozeman, Mont.,  and Tim Fullerton of Rigby, Ida., for not just occupying the judges’ saddles but giving each dog their due consideration and attention.

Thanks as well go to Kyle Christensen for performing the dog truck duties getting dogs, water and treats to course starts flawlessly.

Named winner was Perkins Trace of Snow, pointer female handled by Chris Perkins. Snow took on the open ridges and draws of course No. 2 with attractive reaching style. A mannerly find on sharptail contributed to earning her the top spot. Second place was awarded to Stella, pointer female handled by Glenn Conover. She covered her course with speed and reach, attractive in her gait and application. Third place went to Pushing My Limits, pointer female handled by Bill Owen. Limits lived up to her name at times but handled well to finish forward and attractive in her effort.

Judges: Tim Fullerton and Alex Rickert

RULON EVERTON DERBY — 14 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—PERKINS TRACE OF SNOW, 1679069, pointer female, by Wiggins War Trace—Wiggins Snow Princess. Chris Perkins, owner and handler.

2d—STELLA, unreg., pointer female, breeding not given. Glenn Conover, owner and handler.

3d—PUSHING MY LIMITS, 1676407, pointer female, by Hale’s Main Event—T K’s Oildale Runner. Bill Owen, owner and handler.

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