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Remembering Jim Logan

By Dave Fletcher | Jul 14, 2017
Jim Logan

Morrice, Mich. — Jim Logan, 91 years of age, a stalwart in Michigan field trials for more than fifty of those years, passed away July 6 in Leslie, Mich.

Jim was a very avid field trial personality. He was a lifelong bird hunter over pointing dogs, grouse, woodcock, pheasant and quail. He bred dogs, ran them in field trials and served in many positions with many field trial clubs, and he “put his shoulder to the wheel” on many Michigan projects beneficial to field trials.

His wife Sally and son John are horse and field trial people as well. Jim’s son John was always referred to as John Thomas, named after another Michigan well known trialer John Thomas, a great and longtime friend of Jim Logan’s.

Jim was employed for much of his career by Oldsmobile, the automobile manufacturer based in Lansing, Mich. He was an automotive engineer.

Ransom Eli Olds formed the Oldsmobile brand many years ago, based in Lansing, Michigan’s capital city, where the R. E. Olds Museum has become a popular tourist attraction.

Jim suffered a stroke in the early 1980s. He and Vic Christopherson were driving to the Ionia grounds to work dogs when the stroke sagged Jim’s body and he was immediately taken to the hospital. They were about to run one of Jim’s best dogs, a pointer named Okemos, a Lansing suburb named after a famed Indian chief. Jim recovered from his stroke, carried a limp the rest of his life but ran dogs, hunted birds and maintained a very active presence in Michigan field trials.

I recall visiting Jim with Vic Christopherson during his stroke recovery in Lansing’s Edward Sparrow Hospital.

Jim’s wife Sally is a great horsewoman and after their marriage she and Jim maintained a fine stable of trial horses from which Jim handled most of his field trial dogs. Jim, at the time of his death, maintained a membership in the Michigan Open Shooting Dog Championship Club which event he attended every year. Jim was responsible for the fine dog wagon used at Ionia and maintained it regularly.

Jim was very active in the quest for championship field trial grounds in the late 1970s in the State of Michigan. The state had adequate grounds for most pointing dog field trials, but there was a need for a championship set of grounds which would be adequate for national scope horseback shooting dog championship events.

I can remember attending meetings at the Ionia High School facility. Jim was very active in this endeavor, and one of Jim’s partners in this quest was Jim Norwood, another name from Michigan field trial history, and Jack Hires whose home was right on the edge of the Ionia venue. There were many other supporters at those meetings with the Michigan DNR and the Parks Divisions. My memory, unfortunately, does not allow me to list all of them here.

In 1988 Jim founded a company he called Logan Diesel, based in Leslie. Jim was president and the firm repaired and rebuilt diesel engines, a very successful venture for Jim and family.

What was Jim like when he turned a dog loose at a field trial? Gung ho would be an appropriate two-word description. He loved to get on a horse and point out his dog on a big forward cast. His dogs were generally fast, wide and a bit unruly. That’s just the way Jim liked them. He was always on a spirited horse and he rode hard to keep track of where his dog was reaching, mainly to the far places.

May he rest in peace.

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