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By Brent Hoehns | Apr 05, 2018
Honey Run's Cowboy Poet First in the Longshot Amateur Shooting Dog Classic

Columbia, Ia. — Rain, rain, cold winds, and rain heralded this first ever running of the NBHA Longshot Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Classic near Columbia, Ia.

March in Iowa is a crapshoot weather- wise, with a wide variation of temperatures/conditions possible. We had a wet couple of weeks leading up to the trial, and the final day of this trial even included snow.

Despite the weather, we got to see some nice dog work, catch up with old friends, and make some new acquaintances — all of which made for an enjoyable weekend.

The judges for this event were Dano Morf of Clear Lake, Ia., and Mike Majewski of Greene, Ia. Dano has been involved with Gordon setters over the years and has recently taken a small step into the pointer world. Mike has run horseback shooting dogs thoughout the Midwest for years, as well as hosted numerous trials and judged throughout the central states. Both gentlemen “know a good one”, and their decisions were appreciated and well received.

The one-hour walking stake was won by Honey Run’s Cowboy Poet, aka Baxter, handled by Adam Delude of Campbellsport, Wis. Baxter is a large, predominantly liver German Shorthair male that moves well. It was hard to appreciate his range early in the brace as he had multiple finds the first 40 minutes of his outing. All his bird work was sharp and well located. He looks quite stylish standing, even during prolonged flushing attempts. It really wasn’t until the back side of the course which opens onto Longshot’s bottom that Baxter had a chance to really extend his race which he definitely did, making several big moves while continuing to stay in contact with his handler.

Second and third were won by Briar In My Boot and B G K Red Hot Lead (Sig), respectively. Both dogs are handled by Foley, Mo.,  resident Justin Hess. As the BGK prefix suggests, both of these Vizsla males are from Jarrett and Allison Bell’s Big Gun Kennels. Justin Hess has done a great job with, and has had a lot of success handling these Vizsla males. Both dogs had multiple solid broke finds.

Second placed Briar is an extremely stylish dog moving and especially on point. He also had a more aggressive race than his kennelmate. Sig also handles his birds well, and showed excellent manners, especially during a trying situation with his bracemate failing to back. His race was adequate, but didn’t quite measure up to the first two dogs.

The Open Derby was won by Glover’s Rhoda, setter female owned and handled by Jack Glover. Rhoda is a stylish little setter that hustles and covers a lot of ground. She had two broke finds, and a third find more “Derby broke” on a wet running bird. Glover handled Glover’s Van Halen to second place. Van also had bird work, but perhaps a little less race/application than his kennelmate.

No trial is even possible without a lot of help. We would like to thank landowners Wayne and Jo Langstraat, along with Dude and Rachel Hoehns. It’s hard to find private ground to run on and we appreciate them allowing us to run on their farms.

Purina has always been a generous sponsor and we certainly appreciate their support. Garmin and Gun Dog Supply have supported the NBHA in general and this trial specifically and their support is appreciated.

Mowbility, a local Mahindra dealer from Pella, Ia., loaned us a two-seated side by side to use as a dog wagon and it worked wonderfully!

Keith Thompson, Jim Giles, Jeff Wallace, Kendal Brown, John Roslein, Kim Hoehns, and Carolyn Wallace helped with meals, running the dog wagon, setting up camp, tearing down camp, serving meals, planting birds, etc. We’ve got a pretty good team to help put on a trial.

Thanks to you all!

Columbia, Ia., March 23 — One Course

Judges: Mike Majewski and Dano Morf


[One-Hour Heats] — 8 Pointers, 2 Setters, 1 Irish Setter, 1 German Shorthair

and 2 Vizslas

1st—HONEY RUN’S COWBOY POET, 1667603, German Shorthair male, by Honey Run’s Shifting Gears—Echo v Otterbach. Adam Delude & Kimberly Neal, owners; Adam Delude, handler.

2d—BRIAR IN MY BOOT, 1662736, Vizsla male, by Boot Scootin Boogie—Kick Em up Kimber. Justin Hess, owner and handler.

3d—B G K RED HOT LEAD, 1651599, Vizsla male, by Kick Em Up Bullet—Kick Em Up Tikka. Justin Hess, owner and handler.


1st—GLOVER’S RHODA, 1667283, setter female, by Skipper’s Bandit—Sure Shot Sadie. Jack Glover, owner and handler.

2d—GLOVER’S VAN HALEN, 1674172, setter male, by Carpenter’s Blue Hawk—Sue Jetta Sue. Jack Glover, owner and handler.

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