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By Craig Merlington | Jun 13, 2019
Call Me Maggie First in the Jack Secor Memorial Open Shooting Dog Stake

Meredith, Mich. — The spring trial was held at the Gladwin Field Trial Area, Meredith, Mich. We would like to thank Dean Reinke and Purina for their support of our events. Eight of the nine dogs that placed are fed Purina.

We would like to thank judges Mike Brown and Joe Wohlfert, Open Shooting Dog; Ken DeLong and Roger Lansdell, Open Derby Classic; Mike Grule and Dale Ash, Puppy Classic.

Thank you to Brian Trimmer, Craig Merlington, Bill Nelson, Ann and Eric Naus and Chuck and Theda Langstaff for doing lunches.

The spring snowstorm that forced the cancellation of the Lake States field trial gave way to more spring type weather for the start of the Jack Secor Memorial Open Shooting Dog Stake. Topping the field of 48 starters was Call Me Maggie, owned and handled by Craig Merlington. She was scouted and found with her bracemate standing near at 5, with a woodcock put to flight. She backed at 10  and had a woodcock find at 15. Her final peace of bird work came just before the road crossing on course No. 2 with a running grouse that nearly made an escape. After two relocations the grouse had nowhere to go but in the air. She finished the brace well ahead on course.

Grouse Ridge Larry, owned by Paula Giulitto and handled by Richard Hollister, ran a nice forward race on course No. 3, always seeking cover yet maintaining contact. Larry had a grouse find at 9 on a very flighty bird that didn’t require a flushing effort. He continued to please the remainder of the brace.

Coming off a big win in the Beaverton field trial (see June 8 issue), Glenrae’s Wango Tango, aka June, backed it up with another great performance in a strong field of dogs. She was scouted at 5 and found with her bracemate; a woodcock was put to flight, a divided find. In short order June was standing again to the right of the course. Naus flushed a well located woodcock and June stood high and tight. She backed at 15 and continued to hunt all available cover.

In the John R. Stuart Open Derby Classic (33 entries), the winner was Over The Top Tiger, handled by Scott Forman. “Ott” had a grouse find coupled with a fast forward race. Second was Chasehill Mighty May, handled by Bill Nelson. May ran in the heat of the day and finished with her bird work coming on a woodcock at 10. Dun Rovens Soozee had a woodcock find and a gutsy performance that would lock down third for handler Richard Hollister. She is owned by Chris Yeager.

The Ruth Stuart Open Puppy Classic winner was French’s Grouseringer Woody, handled by Marc Forman. Second was Glenrae’s Moving Pictures, owned and handled by Eric Naus. Placed third was Deb’s McKeachie Road.

Meredith, Mich., April 19

Judges: Mike Brown and Joe Wohlfert


35 Setters

1st—CALL ME MAGGIE, 1629871, setter female, by Lilleyhill’s Secret Stash—Call Me Kate. Craig Merlington, owner and handler.

2d—GROUSE RIDGE LARRY, 1673191, setter male, by Long Gone Boston—Grouse Ridge Merri. Paula Giulitto, owner; Richard Hollister, handler.

3d—GLENRAE’S WANGO TANGO, 1667675, pointer female, by Autumn Snow—Pinehill Silent Echo. Eric & Ann Naus, owners; Eric Naus, handler.

Judges: Dale Ash and Mike Grule

RUTH STUART OPEN PUPPY CLASSIC — 4 Pointers and 5 Setters

1st—FRENCH’S GROUSERINGER WOODY, 1679375, setter male, by Ponderosa Mac—Grouse River Woodcock Annie. Brian French, owner; Marc Forman, handler.

2d—GLENRAE’S MOVING PICTURES, 1683937, pointer male, by Tongue River Wylie—Tongue River Ruby. Eric & Ann Naus, owners; Eric Naus.

3d—DEB’S MCKEACHIE ROAD, 1680807, setter female, by Ponderosa Mac—Grouse River Woodcock Annie. Deborah Kennedy, owner and handler.

Judges: Ken DeLong and Roger Lansdell

JOHN R. STUART DERBY CLASSIC — 11 Pointers and 22 Setters

1st—OVER THE TOP TIGER, 1679006, setter female, by Grouse River Timmy—Grouse River Woodcock Annie. Terry A. Jones III & Haywood Simmons, Jr., owners; Scott Forman, handler.

2d—CHASEHILL MIGHTY MAY, 1672784, pointer female, by Daddy’s Little Boy Butch—Porter Meadow Bette. William Nelson, owner and handler.

3d—DUN ROVENS SOOZEE, 1682090, setter female, by Clary’s Tekoa Sky Hawk—Dun Rovens Boofay. Chris Jaeger, owner; Richard Hollister, handler.

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