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Shadow Oak Field Trial Club

By Allison Stewart | Feb 10, 2020
Open Shooting  Dog Winners.  Front (l-r): Kayley Lee with Phillips Wind Line, Doug Ray with Pinson’s Imagine That and Alan York with L F Silver Belle. Standing: Caleb Hardeman, and Judges Harrison Lee and Marty Robinson

Nashville, Ga. — The 2019 Shadow Oak trial began November 21 nestled in the pines of Shadow Oak Plantation just outside of Nashville, Ga.

A tremendous thank you to Mr. N. G. “Butch” Houston and Miss Gayle for hosting everyone and the outpouring of Southern hospitality at its finest.

Caleb Hardeman and Matt Kohl, thank you both for your tireless efforts to ensure that guests felt well taken care of and right at home throughout the week. Both gentlemen had a wealth of knowledge to share about Shadow Oak Plantation as it boasts some of the loveliest quail grounds in South Georgia.

Breakfasts and lunches were hosted under the tent on the trial grounds and kindly provided by Miss Gloria, Miss Orlean, and Miss Deisy. These ladies went on to outdo themselves each evening with outstanding suppers of spaghetti, fried fish, pork chops, and some of the best fried chicken around, alongside every side one could dream of. Cocktails and social time were enjoyed each evening prior to supper and all of the guests particularly enjoyed time with Mr. Butch as well as Miss Gayle.

It was a pleasure to ride alongside our judges, Marty Robinson of Carrollton, Ga., and Harrison Lee of Tuscaloosa, Ala. A gracious thank you is extended to both gentlemen for giving each dog a concentrated and focused opportunity as they presided over the running. I must personally thank them for their notes, in my absence, for the first days of the trial.

Thank you to Mr. Kent West for always being in the right spot at the right time with dogs, snacks, and drinks, as well as a lovely view on the bird dog buggy for onlookers to enjoy.

Thank you to Purina for their continuous support of our beloved sport of field trials.

Thank you also to the Anderson Family for the kind use of their property which connects to Shadow Oak Plantation.

This trial consists of one hour-long course that begins across a small green field where a continental tower stands in middle. Coming through a small gap, turn right on the Anderson Farm strip and a gate to the left brings us into the cotton field where many of our competitors put birds in the air before hugging the edges in beautiful casts. Down the lane, the cotton bale field opens to the right. From there, we head toward the little duck pond and pass the water pump, taking a left into a green field, we rode toward a line of pearl millet and continue down to the dead end. Once we reach the dock pond, we cross the dam and take a left into field and over the tin bridge into Gates field. The course loops back into pines and opens back into Gates field where bird dogs wrap the edges in long casts. Back over the bridge, we head straight toward little and big pivot fields divided by the pearl millet. After crossing the little cement bridge, the course hits middle road leading into an open field and back to the beginning.


The winner of the 2019 Shadow Oak Open Shooting Dog was Phillips Wind Line, owned by Ray Pinson, handled by Doug Ray, and scouted by Kayley Anne. The striking white and orange pointer male, Sam, was the 21st and final brace of the trial and his race began in field just in front of the tin bridge.

Sam made brilliant forward strides across small field for a confident stop at the edge of pearl millet at 2, with birds up. He tore through the pivot field, crossed little concrete bridge, and selected the right side of the treeline on middle road to be found standing at 8 with a nice rise of birds. He continued with passionate speed as we made the loop around to the Anderson farm strip and honored his bracemate at 19.

Sam and his bracemate shared a find at 23, a nice covey rise. Sam rounded the edges of the field in a big loop dashing the lane toward the cotton bale field. Sam carded his next find on far edge at 31 with all in order and another at 33 with manners and form solid and proud as the birds rose around his head. Sam continued into field behind little duck pond and into the small patch of Georgia pines to honor his bracemate at 38. He glided easily down lane and into green field on left to find birds at the front pearl millet edge at 45, a sizable flush here. Sam struck out around the dock pond and took a hard left into field before the tin bridges where he was found firmly posed in the cover for a successful rise at 53 and another find at 59 to complete his time.

Pinson’s Imagine That, owned by Ray Pinson and handled by Doug Ray, ran a nice forward race. Imagine That was in the 19th brace and pointed at 15 in the cotton bale field right in the middle of the far edge with one bird rising as he maintained his style and poise. He went up about fifty yards to stand again and carded another stylish find at 17 after relocation.

He continued his time with an advanced pace as he raced past the dock pond and notched his third find at 28 on edge with all in order. Just before crossing the tin bridge, Imagine That carded another find and all was well through flush and shot.

L F Silver Belle, owned by Harold Ray and handled by Doug Ray, came to the line in the first brace of the stake to capture third. Her hour was noted by her lovely shooting dog performance along with an appealing and intelligent race and well spaced finds. She hunted the edges well and carded finds at 38, 45 and ended her hour with a find at 59 before making a nice, sweeping cast around edge of big pivot field just before the little cement bridge.


L F Silver Belle’s effort was previously detailed. Miller’s Bushwhacker (PM/Joel Norman) carded a find at 6. However, after an extended absence, the retrieval device was requested.

Simple Man (PM/Tracy Swearingen) carded finds at 7 and 18 but ended his time early. Dominator’s Ghost Rider (PM). Doug Ray thanked the judges at 45. Handlers requested retrieval devices at 30 for Round Pond’s Forever (PF/ Swearingen) and Knight’s White Lady (PF/Bill Owen/Travis Gellhaus).

Buttons Up (PF/Ray) carded one nice find at 15 but moved on a back and picked up. After a relocation, Senah’s Gold Shavings (PF/Norman) was picked up. Crown’s Black Ice (PF/Swearingen) carded finds at 15, 21 and 27. Senah’s Pearl (PF/Norman) had finds at 31, 38, and rounded out the hour with one last find at 58.

Senah’s Back in Business (PM/Norman) and Master’s Touch (PM/Ray) were not as pleasing and ended their time early. Hirollins Moncho Man (SM/Swearingen) suffered an absence and was picked up at 32. Harbor City Cruz (PM/Tom Brigman) made a nice forward cast around Anderson farm strip but ended his time at 33.

C S Little Ann (PF/Ray) and S B Always Dreamin (PF/Owen) were noted for being very nice young dogs with good ground coverage but no bird work occurred in their time.

Great River Joe (PM/Swearingen) had his first find at 7 in cotton field on left and excellent bird work at 22. Joe carded a find at 25 and a divided find with Mobile Strike (SM/Ray) at 32. Mobile Strike had a successful find at 40 after the tin bridge and again at 58 to end his hour.

Cottonwood Fred (PM/Tom Hennes) had a stop to flush at 47 and a find at 51. Lone Tree’s Showbiz (PM/Owen) had a fine ground race and carded finds at 11 and 29. Dot on The Horizon (PF/Ray) had retrieval device requested early. Neely’s Party Girl (PF/John Neely) marked pleasing finds at 5 and 18 and another at 22.

Lone Tree Splish Splash (PF/Owen) carded her first find at 5 and shared in a divided find with L F Dialing Samantha (PF/Ray) at 13 but no birds were produced. The pair was picked up early.

Lady J’s Belle (PF/Dan Tankersley) carded a find at 6 but was picked up early after an absence. Dominator’s Kid Rock (PM/Ray) had no bird work at 32 and was harnessed.

Neely’s Seal the Deal was drawn to compete in this heat but was scratched after John Neely came down with a terrible cold. Bention (PM/Ray) pointed at 5 on left edge as we came into cotton field. Birds were flushed and he made a forward dash down to corner and turned right to cast down the edge. Bention came into cotton bale field and headed to the far edge to mark another successful rise at 17. After crossing over tin bridge into Gates field, he hit the cover on left for another find at 43 and again at 48. After a wise relocation, Bention found his birds and judges remarked that he sure did have to work for it. Bention cast back around field and blazed the edges to cross back over the tin bridge as time was called.

C S Trump (SM/Ray) was up early. Pointer male Nonami’s King’s Ransom ended his bid at 33.

Hatteras Max (SM/Ray) and Zumbro Stinky Pete (PM/Gellhaus/Owen) broke away at cotton bale field. Max made a complete cast around the entire edge. Pete followed suit and stood at 8 but failed to produce birds. Max was harnessed at 12. Pete had grown accustomed to the prairies and the wide stride that requires and was harnessed at 25.

C S Coldwater Rex (PM/Ray) and Born on Fourth July (PM/Gellhaus/ Owen) broke away at bridge. Rex pointed feathers on edge of trail at 2. July pointed at 3 at edge of field with a single bird up. The bracemates ended their time at 24.

Melrose Rebel Heart (PF/Terry James Chastain) and Thunderbird Finnegan (SM/Gellhaus/Owen) made good use of the edges at breakaway and pointed at 6 in the pearl millet on left in cotton field with all in order. Finnegan pointed at 18 on edge of cotton bale field and relocated but no birds were produced. As they crossed into field on left “Fannie” combed edges and carded a picture-perfect point at 28 with a fine rise. Finnegan carded another find at 37 on right just before the tin bridge in pearl millet. The pair crossed bridge and both ran nicely around the edges, into woods and through the back field. Finnegan pointed again at 45 but handler thanked judges after relocation.

Kawliga’s White Diamond (PM/ Hennes) had a nice race with one find at 49 and an unproductive at 21. Pinson’s Imagine That’s effort was covered earlier. Northwoods Charles (SM/Owen) and Class Act Express (PM/Ray) made their way down the Anderson farm strip and into cotton field. Express carded a find at 6 on left edge and Charles at 8 in the corner with all in order. After a long absence Ray requested retrieval device at 29. Charles had his last find at 33 in far corner of green field just before dock pond and ended his time making strides through the field and over the tin bridge in a forward manner.

Waybetter Billy (PM/Tom Brigman) ran in the final brace with the previously mentioned Phillips Wind Line, the latter’s effort detailed earlier. Billy did not waste time at breakaway, just in front of the tin bridge, as he dashed across little field to card his first find at 1 at the lone pine with one bird rising. Billy maintained the excitement of his brace as he made the loop around to the Anderson farm strip and into the cotton field and halted with confidence at 19 on the left edge. Billy waited with poise and patience as his handler went deep into the cover and flushed a covey. Both Billy and his bracemate pointed at 23 down edge about 50 yards with birds rising. They rounded the edges of the field in a big loop before dashing down lane to the cotton bale field. Billy went into pines behind little duck pond and scouts were heard calling point. Billy was standing firm with bracemate backing at 38 with all in order through flush and shot. He carded his next find at 47 before dock pond on left edge of the lane and made speed as he cut across field toward the tin bridge. Billy made a diagonal cut across field to point at 56 with birds up and went on to end his hour with a stop to flush.

Nashville, Ga., November 18 — One Course

Judges: Harrison Lee and Marty Robinson

OPEN SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 36 Pointers and 6 Setters

1st—PHILLIPS WIND LINE, 1656001, pointer male, by Phillips Warning Line—Phillips Wind Dancer. Ray Pinson, owner; Doug Ray, handler.

2d—PINSON’S IMAGINE THAT, 1669331, pointer male, by Lindley’s Thin Ice—Lindley’s Runtellthat. Ray Pinson, owner; Doug Ray, handler.

3d—L F SILVER BELLE, 1669133, pointer female, by Walnut Tree Fred—Dialing Kate. Harold Ray, owner; Doug Ray, handler.


Lester’s Prime Poison Lane, owned and handled by Brian Peterson of Cecil, Ala., took the first place spot for his stunning shooting dog manners and fine ground application. “Rip’s” brace was the last of the day on Friday and began past the water pump on edge of left green field.

Unlike his competition, Rip chose to hit the left line and make a wide cast around the entire edge of the green field allowing onlookers to admire his strength and graceful speed. Rip carded his first find at the end of lane behind the dock pond and watched attentively as handler put birds in the air. After a quick cool off Rip powered across little field and big pivot field with tenacious speed. Rip stood firm and confident for his second find with birds rising. The handsome pointer devoured chunks of land as he sailed back across big pivot field toward the tin bridge. Rip made big loop around left side of Gates field, took the back loop with tremendous speed and bolted toward corner with scent of birds in his nose. He maintained his dignified stance for his last successful find with birds flying at 57. Rip ended his hour with nice cast around edge, hunting the pines and fading away into the beautiful Georgia sunset at time was called.

Taking second place honors was Prime Passion Lane, owned and handled by Brian Peterson. “Dot’s” race was noted by her graceful speed and affirmed shooting dog technique. After crossing the tin bridge and making a pleasing cast around the left side of Gates field, Prime Passion Lane carded her first find at 24 halfway down the lane into back field on right. Her lovely and confident stature was maintained through flush and shot. Dot made the loop through the back field and tallied another find at 26 in pearl millet on left with her bracemate honoring. She made grand strides across Gates field to score her third find in corner at 28.

After hugging the edges and crossing back over the tin bridge, Dot dashed into little field and took to the pearl millet edge with a mighty cast down and back before taking the big pivot field with purposeful speed. She maintained her forward race over the little cement bridge and through the field to comb the edges and take a hard left on lane where she stopped with confidence at 45 before the grounds with a cluster of quail rising. Dot popped out of left corner in cotton field and flew down the treeline to end her hour with plenty of passion left in her.

Neely’s Party Girl, pointer female owned and handled by John Neely, took third for her performance in the 9th brace. She and her bracemate broke away in the cotton bale field and Party Girl backed at 6 in pines behind little duck pond. After carding a find at 23 at end of lane behind dock pond, Party Girl took a dip and made a massive cast around the right edge and in front to score another find at 27 on edge of little field with all in order.

She breezed over the tin bridge, made back loop and took to the edges with speed in the Gates field. Back over bridge Party Girl took a hard right with confidence, pointed a covey at 50 and maintained a solid stance through flush and shot. After crossing little cement bridge, Party Girl carded her third find to end her time with birds rising.


Beckworth’s Firefighter (PM/Alan York) carded his first find at 6 and charged around the edges of the cotton field and down the lane to the bale field. He headed for the far edge to mark birds again at 17 and again at 23 in the little pines behind the duck pond with a large covey rise. The bracemates cooled off in the dock pond and cast around the far right edge of the course. Knight’s White Lady (PF/Bill Owen) gracefully marked birds at 25 along the edge with all in order, followed by Firefighter in the far corner at 33 with a single bird rising. Firefighter carded another find in the piney woods over the tin bridge at 45 and the pair made casts in open field at 49 to hit the edges sailing the wide loop to come back over the tin bridge at time.

Evan’s Lonesome River (PM/Ron Lambert) broke away just over the tin bridge heading toward the pivot field and pointed at 4 at left corner of little field marked by a single bird. As he made his way into the cotton field he cast right, while At’a Boy Strangle Hold (PM/George Kimbrell) cast down the left line. They made their respective loops to meet at the lane and head toward cotton bale field. After coming into the open, they moved down the left line and the pair shared a wild covey divided find in front of cotton bales at 29 with all in order. Hunting together, they ran the far edge of field and tallied a find at 34 before making turn into field by duck pond. Strangle Hold was stopped at 42 on left edge behind dock pond but handler elected to move on.

Pointer male One Day Daddy Boy, handled by Lane Hodges and scouted by his wife Darcy, and Miller’s Upgraded Version (PM/Fran Miller), the latter scouted by Jack Miller. Breakaway led us from the tin bridge across little field where Daddy Boy scored his first find on far right in pearl millet just before big pivot field. . Upgraded Version drove forward over big pivot field and little cement bridge to tally a find at 13 on edge. Cut into Anderson farm strip and made cast all the way around far end before blasting through gate and hitting left side of cotton field. Made good use of edges hunting. Daddy Boy showed in front at 27. Upgraded Version scored a find at 32 on left of far edge in cotton bale field with all in order. He stopped again at 40 past little duck pond before course goes left but no birds produced. Upgraded Version moved with animation past water pump and cut left into green field with mighty cast. He came into next field and was sailing by dock pond before turning left on lane toward the tin bridge. He was found standing at 55 and watched attentively as one bird rose to end his time.

A thick fog caused a delay Friday morning. Once we had visibility, Heard Hill’s Jay Bird (PM/Lynn Heard) scouted by Buck Heard, and A’ta Boy Roy (PM/Kimbrell) came to the line. Jay Bird carded his first find at 18 on far edge in cotton bale field with Roy honoring with a back and red quail rising. As we cut into green field past water pump, Lynn called point on other side of pearl millet at 30. Jay Bird stood with confidence but birds did not show. We continued on course over bridge and looped through back field. Jay Bird pointed at 47 in the pearl millet and was rewarded with a large covey rise. Both pointers tore into open field and found the edges and hugged them all the way around to the tin bridge, crossed and came into little field and took hard left. Roy pointed in pines at time with Jay Bird honoring.

Miller’s Heat Wave (PF/Jack Miller) and Lone Tree Splish Splash (PF/Owen) broke away in big pivot field just before little concrete bridge. Heat Wave pointed on left edge halfway down, manners all in order at 4. They flew down edge and into millet before popping out in front and bounding over road. Both girls hunted edges in Anderson farm strip before going into cotton field. Owen stopped at edge but Heat Wave took a slight liberty in backing. Manners cost her remaining time and Heat Wave was up at 22. Owen stood at 30 on far edge of cotton bale field and after a small relocation a bird was spotted right in front of her nose. She came through gate and went left in cover. Popped out in pines at 39 and Splash took a dip in duck pond to cool off as temperatures rose. After a short absence Owen requested retrieval device at 42. Splash was found in statuesque form in water with front paws on stump. Owen affirmed Splash’s need for a flush and took a splash to fly a massive covey, Splash unwavering through flush and shot.

Luke’s Gospel Truth (SM/Womack) and Heard Hill’s Tom Cruizer (PM/Buck Heard) broke away in green field past water pump. They made casts across field hunting edges of pearl millet. Tom Cruizer was found standing at right corner of lane behind dock pond at 6. After a smart relocation, handler kicked up birds. The pair combed edges before crossing tin bridge together. Hunted pines on left of field. Both were found standing at back corner of pines at 18 with a successful flush. Took off through back field and rounded corner. Tom Cruizer hit pearl millet and exhibited nice manners as bird got up and flew to him. Both blazed the edges in Gates field at 34. Luke pointed on left on edge of pines of little field. Upon relocation birds moved and Luke was up. Tom Cruizer pointed in cover to right of cement bridge but no birds were produced. Buck thanked judges at 45.

S B Always Dreamin (PF/Owen) and Lamb’s Pride and Joy (PF/Koutras) showed their youth and shortened their hour at 20.

Neely’s Party Girl was previously detailed. Heard Hill’s Misbehavin (PF/Lynn Heard) carded her first find at 10 at end of lane behind dock pond with success. She went on to honor bracemate with a back at 26 in the pines of the Gates field before ending her bid at 30.

Womack Murphy’s Law (SM/Womack) broke away at cotton bale field. Murphy’s Law ran with a steady speed but ended his time at 23.

Lester’s Prime Poison Lane was previously detailed. Miller’s California Dreamer (PF/Fran Miller) made some nice moves but ended her time at 32.

Sunny and 55°. Seekin a Thrill (PM/Leonard), scouted by Caroline Leonard, came to the line with Northwoods Charles (SM/Owen). Charlie tallied his first find in cotton field at 6 with birds up and all in order. He moved with grace down the edges and shared in a divided find in far edge of cotton bale field with Thrill at 15 with birds rising. Charlie stopped in pines behind duck pond but elected to move on after a relocation. Thrill was harnessed at 30. Charlie carded his third find at far end of lane behind dock pond with a nice rise. He went around right side of dock pond and made an exceptionally wide and fast cast around edges before going over the tin bridge. Pushed into cover at 45, he made the loop through little back field and hit the edges of the Gates field with high speed and crossed the tin bridge at 59. Charlie listened well to his handler.

Miller’s Cover Girl (PF/Jack Miller) and Heard Hill’s Rebel (PF/Buck Heard) came to the line in the 12th brace. “Polly” tallied her first find at 4 on left edge of little field. Upon flush she stood firm for a single bird. After crossing over cement bridge “Alice” clung to the edges in a forward manner. The young ladies came into Anderson farm strip at 18 and made lovely casts down edges before dashing into cotton field to be found standing halfway down left edge at 23 with Polly pointing and Alice honoring. Alice pointed with Polly backing on edge of lane before cotton bale field at 32 but elected to move on. Alice took a slight liberty at 41. Polly came into field by little pond, cast over to left and ran up pinerow, came into open field and unfortunately was passed on point.

Nickajack Pathfinder (PM/Leonard) and Heard Hill’s Golden Eye (PM/Buck Heard) started at edge of little field. Nickajack pointed at 10 after looping back field on left with Eye backing. Upon relocation a dead bird was spotted. Nickajack elected to end his day early at 16 along with Golden Eye.

Rentz’s Fire and Ice showed her instinct and passion for the sport before a minute’s time with a locked stance on a bevy of quail whose rise seemingly would not stop as she maintained her poise on the field edge. She hunted kindly with graceful strides as she made her way around the Anderson farm strip. “Dot” used every bit of the edges as she rounded the cotton field and headed down the lane into the cotton bale field. Unfortunately, after a bit of an absence, retrieval device was requested and she was found on point. Dot ran a commendable race and, as always, was a pleasure to watch.

Lester’s Top Recruit (PM/Lance Servais) broke away past water pump and took left green field edge while One Day Frost (PM/Hodges) went down right line and across the front. They shared a find at very end of lane behind dock pond with all in order and birds up at 5. They swung around edges of plowed field and over tin bridge and into woods, made big swing and Recruit pointed successfully at left corner of pines at 23. Swooped around Gates field and over tin bridge. Recruit made brilliant strides to the front and crossed little field and tore down edges to right at 35. He crossed over big pivot field and over little concrete bridge to be found standing on left edge at 37, a single flushed. Frost crossed little concrete bridge and came into right side of field and pointed at 39 halfway down on edge of pearl millet notching a single.

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 37 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st—LESTER’S PRIME POISON LANE, 1652018, pointer male, by Lester’s Snowatch—Lady’s Southern Charm. Brian Peterson, owner and handler.

2d—PRIME PASSION LANE, 1675712, pointer female, by Lester’s Prime Poison Lane—Sedgefields Silvertone. Brian Peterson, owner and handler.

3d—NEELY’S PARTY GIRL, 1676505, pointer female, by Erin’s Redrum—Neely’s Ramblin Rose. John Neely, owner and handler.

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