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May 14, 2014—September 12, 2021

Showtime Sam Houston

By Larron Copeland | Sep 13, 2021
Ch. Showtime Sam Houston

Bronwood, Ga. — On May 14, 2014 a multiple champion was born. In March, 2016 Showtime Kennels became the home of Showtime Sam Houston. Little did I know that I had just acquired the best bird dog I ever owned.

The first summer I had Sam, I took him to Montana for summer training where I had the privilege of finishing him out over his game.

Sam had a few health issues to begin with; however, Dr. Jimmy Lee (our team doctor) diagnosed him with food allergies. We corrected his diet and Sam was an entirely different dog.

I would say Sam was the best bird dog I have ever blown a whistle over, but I didn’t have to blow a whistle for Sam. Sam could cover ground like no other. He was so smooth running, you almost thought he was floating through the woods. Sam was a natural. He always knew where the front was.

Sam was loyal. Sam was kind. Sam was eager. Sam was head strong. Sam was smart. Sam had a huge heart and loved game! I am heartbroken over Sam’s passing, but I am so thankful I had the privilege of hunting over Sam and winning the prestigious Continental Open All-Age Championship not one time, but twice (2019 and 2021) with Sam. Sam also won the Continental Amateur All-Age Classic two times. Sam is the only dog to have accomplished these wins not only once, but twice. He was also a two-time winner of the Region 16 Amateur All-Age Championship.

I realize dogs like Sam are few and far between and I will probably never have another like him; however, I will begin this field trial season honoring Sam and competing with my upcoming prospects.

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Posted by: Chris Mathan | Sep 17, 2021 16:54

Very sorry to hear of Sam’s passing Larron. He sure was a good one.

Chris Mathan

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